No Matter How Much Money the Fed Prints, We Still Can't Afford Nice Things

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    Because you and I as tax payer only foot the bill the money is not given to the people responsible for debt but to those who are utterly incompetent in managing it and being a wise steward.


    In 2008 if they bailed out the home owners not the banks this would be wa different. This is done  on purpose to collapse and steal from all of us by hiden tax of inflation and eventually collapse of the usd as world trade currency which will cause un told of chaos suffering and death.

    Then ask yourself who benifits now and in future from this? Who controls this …. the federal reserve is about as federal  as federal express. The power of the purse is supposed to be congress when did you hear them say print a trillion dollars in any bill yet the federal reserve did so to who’s benifit? You get any of that cash? Your grand children will be paying for it if lucky it ends there.


    All the wars are banker wars and war is a racket.

    See those you can not criticise and see your owners. This control is given volentarily time to revoke our end of the contract  as the other parties have certainly not kept up thier end.

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    It’s a literal game. $22 trillion .gov debt, $400 +  trillion unfunded liabilities, ~50% annual fed. tax revenue spent on interest only. HA! .gov’s not gonna pay that back…EVER, it ‘s laughable that anyone thinks it will/can. Especially when it comes from politicians. And the US is the cleanest dirty shirt globally.

    Most the millionaire politicos know and understand this and they could give a FF. They’re gonna get theirs if they have their way. The have their own rules, the fed is for insiders.

    Countries have been here before, it won’t end nicely. .gov’s gonna default, there’s no other option at this point. Understand this is and has been taxation without representation for longer than most have been alive in the US. It’s now coming to a head globally and will drive many other factors of our civilization, exacerbating the ill effects in ever increasing fashion.

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    Slow burn. (And not Sanders)

    We will lose our financial status, a downgrade in bonds, etc. Against us, and by us. The problem is that nobody has the juice to pay anybody else off.

    Everything being interconnected is better than many think. It means that if “we go down”, everyone else does also.

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    What happens when the US crashes?

    What happens to the South American countries who are dependent upon immigrants in the US sending them 10-20 percent of the country’s GDP?

    What happens when the largest importer of Chinese and Asian goods stops buying? Europe won’t make up the sales as they have the manufacturing capacity to cover themselves.

    What happens when the “guardian” of the world doesn’t show up? What happens when the MRE’s don’t fall from the sky in war torn countries?

    Everything is so interconnected today, the US economy has a cold, everyone gets the sniffles.

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    Crow Bar

    I agree with DB, the debt and the spending increases is baked into the cake and unless there is some radical shift in our politics, neither side is going to reign in the spending. It used to be a point of contention that both sides used when the other was in the WH. Now, past the point of no return.

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    Well said Whirly.

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