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    I got an invite to this, twice.Once I saw what it was about, it went into the trash. Warned a neighborhood friend about it.

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    I have been on Nextdoor for about a month now.  It is mostly about lost dogs, cats, people needing handyman help with their homes.

    It is also about random shootings where the almost victim describes what happened and people look to their security cameras to find the perpetrators.  Also vehicle break in’s and burglaries where neighbors can help to find the perpetrators.  So helping law enforcement catch these criminals is a bad thing to you? WTF?

    So if you are for people breaking into vehicles, stealing the contents, and people driving around randomly shooting at others then I guess I am in the wrong forum here.



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      It can also be used/abused as a tool to monitor/gossip about your neighbors.
      There is a guy who runs a site called Forward Observer, claims to be a former intel analyst, and uses it to gather information on his neighbors.

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      Everything you noted about Next Door is what I noticed when I joined late February.  I’d never heard of it before, then someone recommended it because we noticed a sudden appearance of cats around our home.  I’m experienced with rescues and wanted to ensure i didn’t snatch up someones pet, and we live in a very nice neighborhood, so strays are unusual.

      As I became familiar with Next Door, I saw the good – neighbors recommending contractors,  lost pets, BOLO’s etc, but late Feb is when everything started to explode with SARS 2.  Within a week, many many ‘Karens’ were ratting out a litany of people who THEY thought were not behaving properly.  It became a thing here for the Karens to call the CDC, County Health department and local police, in that order.  They all self congratulated, and the normal people who tried to have a discussion about it were banned.

      I quit Next Door after 10 days due to the brown shirt attitude of a minority.  It’s a revolting mindset.

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    Or one of those “nice” neighbors is using all of that info posted to see who is the most vulnerable or has goods-money.

    Hey my security camera is broken anyone know of a good repair shop?.

    Got a new boat, sitting in Joes Marina now. Anyone want a ride?”

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      LOL avatar Corsaire!  You’re inspiring me to get creative.

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    Awww, Thanks Cath :).

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    so if neighbor says a prowler in neighbourhood you are OK with everyone looking and sharing the info  this of course includes dragnet of all.other things caught on security cameras and of course this shared with EVERYONE without court  order because that becomes  legal precident the so then ALL PERSONAL video would  able to be gathered without consent or court documents.


    No one has neighbor who would go and get extra cameras to put up for “neighbourhood security” imagine what would be seen the 5g network would have the suvellied pay for their own cameras how handy.


    Of course your neighbour’s never gossip or misinterpret stuff.  So why not extend it so state can just come and put them around and inside personal property because we’ll you know safety. .. if you can’t see this as a problem and you think politicians won’t abuse it then you live in different world than I do.


    If you add to this deep fake… well imagine  how all.the snoopy people will say wow you too can be movie star and they saw it on video so has to be true…..


    Remember when you call cops you have 2 problems instestead of one… the one you started with and  now the police.




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