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      Well, I’m not going to stop wiping mine down. And I have them bring my order out to car.

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      OldMt Woman

      Good Grief!  It seems that THEY really are out to get us.  [sarc]

      OF COURSE we wipe stuff down.  How many articles have there been with REVOLTING IDIOTS coughing or spitting on the food in grocery stores?  Or licking the ice cream…but that was even PreCOVID.  Ugh!  Always check the seal on food purchases!  COVID or not….I do not want anyone’s nasty germs on my food!  This year’s flu is bad enough!

      This particular FDA-Approved message sounds an awful lot like the CDC-Approved message about STOP BUYING/WEARING MASKS! NO ONE WEARS THEM CORRECTLY AND THEY DO NOTHING!  …………..PS….We need them for our medical folks so donate all those you hoarded [cuz they really DO work.]

      Yep, that was a big fat lie and “we” all knew it!  🙁  They could have just said that the shortage is endangering the medical folks/First Responders….so please don’t buy more than a few.  I think a lot of folks would have responded to TRUTH wisely.  Yeah, some would buy thousands and sell at gouging prices but that is a different case than your average John and Mary Doe.

      These lies are not hard to spot.  THEY must be speaking to the folks who have their head in the sand and can’t/won’t research.  So…….it’s ok to kill off those ignorant folks with these lies?????  Hmph!

      OldMtWoman is getting down-right CRANKY with all this nonsense blatted out by “the news”…

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