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    James Mitchner

    My wife had just left the house and hadn’t been gone long when my driveway alarm sounded.  Sometimes deer set it off, but I checked anyway and saw a pick-up truck coming up the drive towards the house going fast throwing gravel with a cloud of dust trailing behind.  I didn’t recognize the vehicle.  I slipped a little something into the front pocket of my shorts and stepped out on the porch in time for the two occupants, both young men in their early twenties, stepping out of the vehicle and approaching the house.  One hung back while the other with a shoulder bag walked towards me smiling, saying something about some company they were working for.  OTOH, I wasn’t in a smiling mood.  Blasting up my road the way they did eliminated that possibility.

    They were there to try and sell me something.  I don’t know what because I never gave them the chance to say.  I pointed out that they had driven past three NO TRESPASSING signs and numerous POSTED ones, not to mention two metal gates even though the gates were open at the time.  Its not like my house is sitting along side a public road.  Other than a mailbox, there isn’t any indication a house exists at the end of a .7 mile private drive! I kicked both off the property.  The possibility of making a sale must have over-rode the display of the NO TRESPASSING signage, or, more likely, these young men were never taught to respect private property rights of others.  I’ve since added new signs!

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    Crow Bar

    Some people’s children!

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    I get it….30 plus years ago when I first started sales I learned most of those signs where suggestions and if you didn’t try you went hungry… ever there is a technique it entering private property with the least chance  a negative response…. they obviously did not get that lesson or memo.


    I found local rumour mill and a few well placed items that scare the shit out of people goes farther than any sign.. plus dogs barking big big dogs in a pack. Sign says don’t get out of car dogs bite…. at entrance driver at 3km the gate looks like a forestry gate no numbers or post boxes we don’t get many deliveries. Fuel and feed come from friends. Have a house in town to pick up meat from. Last person here other than a neighbor has been 2 years just too far out of the way. We get feed and fuel twice a year.



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    James Mitchner

    My wife and I once lived in a small apartment that had a “No Solicitors” sign on the door when we moved in.  In fact, many doors in that complex had No Solicitor signs.  Almost daily we had someone knocking on the door around supper time wanting to sell me insurance.  Surly they could read!  I was told by one that when they see such a sign it indicated to them that the person inside was weak and had a difficult time saying ‘no’, so they saw it as an opportunity.  I don’t have a difficult time saying no, or to get off my property.  Whatever these two were selling, I feel certain I can do without it.

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    Rudeness is the mark that distinguishes the feral predator from the civilized human.  Not so long ago, bad manners could get a feller shot….

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