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    Well some friends who have cattle had a 4 day old bull calf who was rejected by its mother so they brought him to us to try and save. I have saved calves before so I know the proverbial drill but DANG is this little fella really stubborn and angry! I went ahead and gave him a round of colostrum just to be on the safe side and we are on unimilk now…but he hates the bottle and fights every step of the way. Unfortunately none of our cows have new calves or are in milk so I will be bottle feeding this little guy for at least 6 weeks. I sure hope he makes it, he is a handsome boy.

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    I wish you the best of luck! I’ve never done a calf but I have raised other orphaned farm animals. It’s always touch and go the first couple of days. I breathe a huge sigh of relief every time 24 hours pass as their odds get better and better.

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    It really has been touch and go! He had pneumonia-which I expected-so we dosed him with some LA200. We really thought we were going to lose him but it seems like now he is getting much better…he has quite the appetite and he jumps and plays like a normal calf should. We have gotten very attached!

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    Crow Bar

    Good to hear!

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    Woooo! Great job Aeronwy!

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