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    James Mitchner

    I was at Home Depot yesterday and noticed they had a display of binoculars that had a night vision capability.  The price was less than $40.  I picked a box up pondering whether or not to buy a pair.  I know you can’t get much capability for $40, but having some capability when you have none now is an improvement.  Didn’t state on the box what the range was.  Not much I would think.  Still….

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    NV and Thermal are huge advantage.  With limited gen 3 or lower you are limited by the ir light beam you can fix this by having additional ir lights at distance that light up people without giving up your location. There are also countermeasures to tech reliant forces to neutralize advantage or sucker into a kill box.

    For under 200 there are some ok starter ir NV stuff by sight mark that is ok.

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    Crow Bar

    was it “digital imaging?”
    As I understand it, it uses a low grade sensor (hence the savings) and uses digital technology to enhance the image.
    Still not as good as non-IR night vision, but better than nothing.

    Hand held thermal imaging devices are also coming down in price.
    Might get one of those just to see if there is someone/thing out there.

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      James Mitchner

      I think it produced an IR beam of some sort.  Didn’t have time to get deep into it.  Like you, I may try and find a device thats not too expensive.  A friend bought one of the military NV devices that he using both on a helmet and on his AR.  $3500 plus a designator.  Too rich for me!

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    If crap optic then better learn well with iron than to risk junk only to have it fail when you need it most with no back up skills to cover the difference.


    Along with rifle you will need the magazines for me preferable metal 20 per rifle. For m1a the ops rod and sprin, trigger job, second barrel ,sling, and gas tube spares. For me a sadlak optic mount is also a must. I like the dmr elcan spectre with the 1.5 to 6 flip magnification. The no glare optic cover. A fore grip with light and a black feather chassis. The folding stock is a big plus if it ever gets close quarter  along with for grip.


    Designator is a good tool if your team has and others do not but can become a  crutch

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