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    Mama cando

    Just received a message from a friend of mine (big city just north of me). Seems the scumbags are getting bolder, she was coming home and started to pull into driveway when two guys tried to carjack her at gunpoint. She noped out in reverse and called 911, they started to shoot at her while she was driving away. Seems they are now casing neighborhoods to see what you’re driving and then ambushing you in your OWN driveway. Police said they got a car a couple of streets from her. We all asked if she was okay and then did they “kill” the Mustang?, She inherited it from her father after he passed and she keeps it immaculate.  No she was fortunately? driving her regular car but the bullet hit the tire and something in the engine, so it’s dead right now AND this is in an area that doesn’t have crime per se because the neighborhood looks out for one another. Just ANOTHER thing to be on the look out for.

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    Dan the Old Guy

    Good thing there is gun control or those thieves would have had real firearms instead of paint guns…  oh wait…  you mean the criminals didn’t obey the law, they were illegally carrying real firearms?

    Glad your friend is safe, just another reason we need to stand up to the gun grabbers.  When no one that is decent has a gun, thieves get unbelievably bold and we are all at risk.  Too bad she didn’t run over their toes, but I guess getting out of dodge is the smart thing to do in that situation.  Hopefully, someone removes the goblins from her neighborhood asap.

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    Crow Bar

    Holy cow!
    Yeah, this kind of thing does not just happen in bad parts of the city. It can and does happen anywhere!
    Glad to hear your friend is ok.

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    Mama cando

    Crow bar, Thank you, so am I .Talked to her last night, she’s still pretty shaken up. She said she usually has her grand niece with her as she watches her for her nephew, the dad.She’s so glad grand niece wasn’t with her the other day.  There’s a mtg of her neighborhood watch group today as I understand it. She’s not sure what they’ll be able to do but she’s really glad that she has neighbors that care and are willing to help one another out.She also said (HA HA) sometimes a “little” too concerned if you know what I mean LOL. She’s a single woman so she says she has a few “MOMS” looking out for her.

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    This type of crime is common in sout africa these are some of the ways they deal with it.




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    Mama cando

    Don’t know if they would work in USA but Great articles.

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