Newt Gingrich: What if we lost electric power … for years?

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    The link to his podcast is near the bottom of this article.

    I’m just glad that some national figure is talking about the subject.To me, a national or larger grid down event is probably the scariest and one of the more likely of all the disasters on the list.



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    With losing anything , it is what it is . You do the best you can , and improvise , because we have no choice . You will have to figure it out , and adapt , again , because you have no choice . It might actually turn out to be a good thing societally in the long term .

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    Crow Bar

    Ted Koppel’s Lights Out I think is a good read on the topic.

    EMP there could be some degree of evidence left behind to point a finger to.

    Cyber-attack on the grid, that might be a bit harder to prove. And what is the retaliation?

    @tolik, after reading that study about how little patience people have nowadays, having a major disruption like that might make people stop and see life around them vs in a phone screen.
    The wife and I make it a point to sit and talk about things, face to face.

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    It would also make Americans more free , all the tracking / surveillance that is built into cell phones will be gone . If they don’t work , the government has lost a HUGE tool , which they need to be stripped of .

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    Well, freer than before, but don’t forget that up to 90% will be dead in a year. People like me will be dead in 3 or 4 months. I take daily meds, some of which I can’t live without, and when I run out of the more critical ones I might last another month.

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    Cinnamon Grammy

    An EMP would be devastating.  There are so many people reliant upon medical devices that need energy.  I doubt they have the back-up energy to run them.  Medical services will greatly suffer.

    I have always felt an EMP is the first logical step in the next war.  A simple pulse, knocks out all of our electrical grid and equipment. We are stranded with no electricity for gas pumps, no means to manage inventory, cash flow, and NO back-up systems for the financial complex.

    EMP is one reason we went to a gas range.  Well, propane; which is also our heat source.

    I agree with Tolik. People would need to adapt to survive.  We would go back 100 years.  Hand washing your socks!  Are you ready?

    I think I was born in the wrong century.

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    yoy mean we would go back to 3rd world standards of living or like on some of the reservations.


    I lived without power for 2 years in north America.  It is hard to do challenging and will sort a lot of wheat from chaff. We have discussed this at length some ir our elders know if power grid down once meds are gone they choose to exit peacefully with frI ends and family close. Other like me have found alternate ways of getting around meds with herbals.


    We have our own power off grid but somethings are beyond us being abe to make like certain heart, kidney and degenerative disease meds are beyond our skills.


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    Also remember , that necessity is the mother of invention . Its probably already figured out , however , at this time , there is no need . When need develops , it will come into play .

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    Pony Maroni

    Grid down is a very likely possibility – maybe even probability.

    As already noted, there will be a huge loss of life.  Many in the cities will be lost to various things – unprepared, violence, medical conditions, mental breakdowns… The outlying rural areas will suffer similar losses, just not on as grand a scale.

    But just because you’re rural doesn’t mean you’re prepared. Lots of folk in my area don’t know that you can make popcorn without a microwave, let alone how to survive without the daily luxuries of electric and fresh water.

    The best way to prep is to make sure that we are physically and mentally healthy, that we give thought to various scenarios, and that we stay alert. I trust God to use us as He will, but I know I have to do my part to be ready for service.

    Have to admit, I totally enjoy the idea of no electronic surveillance.

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    Crow Bar

    The first time I read the 90% of the American population will be gone, I thought that was crazy (this was years ago).  Count off nine people at a grocery store, and they would not make it.

    Then I started really looking around.  How many people are so dependent on the JIT/BAU system.  How many have real skills to be truly self-sufficient?

    Or, how many will become that ruthless to survive?

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    Ruthless no problem look at gang activity in big cities with naw many trained soldiers back from actual war… know how to survive not at all. Even homeless depend on system for hand outs and dependancies. Imagine no drugs legitimate and others what will happen to garner last of any of it…  how far would you go for last life saving meds for your family member.  If you had 3 diabetics 1 old one mid age one young and only a few months supply if all of them used or 1 for a year…. hard choice. Worst is would it matter if no power for years?



    Cities will be a kill zone and after all is eaten and destroyed they will move out consuming the outlying area. For those of you who have dealt with these types you know there is no way they will farm they would only use slave labour to do so. Right now you can be killed for running shoes or a $10 bag of drugs…. really it’s pretty much at wholesale as is, when you make it zero consequences it does not take imagination to see what will happen to human cesspool.


    How many “managers ” and paper shuffles are there well with ai they are saying 120 million in world are useless work force  in next 3 years, I know this to be bsbs it grows at exponential growth and has been installed at almost every big Corp you can think of  over last few years.

    Ask yourself why only job growth is in low end face ro face service and things we don’t have robots for yet. Why do the measuring metric for unemployment does not include welfare or those looking for work over 1 year. The insurance/banking/ and accounting mainly done by ai now 100 percent compliance no time off 24/7 vigilance no raises no bad days. Costs 50 percent less than human and is 200 percent more effective and increasing.


    Stok market is run by ai ever heard of high frequency trading? Who as a human can move micro trades around  that fast not possible unless it’s not human.








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    John Park

    Thank you for the link, “One second after” was the impetus for getting me into preparedness. The audio is great.
    As to thoughts on the topic, there are all sorts of places that will provide great info, so I will simply mention what I personally think are the most crucial.
    1) Water: have a means for access to clean water. A big Berkey system, or a handpump on your well (see Bison and Simple Pump for long term options, Flojak is a shorter term option).
    2) Heat: have firewood already set aside. More than you need. Don’t be trying to suddenly take up felling, splitting, stacking etc AFTER the SHTF. Have a stockpile set, even if you just use it for winter campfires. Should SHTF, you may need heat within 1 day of it occurring, so have some set aside, plus the tools and skills to set up more. Aside from the chainsaw and maul, I have axes and crosscut saws just in case.
    3) Food: if the SHTF in the fall or early winter, you’ll have no time to expand your garden and work on such things. Have a couple of buckets of rice, beans, whatever, set aside. Maybe a jar of multivitamins (take at least one every 3 or 5 days to avoid major deficiency). Remember, our ancestors called late winter through spring “the lean months” because nothing was bearing fruit yet.
    4) Have some seeds stockpiled for that garden, buy more than you need and then rotate them out every 2-3 years.
    5) Have some firepower to get meat. I’ve been a hunter for years. Up here in northern New England deer hunting isn’t easy. Additionally, everyone else will also be looking for deer (or to jump your claim after you manage to bag one). I plan on a menu higher in small game (squirrel!) than venison and bear.
    6) Have some firepower to protect items 1-5. Because if a person’s family is starving, and the parents were incapable/unskilled to provide for them, they might well term to looting — and I can’t really blame them. I can say “Don’t try it with me or mine, or in my community”, but I can’t really fault someone for acting desperate when their children are dying of starvation and exposure.

    Hmm, that was longer than I intended. Sorry about that.

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    Crow Bar

    @john Park,

    Good post.

    I would only say, raise small livestock.  Chickens, rabbits etc.  Easier to plan and scale up if you have them on hand already.

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    Mouse Wizard

    On the firewood tools, not only have them but know how to use them, and how to maintain them. No use having a sledge and maul if you have a heart attack the first time you try using them, or miss with that axe and dump it into your shin, or find out you only have the stamina to do two cuts with that big-ass crosscut saw.

    And chainsaws? If a fully stocked and functional ER isn’t within reasonable reach, stay the heck away from them unless you have full kevlar chaps, gloves, helmet, and faceplate. The other tools can kill you if you work at it, but the chainsaw has a lethal mind of its own.

    Then there’s maintenance. Saw files, axe stones, file sets, saw clamps or the materials and ability to build them. This shit doesn’t go well when your tools are dull and rusted.

    The time to train up on all this is every fall and winter.

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    If the grid goes down, any place with lights at night has just become a target.

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