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    Basically the ground as most farmers can tell you froze while saturated in water when spring comes it will cause massive flooding as it has no place to soak into for awhile till the frost comes out. This will lead to less planting and late planting and if not perfect weather a larger crop loss than this year.  For those who can spend  the extra on food that stores now it’s going to get stupid pricey it’s not just usa it’s everywhere no one has had a good harvest.  Get a greenhouse and seeds for spring or you might start losing and spare pounds on economic diet.

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    I just bought a new greenhouse on cyber monday. 80 percent off. That now gives me 2 of them.  I was not going to plant a garden next year as DH is unable to do it. So son in law is stepping in and going to help me set up raised beds and get things started for container gardening next year.  It would be much less work for DH and he really won’t have to do much of anything to get things going. I am planning on stepping up my canning next year.  I will still be hitting the farm markets as well. Trying now to store meat as it goes on sale. Need to can more chicken.

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