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    Can you believe today is the last day of the challenge? If you’ve been following along you have tested and prepared yourself 29 times so far this month! And if you did, was it difficult or easy?

    I like to believe that preparedness can be simple and I hope this month has proven that to you.

    Here are all the challenges so far, in case you missed them.


    Today’s Challenge

    Today, I have a gift for you. This is a template for an emergency preparedness binder that may help you organize some of the things we’ve written down and recorded. Print this off as many times as you’d like, use a 3 hole punch, and put it in a small binder to keep your information together in the event of an emergency.

    This will have sensitive information in it, so guard it carefully.

    Click here to download your binder.

    This binder is part of my PDF guide, The Prepper’s Book of Lists, if you want more organizational tools.

    Thank you for participating in the challenge.

    Did you enjoy the challenge? Did you find any of the challenges to be particularly helpful? Share your thoughts in the comments below. And thank you very much for joining in.

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    Crow Bar

    Even if I could not participate in a challenge it was a good mental exercise.

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    Farm Girl

    I have enjoyed this challenge!!  It has shown me that there are several areas that I needto work on.  I feel I have accomplished a lot this month, and that is partially due to this challenge.  At the same time, my to-do list has grown because of this challenge!  But, if we aren’t in need of doing, building, or refining all the time, what’s the point of living, right?  It’s always a challenge, just to live our lives.  I plan to go back through the daily challenges again in October so I can catch up and work on those challenges I was not prepared for, such as spending the night outside.  I think it will be fun, when we are actually prepared for it and the weather is cooler.  These old bones just do not like the heat!!  Of course, they don’t like it cold either, so it’s a trade-off.  Have enjoyed it all!  Thanks!!

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    Mama cando

    Thank you Daisy, this has been an eye opener and fun for me. Thank you for the binder templates.

    OOPS, hit enter. It was not too difficult, I found out I may be farther ahead than I’ve been thinking I was while doing the challenges and what I still need to do. Pays to stop and figure out where one is once in awhile, right?  My difficult one was the outside sleeping,  that one I couldn’t accomplish due to family issues as I’ve posted but I believe I can “rough it” if need be.

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    Already have the Preppers book of lists, but thank you for the gift. Learned alot from my fellow preppers. Gosh you guys are a wealth of info.

    I am fairly limited by where I live now, so moving is the first priority. The area isnt conducive to anything…sadly. I am an experienced gardener, so I cant wait to get back to that. So moving, gardening, food preservation and sewing are priorities right now.

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    JD Darling

    Nice review, thanks for putting it together.

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    Dala Barnes

    What a great challenge! Very thought provoking and just the right amount of difficulty. I learned so much.

    Thank you for the binder pages but your knowledge if the best gift of all.

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    OldMt Woman

    Wow…what a month!  It’s been fun.  And overwhelming as projects backed up in my tiny house.  But all well worth it.  I have an entire page of To Do items directly/indirectly related to this.  LOL  That’s hardly a new thing for me tho.  I’ve always got projects going.

    This month has been well orchestrated and sharing the experience with the rest of you was great.  Got lots more ideas.  Double checked some things.  Pushed preps and knowledge [the best prep] down the road a little further.

    Thanks to all fellow participants and big thanks to Daisy and Selco!

    OldMtWoman  …rummage around to take a look at that To Do LIST!

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    Loving Life

    Thanks Daisy. I really enjoyed these challenges, especially the foraging and camp out night.

    The challenges helped me identify some shortfalls in my preparedness. I need to better organized and I added items for my buy list. Unfortunately, we can never be prepared for everything. On my campout night, I used a lot of improvising.

    Also as I struggled with certain challenges, I thought if I am having some difficulty with these imagine how the average Joe would react. That thinking made me glad to live in a rural area.

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    The Sept. challenge has been great. Some things were easy and others were harder. But a learning curve to say the least. I really enjoyed it and see things I need to get done. Think you for the gift and I am printing that out now to see what other things I need to get done. Everyone has been very informative and that has also helped me in things I should be doing.  Though I was not able to sleep outside, I do know that I need to start my camping list. I do have somethings but need to get tent and sleeping bags among a few other things.

    Thank you Daisy for putting this challenge together,

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    “Ditto” to everything said above. This has been a great month for checking out my prepping efforts and discovering how many things I don’t know that would be valuable to know.

    I’m going to do as Farm Girl suggested and go back through all the daily challenges and work on those where I felt my preps are inadequate.

    Thanks Daisy for your commitment to helping us be prepared!

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    Jessee Jones

    Daisy, I really enjoyed these challenges!  I especially appreciate the challenge about the maps. I now have them all together. I haven’t  had time to think about everything so this was so helpful! Thank you!!!!

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    Ellen Rice

    I didn’t actually go out and do everything as it came along, mostly because much of this is daily life (I’m out on the urban-wildland interface in San Diego county)  Go out and find something to eat? Do the turkeys, deer, and Miner’s lettuce in my front yard count?🙂 Also makes getting the food under fire a bit easier….we go without electricity for around a week each year now, shelter in place, during high wind events to prevent wildfires, so those routines are in place (although this did remind me it’s time to shop a little differently to accommodate that cuz it’s probably coming up anytime now, so thank you) This did point out a couple of areas where I need to direct some attention but also made me feel quite a bit better about how ready my family is. Thank you.

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