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    Matt In Oklahoma

    While deer hunting we managed to get in a little night vision shooting with both rifle and handgun.
    My cheap china stuff ain’t nothing compared to my army days and my civilian class laser isn’t as good but we managed to find the steel and hear the pings.

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    Crow Bar

    Would like to get NV, but cannot afford it right now.
    While GI NV is pretty good, the limited field of view of some commercial NV I would be wary of.

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      Matt In Oklahoma

      There are definitely differences. I got 2 sets of this china stuff 2 years ago for $600 with mounts.
      I’m not out night man hunting night stalker mode. It’s mainly guard duty and critter removal so it’s acceptable.
      I wouldn’t give it much more than that of a rating.

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      Crow Bar

      Yeah, I know more than a few guys who think their NVG (cheap) will make them into mad SEAL Team Six warriors.

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      Matt In Oklahoma

      Lol thus our session which definitely showed otherwise. “Where’d the laser go?” “I lost my dot!” “Why am I not hearing a ping?” hearing a helmet drop and “the batteries fell out” and my beloved air farce buddy saying “now what am I doing?”

      It was more like Abbot and Costello in all drag and no speed with the local raccoons laughing than ST6 SF Rangers Raiders high speed low drag

      but that’s why we did it. Get through the curve and learn

      I was pleased that the IR laser sight in was on. I used a small mirror attached to my shed at 50yds. One held the rifle and the other made adjustments. When the laser hit the mirror it would disappear.

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