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    We often talk about bugging out on foot. There are a variety of scenarios when you might have to use “people power” to get somewhere.

    Today, I want you to take a long walk to a place from which you might have to return home on foot. Although there is the possibility you might have to GO someplace on foot, the most likely event for most of us is striking out to reach or homes and families if the SHTF while we’re away.

    Some places you might want to go:

    • Your children’s school
    • Your workplace
    • Your church
    • The local store that you visit frequently

    You get the idea. Depending on your level of fitness, you may not be able to do the entire walk today and that’s okay. Just spend some time transporting yourself on foot. You may need to have your spouse or a friend pick you up from your destination and drive you home. If you’re in really good shape and the place is a reasonable distance away, walk there and then turn around and walk home.

    And it doesn’t matter! Just go today on a challenging walk to test your fitness level. Wouldn’t it be awful if you headed out on foot because of some kind of event and discovered then that you were unable to make it?

    If this challenge is an eye-opener and you need to get in better shape, check out this no-nonsense PDF book.

    How did it go? Tell us in the comments: how did your walk go? Was it harder or easier than you had imagined? If your place of work or school is too far to manage on foot, figure out how long it would take to get home. This will help you figure out what supplies you need to keep in your get-home bag.

    Share your experiences in the comments!

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    Crow Bar

    Ohhh! Good one!

    A store I frequently visit: TSC or the local grocery store . . . that would be about a 15mi hike, with about 1200ft elevation change (according to google maps). One way.

    Might try walking the dogs with my BOB on.
    Report back later.

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    JD Darling

    Walked home from work with detour past the kids school, I could use another little of water in my bag.

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    I don’t take long walks anymore. Today is my 81st birthday and I am blessed that I can still walk around my house each day and out to my rural mailbox maybe 50′ away from house and back. I can manage walking from my car sort distances with a cane or holding on to a walker. As I no longer have regular hours or days away from home I typically here; however, in the event that I were away from my house at the beginning of any significant occurence, my goal is to have the ability to stay calm and figure out what to do at the time. When I am away from home, I usually am in my car in which I keep my bug-out-bag so staying with my car would probably make most sense for me.

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    Crow Bar

    Happy birthday Muffy!

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    Thankfully, my town is small, and the local park, store, ect, is within a few blocks.  We walk to the park a lot.  I work 45 miles from home, and I  hope to never have to walk that to get home. It would take me a long time to do.

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    Loving Life

    Happy birthday @muffy1938!

    My house is at the top of a small mountain/nubble. Although I might be only 2.5 miles from my little town, the hike is steep. The town old timers talk about learning to ski on my dirt road (yes many decades ago it was a skin run).

    Today, I hiked it again. I hiked to the town center to the coffee shop and back. The steepness is a bear on the return trip.

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    Mama cando

    Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday Dear Muffy, Happy Birthday to you. Just in case you didn’t get sung at. Happy Birthday!!

    Not sure if I can make this challenge. Got up this morning to go grocery shopping, parked in the back 40 of the lot as usual and promptly twisted my ankle, wrapped the ankle with the ankle wrap from my GHB. I grabbed a cart and walked(hobbled LOL) into the store, did my shopping and I am now sitting with ice on the ankle. I have Systemic Lupus and when I was diagnosed it was attacking my tendons, ligaments, muscles. I’m in “remission” now but the damage that was there plus the years of dancing (ballet, tap, jazz) have taken a toll on my body.  SO while I look “normal” I can’t walk more than a few miles at a time and sometimes I can barely move around the house.  Thank the good Lord those days are still few and far apart.

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    Can’t do this its 200 miles to store

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    Happy Birthday Muffy

    Items in mirror appear closer then they are.

    I had 2 options. The first meant crossing a highway, 3 lanes in each direction. The traffic lights went out during Irma, so I figured it would probably go out again in another major storm

    The other option was longer, and street crossings were minimal. On the way there, I saw a homeless tent. Stopped at a fast food place, grabbed a snack and rested. On the way back there was some guy with a big backpack walking around and talking to someone; on the phone or to himself I couldnt tell. so I detoured into a parking lot of a store.

    Anyway I made it. Now with a BOB, oooh that would be tough. A four wheeled cart perhaps though

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    3cats1dog Johnson

    Cannot make the hike today, as daughter’s birthday celebration is already planned. However, the grocery store is 4 miles away. I figure I would be lucky to walk a mile in an hour?? so with rests in the shade, maybe 5 hours to walk back. Will try this tomorrow.

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    Farm Girl

    Yeah….hurt knees, arthritic back, live out in the boonies, triple digit heat with high humidity, aint walkin no where!!  I do good to get to the end of my driveway, which is about a half mile long.  And I just don’t do it in this type of summer heat.  Yes, I know I need to build up my endurance and strength, but not right now.

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    OldMt Woman

    HAPPY B-DAY, MUFFY!!!  So sorry about your ankle, MamaCando – good you carry the wrap with you!!  DH does too for knee.

    OK, sorry this is long but WHAT we carry when walking home will be important so I was thinking of that too today.

    Before I had surgery earlier this year, I decided to increase my strength by walking. I have aging and disability issues but I can still walk…most of the time. Some days are better than others, definitely. Adrenalin helps to some extent but then there is payback. After the surgery, which had a odd complication, it was a long time before I could even get to the end of the driveway. But slowly, I regained my former ability. Then I began to increase that this summer. On my best, able-bodied days, I’ve been doing about half mile in morning and almost mile in evening. Different directions.

    Today I prepared as tho I was stuck somewhere. I ALWAYS go out with my cargo shorts stuffed with EDC items. Today I added some things in a small hip pouch. All of these things would be with me if I went “into town” and got stuck walking home. I would have to be very careful not to overload myself with STUFF. [and oh…I DO like my stuff!] LOL

    My normal EveryDayCarry [EDC]

    Key ring attached to belt loop with carabiner…keys, whistle, P38, very small folder knife, safety pin,a bit of wire, tiny light.


    I.D. Packet [which also has medical insurance cards, pain reliever tablets, hair binder, 1 stick peppermint gum, $$, 2 Bandaids ]

    Packet of peppermint gum, Sliver mylar blanket [warmth, sun or rain protection],

    bandanna, cig lighter, multi-use lip balm

    breathing mask [mainly dust on roads],

    tissues, protein energy bars, bits of string/cord,

    dog treat(s), 2 peppermint hard candies  Swiss Army knife,

    house cordless phone [which only works on road in front of my house/no cell service]

    plastic grocery bag, baseball hat, sunglasses and reader glasses,

    white cotton overshirt – wet, to keep me cool with evaporation,

    shirt/shorts/thick sox/Croc shoes


    Also added for this “walk home” [I would have all of this with me “in town”]

    headlamp and hip pack with: small water bottle…and I drank water before leaving from bottles in my truck, tiny 1stAid pack, 2 small gel packs and ice pack and a small Chilly Towel [in winter I’d rely on snow for overheating medical issue ]

    During the little more than half-mile I used the water and the peppermint gum when my sinuses suddenly [but not surprisingly] began to plug. I needed the wet white overshirt for cooling and stopped frequently/briefly in the shade of trees.

    I had my [ski pole] walking stick. I also always have two forms of protection on these walks: a very large dog [also walking assistance if needed]. The other protection is in my pocket. Our area has the potential for large predators [4 and 2 legs].

    It’s bizarre to me that only Croc shoes will make my feet happy. But they do and don’t add any weight. If I had to go cross-country instead of roads, I’d have to have a different choice in footwear.

    As an older, disabled walker, I have 3 speeds. Brisk, medium, and stroll. Initially I found myself at brisk pace…which I can’t sustain long. The very idea of this being a PRACTICE “EMERGENCY” and I had to reach home, hurried my pace. Forced myself to slow down. I can get much further at “stroll” pace…with many brief rests under shade trees. Most of the time, slower but further would fit the need. That’s how I can maximize my distance.

    Needed: If we were in town, DH and I would walk along many creeks/streams. We both have filtering water bottles in BOB/GetHomeBag. Bigger than the bottle I carried today but I’d need that to go any distance. For cooling and hydration.

    Unless I was just in the nearby “village”, I would be with DH. He has an OLD, BEAT-UP, DUSTY rolling GetHomeBag for traveling along highways/roadways. My options alone would include a rolling grocery hauler. If I didn’t think I’d make it home before dark, I might use that to bring enough to camp out on my way home. I’d tie the handle to the middle of my belt in back and lean into the weight with cane and dog. Dog might be with us or not if I was with DH.

    I’m thrilled at my increase in stamina …distance. Once was a time when I would measure my walking distance in yards, not mile. I can/will go further!

    OldMtWoman  …will walk again tonite too in the almost-mile direction.

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    Farm Girl

    Happy Birthday, Muffy!!!  Congratulations!  I bet you have seen a lot of things in 81 years!!

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    I wore ecco sandals for a total distance of 2 ish miles. My feet were fine, and I am going to stick with this brand. But it was gosh darn hot outside.

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    Thank you, Mama Cando, for the Birthday song! I had planned to have lunch and birthday cake with family today, but my day started out with an electrical power outage and then my plumbing backed up!So power company and plumbers on site most of day. Problems resolved thankfully. Still, it’s been a good day and I appreciate all the birthday wishes from all you, my digital prepper friends.

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    I am in the south & it is still really hot here plus I had lots of errands/house & yard work I had to do today before returning to work tomorrow. The most likely treck  home in this situation would be from work which fortunately (after 30 years finally) is only 4.5 miles but I am not a young person. Because I work at a hotel in many situations would stay there (possibly even be required to do so to keep my job) but would need to get home within a day of the  situation to care for my pets. Although I was not able to do a “practice run” this challenge today did bring home the reality that I need to make it a priority addition to my material prepping to get into much better physical shape & endurance which will certainly benefit me even without SHTF situation.

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    m m

    This is a non deal for me. I could walk to church but it is now evening so won’t try. Work is over an hour away so have bob, boots, proper clothing in my truck just in case. I will drive as far as a can if I can then hoof it for days to get home in the event. I plan on it taking me at least 5 days to get home from work if during a work day. The grocery is over 20 miles away. I have enough for a while. Happy Birthday Muffy. YOU GO GIRL. I am hoping to be home when it hits. We will see what HE says about it. I am working on ways to get in better shape. Walking when I can after a 14 hour day.

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    Dala Barnes

    I walk about three miles daily. I take my car to a local park and do the walking there. Today for this challenge I walked there and walked back. It would have added 4 more miles to my walk if I had taken the direct route. Unfortunately it is along a major highway partway. I had to rearrange how I got there. It took a lot longer and added 2 more hours. I am in shape but I sure didn’t enjoy it.

    On a side note I said I would check back in on yesterdays challenge. I cannot find the link on the right side of the page. Anyways for using my non perishable stores this was todays menu:

    Breakfast: fried spam, rehydrated hash browns, and canned peaches.

    Lunch: canned tuna with homemade spice blend, canned mandarin oranges.

    Dinner: was going to be chicken and rice with gravy mix but I was walking sooo..I pulled out some split pea soup I had canned over the winter and green beans

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    Well, I’m going to have a problem doing this one today…I just read the challenge and 10:30 is a bit late to take a walk! It would definitely be a hike for these old bones and no way would I do it if cars are running as I would have to cross a highway…maybe I could walk to my mailbox and back 5 times, it would be the same distance as the store and a rougher hike!

    Happy birthday Muffy!

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    Pony Maroni

    It’s a good 10 miles to town, and we live in fairly hilly terrain.  Today, I’ll walk the perimeter of our acreage (need to check fences anyway).


    Hubs and I have been talking about getting healthier in general. This is a good wake-up to find ways to increase our endurance.

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    I walk 3 miles on most days so I just went further than that to see if I could get to 5 and I was a little shy of that by the time I got back to the beginning.

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    Happy Birthday Muffy.     Hoping your ankle is doing better today Mama Cando.

    I haven’t walked my neighborhood in a few months as I have been busy with trying to get things done that DH used to be able to do.  But my neighborhood is one mile from the entrance to back of neighborhood and back to the entrance. I know I can still do that. But if DH is with me and we need to walk home from church or my daughter’s house which is a 20 minute drive, I know he can’t do it and it would make it hard for me.  Don’t think I could walk that far myself.

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    OldMt Woman

    @littlesister….do you have access to a wheeled chair?  The push-only (not self-propelled) are lighter and cheaper….to keep in vehicle?  I often use my wheelchair for a rolling walker and even bought one with hand brakes on the handles.  I can walk so much further if I can lean on something and sit often.  Grocery carts in the store work the same for me.  But this would give your dh a ride and you some walking support…..depending on conditions of the roads and if there are hills.  Wheelchairs on gravel roads are miserable.

    My walking last nite turned odd.  {so what else is new?}  I walked one-tenth of a mile…..then jog/ran BACK to get fat horse out of skinny horse’s food.  He sometimes is able to get the carabiner to release and runs in to poach her food.  Drat him!  THEN excited dog and I walked back that same one-tenth of a mile back again….to where we’d been interrupted.  Hmph!  That counts as THREE-tenths!  I had to hurry cuz it was getting well into dusk …saw coyote run across road.  So I brisk-walked 2 more tenths; turned around and came back 3 tenths.  Total: 8 tenths!  LOL  I’d think it was PATHETIC to count tenths of mile except I’m still delighted to be able to DO that!  🙂   And I get to add the 6 tenths from that morning too.  \0/


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    Jessee Jones

    I walked about 1 mile and had to rest. I then could walk back the mile. It does depend on my shoes – the crocs and my nursing shoes will do good but the other shoes make my feet feel like they are broken. I have had issues with walking for years and this is what concerns me. I do have a rollator walker but I feel that it will hurt me more than it will help. I also have a walking stick which I will be using. I am going to practice walking more for my health and for endurance.

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    Jessee Jones

    BTW~ Happy Birthday Muffy!

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    Prepper Urbano

    I live in a city and most places I go are in walking distance. Don’t think I’d having a problem walking home unless I was way out of town.

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    OldMt Woman

    @jessee Jones  You’re doing good on a mile each way.  I hope to achieve that eventually. Have you tried using 2 walking sticks.  Bilateral motions and support.  I hear you on the Crocs….which are not for winter.  They do get gravel in them on our roads.  My dog waits while I cling to my walking stick and hop around…trying to empty Rocks from my Crocs.


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      Oldmntwoman have you tried wooden clogs like the Sitka brand.


      I wear in our metal shop as standing on concrete all day sucks but I also need them to be slip/fire/ oil resistant .

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    Crow Bar

    Forgot to post.

    So, not doable to actually hump it from town to home.

    Instead I got the BOB out, and hiked it around the property for about an hour at a moderate pace.  Flat to rolling terrain, not paved, mostly game trails.

    Actually felt good!

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    OldMt Woman

    @namelus   oh wow….those look nice.  Just ‘saved’ the page.  Thanks!


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    Livingthe Dream

    I’m retired.  Kid is on her own, and I’m not working.  Most likely scenario would be at the grocery store which is 1.2 miles away.  According to Google I could get there in 26 minutes.  That’s do-able.  Coming home would take a little longer since it’s uphill the last half.  I watch my 3 year old Grandson 4 days a week so he might be with me.  We would be taking a LOT of breaks in order to get home once we got to the uphill portion.  I keep bottles of water in the car and granola bars in my purse so no worries there.

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    Mama T

    I work 15 miles from home so I try to keep supplies in case I need to walk home. We live rural so nothing is even close to walking distance. We just went hiking with the family and all did pretty well. Main issue would be water.

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    Crusher 1

    The nearest store is about 8 miles, the nearest town is about 12 miles, and work is about 35 miles, so I didn’t do any of these.  Now that it’s a little cooler out (even the Michigan summers are too hot for me), I’ve been doing small walks with our dog again and building up a little each day as the arthritis in my knee allows.

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