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    Today, take the time to put some of your existing supplies into kits. Having things organized by type of emergency can really help you to lay hands on what you need more quickly.

    In an article on prep organization, I wrote:

    I have these kits packed in large tubs, labeled, and stacked in my mudroom. Some kits you might want to create:

    • First Aid Kit: Sure, you will have lots of miscellaneous supplies too numerous to stash inside a kit. But keep the basics in one place so that you can immediately provide attention in an emergency. I use a fishing tackle box for this.
    • Pandemic Response Kit: When it looked as though Ebola was going to race across the country, I put together a large tub with pandemic supplies such as Tyvex suits, N100 masks, bleach, bleach wipes, etc.
    • Power Outage Kit: This kit is made easy to access so I can find everything in the dark. Right on top is a headlamp so I can go through and access the supplies we need. This kit has candles, lighters, matches, flashlights, batteries, etc.
    • Bug-out Kit: Of course, the ultimate kit for preppers is your bug out bag.  See this article for instructions on putting together a near-perfect kit.
    • Water Kit: I have a container earmarked for a water emergency. In it, I can find spare parts for my Berkey, water purification tablets, testing kits, etc.
    • Irreplaceable Items:  During the King Fire, when we thought we were going to have to evacuate, I packed a box full of special items that are irreplaceable: baby pictures, a couple of special books, some heirloom jewelry, and other sentimental items. If you have to bug out, there are some things that you’ll want to take with you. If those items are already packed up, you won’t have to spend valuable time looking for them. (source)

    What kits can you make out of your existing supplies?

    It’s almost like free preps when you go through what you have and get it organized. What kind of kits did you make today?

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    I already have a medicine kit in an old fashioned train case.  I just keep it there and use it from there so it is always ready to go.  I am working on a ‘everything I might want’  kit for each vehicle (redoing it) like new phone books, cell phone chargers, nail clippers, scissors, flashlights etc and checking to see what’s already there or needs to be filled in.  I’ve made a list to check.  The weather is starting to get cooler now so time to redo anyway  Will think of what other kits I want.

    Daisy, you seem like a very organized person and that it comes naturally to you. Some of us are – what shall I say- we have to fight against being procrastinators.

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    I’m spending this weekend organizing my Bug out Bag by putting like items together in smaller zip lock bags or mini-kits, then dispersing them throughout the bag. This particular bag I used for extensive backpacking a few years ago and it has lots and lots of specialized outside the bag pockets and zipper compartments in addition to the main compartment. Over this past year I have bought and just tossed into the bag lots of things. I’ve now taken them out of their packing and actually tried to use each item.

    It’s been an eye opener for some critical items I’ve omitted, so I’ve begun to make a list of things I need to obtain. No bag will ever be perfect of course as we don’t know what the potential emergency might be; however, I do know at my age and physical limitations, if I have to leave my safe haven home, my vehicle will become my place of refuge. Beyond that I am not willing to speculate, as long distance backpacking is simply not realistic for me. This has really been fun…and I think I can manage well enough for at least the FEMA recommended 96 hours with my BOB in my car.

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    Farm Girl

    I already have “black out” kits with candles, lighters, matches, flashlights and batteries put together.  Have one in the living room by my chair and one in the bedroom next to the bed.  I also have those little night lights that are always plugged in and charging.  They automatically come on when its dark, and if the power goes out, they come on and will last about 6 hours without further charge.  After that, though, would have to use flashlights and candles.  We have practiced this and afterwards, purchased those little battery operated puck lights for in the kitchen.  They come with double sided adhesive tape stickers.  I have a travel bag with snacks and a mini first aid kit that I grab anytime we go somewhere.  Can’t just LEAVE it in the car because the heat here in summer would ruin everything.  I also have a larger Medical kit in each car, but minus the liquid or gel things.  Have to grab that seperate kit (just liquids) on the way out.

    We, of course, have a bug out bag.  But no food or water in it.  It lives in the trunk of my car.  I have a seperate case for food, which lives by the front doot.  Also a case of water.

    I will put together a sort of pandemic / nuclear kit today with the iodine tablets, N-100 masks, gloves, etc.  It will live in the big bathroom, where the rest of my medical stuff lives.  Yes, it is a bathroom, but it is not used as such.  It is so large, I don’t consider it a practical bathroom.  (It has a jacuzzi in it, but with our water pressure, it would take well over an hour to fill.  We would like to take it out and make that room into a storage room of some kind.  Just need the time and money to do so!!)  We have 2 other bathrooms, a main one for guests with a shower, toilet and sink, and a small one in our bedroom, which is the one we use for showering, and it has a toilet, mirror, sink.  I also need to pull out the medical kit from the car and re-stock it.  Thanks for reminding me!!

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    Dala Barnes

    Found some holes in the BOB I used last night. Will make list of what I still need. I already have a first aid kit and one in my car.

    Since I am a newbie I have not done a kit for pandemic or water. I do have the ability to purify water but it is not all in one place.

    The kit of special items is a great idea. I would pack my whole house! Realistically, I need to cull what exactly would be important after SHTF.

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    I made a few adjustments based on my own personal needs.

    Nimble fingers here. I put a stack of gauze pads, burn-jel and bandaids in a container in the cutlery drawer. The logic being thats the most likely area where I would cut/burn myself.

    Put extra batteries in drawers where/near where the flashlights are located.

    I am thinking now chemical spill like bleach. So good gloves and the appropriate respirator cartridge and clean up cloths.

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    I have totes for all but the documents. I have be needing to do that thanks for the reminder. I also BOB in each of the vehicles. My youngest thinks I am silly until we lost power and the water company had problems and he was glad I had candles, lanterns and cards and games.

    So all’s good, glad to read this and remember what stills to be done I got the stuff our and put it in the save.


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    OldMt Woman

    Well, BOB has taken up a lot of my time this month.  I sorted…did damage control from getting some things inexplicably WET…and did a detailed inventory on paper.  Yesterday and today I have been making assessments about WHAT I have by category in BOB:   1) enough? 2) too much?  3)  needs better quality?  I usually store things by category.  So I have the KITS mentioned for today.

    Specific ones:  5 different dedicated First Aid kits.  From the 2 ‘Rip N Run’ kits … the big red totes for ‘Resupply’ and ‘Braces/Splints’.  ‘Course each BOB or BabyBoB has a bit of 1stAid too.

    Within BOB….there are categories like: A Ziplock with Hygiene:  magic towel, soap, tiny shampoo, PackTowel, etc.  Business: pen/paper, N.T., Tiny U.S.Atlas,  {needs map of local area …still haven’t completed the copy machine tasks …yet.  Water: filter and bottles.  Food: MREs. Sierra cup, spoon, {have additional food sack near door}  Etc.

    Today, I’ve spent HOURS on GreyWolf’s site.  I’ve been there before.  I like that he includes “stuff” like I do:  hair pins, paper clips, safety pins, tape, —- in case ya gotta ‘MacGyver’ something.  LOL   ‘Course…then you’ve got to be able to CARRY all that misc.  Even tiny stuff adds up!!!!

    And that’s what I’m doing.  Each of my ‘kits’ needs to be trimmed.  I weighed BOB and it’s only 17lbs.  ONLY….for me, that’s not workable for me to carry.  But then….not sure any weight can be.  That weight includes a hip pack that I’d have if I could not carry the main BOB if on foot.  Or had to unexpectedly run and leave behind BigBOB.  BabyBoB would stay attached to me.  I had one during the wildfire EVAC and it worked so well.  Except for sleep/shower…I was literally wearing it.  And we Evac-ed to civilization but we were so mixed up in where anything was by then…  I was assured that a few basics were at my fingertips any time.  [Did I mention that I don’t use a ‘purse’?  My daughters purse weighs as much as BOB! ]

    Also reading about GreyW’s EDC and ….lol….GoBag.  I have also had these intermediate bags.  They all have the same categories but some items increase in quality or quantity as the bags get bigger…um, heavier.

    So the assessment continues.  Not ever perfected but I agree with Muffy!  It’s FUN to keep it up.  Like a never-ending puzzle!    🙂

    AND…if I don’t keep putting hands on stuff….  I FORGET what’s where!  🙁   Even with my notebook for reference.

    OldMtWoman  …..the WIND has still been roaring outside but we’ve missed the snow here. 🙂

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    We have a very large medical kit already set up. But as for pandemic kit, that is something I need to work on as well as for my pictures and things that are irreplaceable, that is also something I need to work on. Those things are in the front closet near front door. But having them in a container that I could grab would be much easier to grab if need be.

    I have all my water supplies in a plastic box. Berkey parts, my other water purification filters ( went blank and can’t think of name) senior moment. What can I say. But everything for my water supply is in a plastic container. So that is taken care of.

    Our bobs we keep and I go through them each spring and fall. With being in hurricane prone area, that is a must though we have never had to evacuate so far. But it only takes one.

    We have all our flashlights, emergency radios and batteries in a tote where we can grab them when needed. We also have solar chargers and extra chargers for cell phones in there as well.  I have a bucket with all my candles and matches in it sitting on top of the tote with the flashlights. So all is easy to get to.

    There is a lot of other things I am sure I can do so will have to go through things and make a list so I can get them into the proper places.

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    OldMt Woman

    One more thing as folks pack kits and BOBs…..  I looked up the knife laws for my state today.  Open Carry.  Concealed Carry.  What length?  What type of blade opening?

    Just in case some of you have big ole hunting knives in your BOBs.  Or even chef’s knives.  Inside your house is one thing.  In your vehicle might be the same legalities; might not.  Varies from state to state.  Some counties have more laws.  Some cities have restrictions even if you don’t live there.

    OldMtWoman …posted this in Day 23 Knives too.

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    Jessee Jones

    I have a big first aid kit in a large tool box that I keep in the living room next to the kitchen door. Easy access for me. I have a water tote with parts and other items to collect, repair filters, etc. I have a tote with extra batteries, battery charger, power packs, solar devices, charging cords, etc. I have my BOB but am not happy with it so that it the new project to clean it out and try again.

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    Mama cando

    Right now I have two areas in the house and car that have supplies but they are not in totes/tubs. I have two drawers in the guest bath that have the medical supplies  IE: gauze, tape, alcohol, band aids Etc. BOB has two kits, regular and the trauma emergency kit in it. So I will have to go thru what I have and get things broken down and resorted better.I’m not as organized as I would like but I am working on it. There are some days where I swear Murphy is visiting and I don’t get anything done.

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    Suggestions  on food kits make sure each kit has some of everything. Having one with all X means if it gets lost damaged you have zero of x.


    First aid kits. Your I fak which should be every day carry item should be able to limp you through same amount of time as your bob. Any less makes you vulnerable, this is something our group debated long time, we settled that you ifak bob has to contain items to keep you going  for up to 2 days no sleep on the run  from others.  Each kit is individulized for skills and needs of that person with common elements the for them.stuff is in a blue heavy ziplock inside the  molle pouch rest  in a make up roll up hanger easy to open and find  in an emergancy.


    For the other kits pandemic, precious papers, water  black out and bob too much gear to kit, we have organized into rooms full of gear with some.having more than one. There are also 40 foot sea cans with shelving and rodent proof plastic tubs marked with numbers and letters only. There are master lists but if you have to find stuff without it good luck you will be busy for quiet awhile.

    There are older hospitals being decommissioned you can buy some cheap gear there just be aware you may be buying contaminated stuff with resistant bacteria and fungal infestation and need to be able to clean it before bringing it back.


    Having a bathroom for bathing and handicap/invalid use if you can afford it is a big bonus.  We recently had a drill of of med facilities and found a few areas which needed improvement. Taking care of limited or non motile people for bathing and cleaning became an issue.  Also  better disposal/storage of medical waste when burning is not available. Bathrooms became issue fast both using and cleaning.




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    JD Darling

    Put together a floodwater kit.

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    Loving Life

    I have medical kits and bug out bag. Power outage is a way of life here, so I have addition lanterns and candles through out the house. I also have a winter kit.

    I am going to take some time later this week and organize some other kits.

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