New York ends religious exemption to vaccine mandates

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    Would we be better off with a natural immunity, or the vaccine?
    Mandatory flu shots next?


    “The government does not have the right to interfere with my personal religious beliefs,” said one woman. “We will not vaccinate. What’s going to happen is we’re going to either home school or we’re going to move out of state.”

    Measles Outbreak: New York State Ends Religious Exemptions For Vaccinations

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    Dan the Old Guy

    Well, I agree with part of this.  Religion should not give a person special power under the law.  If my religion includes human sacrifice is murder then legal for me?  If I research vaccines and read the warnings and side effects and let my scientific understanding of the risks decide my child does not need a particular vaccine then that should definitely trump some luddite’s claiming a religious exemption.  Why should someone’s religion put them above the law?  First, the government needs to stay the hell out of my medical treatment and the medical treatment of my child, but why should religion play a part?  I can read warning labels and side effects, regardless of my religion, and that should be what decisions are made on.

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    First of all those are totally different scenario only one has an un willing victim…. if and is a big if vaccines work as state vaccinated have zero risk from others un vaccinated.  Human sacrifice well just choose  someone is alot different would only be ok with that if political class is the drawing pool.


    Second what gives you any right over what goes into my body REGARDLESS of what your motives are? The excuse of it helps others that have immune deficiencies big deal you have a peanut allergy so now we need to destroy all peanuts…. more like you need to take precautions as rest of the world owes you NOTHING. More likely this is like having you being forced to not eat pork because it offends some people. No real reason just some made up religious stuff.  It’s like parents complaining about tv not child safe…. who cares watch your kids be a parent why should rest of world not be able not to watch anything  but sponge bob.

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