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    Crow Bar

    Well, they updated the High Wind Warning: 20-30mph, with 55mph gusts. Wind chill says 32, and it was sleeting here.
    Going to go and bring in the goats shortly.

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    You beat me to it!  This whole time zone thing, man.

    I did an exercise today that I like to do when I’m in a new city to learn to navigate my way around. For the first few days, I identify landmarks that I can correlate with how to get back to my rental from.  Then I start going further afield. Today I walked about 2-2.5 miles using the map on my phone to get to where I was going. Lots of winding roads and missed turns made it nice and confusing.

    Then I turned data off and tried to get back to my apartment. Well, I clearly took at least one wrong turn and I was JUST about to give up and call an Uber (they find you by GPS) when I saw what I thought was a familiar landmark. I walked a little further down the road and boom! It was a landmark. I was about a mile and a half from the apartment still but made it back with no further concerns.

    This is something I recommend doing even if you aren’t traveling outside the country. Go to an area you’re not familiar with and start learning to navigate on foot using landmarks and maybe a compass if you carry one. But no maps, no Garmin.

    It’s really important to be able to get your bearings quickly during an emergency whether you’re at home or not. Everyone always comments on my sense of direction but the trick is the landmarks. Some examples might be: a cute shop, a dog park, a playground, a movie theater (that’s what cued me today), a body of water, etc, etc.  Remember WHAT SIDE of you that landmark is on when you’re headed home and you’re halfway there.

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    Daisy that is a good idea. Something we all need to learn to do. But without phones and using only a map of the area. As one day we may not be able to rely on our cell phones. Need to learn how to mark trees and leave clues as to where we have been in order to find our way back.  Getting our barings as to where we are is a great thing to know, but after dark it will be harder to get those barings as things seem different in the dark. Lots to learn on this.

    DH was not feeling well last night as his swelling got the best of him and he had trouble breathing.  Doing much better today. We just take it a day at a time.

    We had 0

    60 to 70 mile an hour winds last night and lost power for 2 hours. Though the generator kicked in which was good. The rain was blowing sideways. Haven’t seen that in a long time. We only got  6 tenths of an inch of rain though. Now the cold weather is getting ready to kick in with a possible frost tonight or tomorrow night.

    Got to remember to fall back tomorrow night. Wish they would leave the time alone. I do better with things like they are now.

    My neck has been bothering me now for past few months and seems to be getting worse as now it is effecting my right shoulder. I have a plate and godiva bone from C4 to C7.  Thinking I am starting to have some issues again. So might have to make appt. with the neurogist.

    Driveway is done and paid for, so now I can move on to finish all these other projects that need to get done. Got to get kitchen cabnets cleaned out. So that is on the agenda for tomorrow.

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    Crow Bar

    I did the same whenever I moved to a new city.
    I had a part time job in the French Quarter, New Orleans. I walked around and learned all the streets and major landmarks or restaurants. Got a lot of tourists who would ask for directions to somewhere.

    Now that I live in rural area, I bicycle around the area. Be amazed at what you see from a bicycle but miss in a car.

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    switched out the summer and winter clothes today and went through anything we had not worn last winter to go to good will. Really didn’t have much this time as I had gone through most of the clothes a while back.  Bought some canned veggies for .27 a can. They had a limit of 15, so DH went with me and used his card so was able to each get 15 cans. We walked away with 30 cans of peas, corn and greenbeans. I can use them in soups and stews.  Got sheets and blankets washed today and remade bed. Had to pull out a heaver blanket for DH as he gets cold easier these days.  Had to go to pharm to pick up precriptions and of course it is in a Harris Teeter store. So picked up a few sale items for my back ups. I have a bad feeling we are heading for a food shortage within the next one or two years. Still seeing less and less can goods in stores as now they are just spreading them out and not taking them all the way to back of shelfing. Been seeing this now for a couple of months. Also some things that I buy some stores are no longer carrying. Not sure whats up with that yet. Still need to order my hard red wheat.  Just haven’t gotten around to it. Need to make sure the sale is still on. otherwise will wait till it goes on sale next time.

    Got all the clocks moved back an hour. I hate when we fall back. I do better on the time we have now. Wish they would leave the time alone.


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    grannyj smith

    I went grocery shopping today and now have three turkeys in the freezer and may pick up a few more for turkeys goes a long way in feeding a hungry crowd and at sixty four cents a pound it’s hard to beat that price.  I went to HEB to get the organic chickens that I needed for some making meals this week and they were out, but I found extracts marked half price,  so I picked up an extra bottle of coconut and lemon extract.

    Then on to Walmart for a few things and found many shelves at Walmart empty along with most frozen foods, worries me,  don’t know if it’s an increase in population in town, bad management or if Walmart is having problems finding enough food to restock with.


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    Red Carnation



    I went grocery shopping yesterday.  One product I was planning to purchase, there were only 4 in stock.  At another store, two products I purchase regularly were out of stock indefinitely.  One was rice.  😲



    Today was a great day to bundle up and walk outside.  I cooked a few foods for next week.

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    Hi, y’all…a new month and this year is almost over! We’ve had our first frost here in West TN. Still too much rain for my likes but the sun is shining today and I am glad! My last crop of lettuce and turnips have not done well so that’s a disappointment; but I still hope to get green leafy thing growing in my shed under grow lights as I did last winter.

    Right now I sure could use some prayers from this group of friends. Seems I’ve been battling a kidney infection that just won’t go away the past couple of months. I try taking the antibiotics the Doctor prescribes but the side effects are awful. A tsp or so of apple cider vinegar seems to give me some relief. Of course, I know my health is so much better than so many at my age I’m always a bit reluctant to even mention these rough patches.

    #Two son called last night and wants me to move into town to be closer to them. I sure don’t want to do that just now. He promises that he and his “peeps” and my granddaughters will do absolutely everything for me….Ha….I know how that will go. And, I just don’t want to do that. Living out in the county is challenging. But I really like my little house. I have it all set up just as I like it. Still, as the years pass on, we become the “elderlies” as OldMtWoman reminds us. I’m so pleased I’ve been given this long and interesting life and I would like to hang around to see what paths my grandchildren choose to follow for their lives.

    Anyhow, add me to your prayer list so I’ll have the wisdom to know what the right thing to do is.

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    Mama cando

    Prayers going out Muffy. I hope it clears up soon and you’re off the antibiotics and back to your spunky self.. Had to laugh though, your son 2 sounds like our Son1. Ever since I finally retired, they want us to move down by them (GA). Ain’t gonna happen (at least right now). I can’t take the humidity (the bugs, the traffic) down there.Besides Son 2 has promised to take care of us, in the style we unaccustomed to, LOL

    Please take care

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    grannyj smith

    No storms, but yet we had a power outage this morning and I was really scared because I have three turkeys in the freezer and can’t afford to loose them, finally after an hour it came back on.  I really need to be more prepared for power outages, when the power goes out my sense of well being goes out also. I start thinking what could or would I do if the power didn’t come back on for weeks or months.


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    Crow Bar

    I hear ya Granny.
    We are now getting into that part of the year, power goes out, we can put the freezer stuff on the back deck.
    Low of 21 in the forecast for this Friday.

    AND, the new furnace is here . . . but the HAVC to hook it all up is NOT! Cannot get the guys who we bought the furnace from to return our calls. And the furnace was dropped off back on OCT 15th.

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    Josefina Arenas

    Praying for you Muffy…kidney infections are hard to shake.   I understand why you don’t want to move.

    My Father had a hip replacement two weeks ago.  While we got my folks stocked up with food and provided my Mother, who has dementia, transportation to places she needed to go, we didn’t anticipate her complete inability to help care for my Dad.  Fortunately, we were able to get some 24×7 care during weekdays since we all work full time and then some.  It’s been a 2 week crisis, but I think we’ve turned the corner.


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    Muffy, praying for your infection to get better. I know kidney infections can be bad. Are you drainking cranberry juice. They say it helps. Though trying to drink plenty of water to help flush out the kidneys should help as well.

    Josefina, Taking care of the elderly parents can be a challange.  I was having to travel back and forth to another city 4 hours away to help with my mother and then my older sister when she was rushed to Charlettesville hosp. when Lynchburg hosp. couldn’t do anything for her. She had rectal cancer and refused to have anything done about it. She passed on a year later. Mom passed in 1995.  Having parents closer to you is so much easier, but sometimes that is not the case. Now it seems DH and I both are getting up in age and DH is in need of my help. But at least most of the kids live within 15 mins. of us if we need them. Hope it doesn’t come to that. But you never know.

    But on a lighter note, I am still working on getting the kitchen cabnets cleaned out. Has taken me a long time as tomorrow will be 3 days working on them. Used to be able to do it in one day. Funny what old age can do. Been working on the food storage to make sure all the older foods are in kitchen to get used up first. DH had awhile back grabbed some canned chicken and other things without looking at dates even though I marked them on front of cans. So was moving some things to the back closet and bringing out the ones that was older. So got all that straight now. He needs to keep an eye on the dates and not just grab stuff from back room.

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    Crow Bar

    @Josefina, glad to hear the corner has been turned.

    In heating news, next Tuesday the HVAC will be installed.
    All we have to do is get through the next week of low 20s and now I am seeing 19 degrees for a low on Friday. And we can usually take a few degrees off that as the weather station reporting that forecast is a good 600ft lower elevation. A 5 degree difference is more the norm. We have our own mico-climate here.

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    Hello everyone

    Been lurking quite a bit, but not posting

    The rainy season was supposed to end in October, but its been raining constantly, so not much yard work. More first aid supplies were put to the test and trashed. Sorry, walmart and store brand band-aids dont cut it. Just a minor cut, but it was enough to determine the quality.

    Gosh prices of everything went up. The deals at the grocery stores are no longer deals. Taxes, insurance went up considerably. Looks like I’ll be munching on my preps to keep costs down. But thats what preps are for.

    Its been hot here and I am really looking forward to moving to a cooler climate. ( Was in one before the move to Fl)

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    Hello Corsaire, was wondering where you had been. Hope all is well. We have gotten into cooler weather and DH is already freezing. Had to pull out the heavy blankets for him. Soon I will be getting out the small space heater to put near his chair in den. Seems he stays cold these days and I burn up trying to keep him warm.

    Still working on kitchen cabnets. Started the rest of the bottom cabnets and got all but the one under stove and sink. Will be doing that tomorrow. DH will be at market cooking collards, so maybe things will go faster in kitchen. Though I did have a lot of food to go through and sort out. But now is organized in the kitchen. All to be used first.  After the holidays I will start the closets and try to better organize them. Bought more food from the Farm Fresh that went out of business than I thought. Though I have used some of it, there is still a lot to get organized and put away.

    I to have noticed the prices of food and other things going way up. They say here the housing prices have gone down but our taxes did not go down. They went up. Just a bad feeling that I can’t seem to shake on inflation. I think it will go beyond that.

    We are on a fixed budget as being retired that is how it usually is. DH little job cooking collards has helped alot.  It has put a roof on house, replaced the driveway and front porch and walkway, it has payed for a new boiler and an air condioner. So we never had to use our retirement money for any repairs and was able to pay in cash for all of it.  So blessed for being able to do all that without having a monthly bill. Now we have to rebuild our cash supply. The driveway finished us off. But still have a tad bit for emergencies.  Just not enough to redo the fireplace. So will be saving hard for that to get done. It is in dire need of work.  Guess this is where our stash of food will come in handy as I want to start using up a lot of what I already have on hand before it goes to far out of date. Right now most of it is good and in date with some I need to get into mylar bags soon. But still need to use a lot of it up. Need to get inventory on the food and get a handle on what is in closet in small bedroom. right now I have 10- 5 gal. buckets of food packed in mylar bags. One bucket I am questioning as it contains Bear Creek soups, it is freeze dried or deydrated not sure which as I bought it from grocery store. So don’t know yet how well it keeps. I put in mylar bag in bucket but it is still in the same package it came in. It is about 5 or 6 years past the date on package. So very questionable on how it will taste. will have to pull one out and start the taste test on it. I am hoping they will all be good to go. They make for a fast winter meal.  Just 8 cups of water and the soup mix and done in 20 minutes. Though while cleaning out kitchen cabnets I found a pack of it in back of cabnet and it was 2 years past date. It was a gumbo soup mix. Had it last night and it was still good. So hoping the others though they are much furture passed the dates will also be good.

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    OldMt Woman

    Hello everyone!  It seems like I have been busy….but not really able to relate exactly what I’ve accomplished.  Honestly, DH and I have been clearing out rubbish from all over our property.  And it’s going slowly but surely.  Visible difference from when we didn’t have a way to get rid of larger stuff.  A relief! I’m still thawing out from what we did earlier today.

    Change of season and time change….seems to goof me up!  Haven’t been ill, just not much get-up-and-GO!  Hmph!  Little by little.  Did get most everything outside finished off for winter.  Weather can’t figure out which season it is….so I sure can’t.  We’ve had blasts of real winter….followed by a return to late fall.  I’d like to keep late fall well into Nov.  But have already had some nights of subzero.  Costs so much more in propane if the winter is severely cold.  Small house but old with lots of leaks.  Can’t fix rentals but I plug the cracks letting in cold air thru the loose,off-kilter doorway with folded [lengthwise] newspapers and a rug on the bottom.  I cover all windows with insulating stuff….and take it off when the sun comes around to that side.  Tedious but sure helps the heat.

    We’re still keeping up with our elderlies.  One is not doing so good these days….and the other is getting more worn…just making up the difference.  We’re doing all we can but the change from this time last year is significant.  🙁

    Would you believe I’m STILL trying to finish off some of the things from the Sept. Challenge?  I thot that Challenge was the best ever!  I’m pretty prepped but one can always improve…in supplies or knowledge.   I have a whole list of tasks I wanted to finish.  Slowly I’m ticking off some of the things that were difficult to accomplish right away.  THAT was a BUSY month!!   I’ve decided to order a double pack of Sawyer Mini….been hearing good things about that brand for years now.   Satisfied with my Katadyn for long term but need better filters in our BOBs.  Would you believe …  Remember the pond water I dutifully collected in a glass jar and set on the porch table?  I was dithering about using my secondary water filters…cuz I was that unsure of their quality.  WHICH IS WHY that was such a good exercise.  Fish or cut bait!  Decide you trust what you have or buy better.  ( I decided to buy better )

    Anyway, then deep winter came to us for 36 hours ….FROZE THAT POND WATER AND BROKE THE JAR in our very early subzero night.  Ooops.  Forgot about moving the jar inside as DH and I rapidly prepared for that unwelcome night!  Everything is solid frozen now, pond and stream.  If we needed water now, it would be snow-melt.  Takes a LOT of snow melted to get a bit of water.  DH and I used to winter camp a lot…..before we got old.

    Muffy….how are you doing?  Sorry to hear you’re battling infection.  No one needs that while the change of weather already makes things more difficult.  Good to know you have a standing invitation from your family …for when it is time.  Not time yet tho, huh?  Don’t blame you.  They worry tho.  Eventually we’ll move closer to some of our kids too.  Not quite yet.

    OldMtWoman  G’ nite all.

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    grannyj smith

    It is cold here today and a hard freezes coming next with the possibility of freezing rain.  Redoing my weekly menu for breakfast and dinner for meals that has a few more calories and considered comfort food that we need and like during colder weather.

    Was planning on moving a few things Saturday to the farmhouse but I don’t think anyone wants to be out in the cold,  dh has to go down there next week and drain all the water lines and turn the water off to avoid any pipes bursting.during this hard freeze.  I know I need to hurry and get moved back to the farmhouse so I can start doing things to be more prepared and get it organized and ready for Thanksgiving and somewhere to shelter in place for no one knows what will happen in this country over the coming months.

    Did manage to get the sheets from the linen closet at the farmhouse and get them washed and dried and ready to go back in the closet, next the winter blankets have to be washed so they will be ready to use at the farmhouse.  Guess the old quilts are safe from me for now for I have not been able to get what I need for mending them, I sure hope I don’t mess them up by putting them in the washing machine and dryer after I mend them, but they are so heavy there is no way I hand wash them.


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    Seems everyone is busy these days.  I have still been busy trying to get the kitchen done. It has taken me longer than I thought it would. I was sure I would have it finished today, but went to get car inspected and it took all day. A firefighter bought us home and then my son in law took me to pick it up. We did not know the firefigter. He was there to pick up his car. So offered to bring us home. We all had a nice conversation about everything that they are building around here. found out a few things we didn’t know. Another 7 eleven on other side of road, another hotel. and so much more. He said they are building a 3ed firestation as the 2 we have cannot handle the growth. He also said our roads and schools cannot handle the caos. He said he was heading out past our neighborhood to the firehouse so it would not be out of his way. So nice of him as DH was with me and could not handle a several hour wait. We thought it would be about a 2 hour wait and we were prepared for that. But it was 6 hours later. So kitchen is not done because I didn’t make it to walmart to pick up somemore shelve paper. So hopefully tomorrow it will be done and I can move on to next project.  I got clothes ironed and a few small things I needed to do instead of working on kitchen.

    Granny smith trying the gentle cycle on the washer. That should be much easier on them. That is what I had my daughter do and her’s that was her grandmother’s came out good. Hope you don’t have a machine with an agitator in the middle. Those things can cause large items to hang up in them.

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    OldMt Woman

    Hi everyone.  I THINK….possibly…maybe…..I only have one more Get-ready-for-winter chore to do.  I need to haul up the hose that goes down to barns.  Several hose lengths.  Usually leave it but don’t need to this year and why have it exposed unnecessarily.  We’ve been toiling away during Fall days and hiding inside on Winter days.  But things have slowly gotten finalized.  🙂  Nothing left outside that shouldn’t be….to be buried or frozen stuck til Spring.  Cuz I don’t plan on being outside for many chores this winter. Made some changes to ensure that.  Brrrrr…

    I will continue walking the dog….still trying to keep up the mile each evening.  One car passed by us so fast tonite, I thot it was going to lose traction and fly off the road.  WHAT is such a hurry that you endanger everyone?   Hmph!  I didn’t wave at that one.  Usually I do wave at passing vehicles.  I might know some but people change vehicles faster than I can keep up.

    Still trying to clear/organize stuff inside.  Good winter projects.

    OldMtWoman  ….G’nite all

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    Still working on kitchen but the worst is done. Got all the cabnets cleaned out and new shelf paper in. Now it is organized much better and I can find things a lot easier. Got clothes washed today and worked on other things in kitchen. Behind the sink, I had to recaulk where the counter meets the backsplash.. I used the clear flex seal. So hoping that will work much better. Though it will take 24 to 48 hours to fully dry. Flex seal is great.  I am going to start adding some to my preps as far as the tape and things go. Fully water proof. Though it is expensive, so only going to buy when I can and on sell I hope.

    Got the yard winterized. Covered all the outside faucets and disconnected the hoses. Also not going to put the well pump back on till early spring. We had to disconnect it and move it for the driveway to be torn out and redone as it is right outside our garage door.

    We are suppose to be having snow tomorrow though the ground is still to warm for it to stick.. So glad of that.   This will be our first real cold snap.

    Trying to get things together for Thanksgiving and got the Christmas cards out to get a head start on them as well. Seems Thanksgiven and Christmas is right around the cornor. And I am no where near ready, but working hard to get there. Need to get my Christmas shopping list together as daughter and I go Christmas shopping right around the first of Dec. Something we do every year.  We leave at 6 am and get breafest out and then head to where we want to go. We make a full day of it.  Used to head up to Williamsburg outlets and the pottery but since that closed, we have’t gone there in a long while now. Sometimes we don’t make it home till 11 pm.  I hope I can handle that trip out this year as last year it wore me out.  But it was fun.

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    Flex seal is great.

    Family members who were supposed to help with my kitchen can no longer help, so I need to find a handyman to get it done. Still a bit of work before it can go on the market though. Its not going to be perfect, but it will be sellable.

    Temps have cooled down here a bit and everyone is outside.

    To those being bombarded by storms, stay warm and safe.



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    grannyj smith

    The forecast says we are going to thirty to forty degrees colder this winter and propane is already higher than gasoline so I look for propane to go higher this winter.  I think dh will have to go looking for trees that got knocked down when storms came through in the Spring to use in the wood stove to cut back a little on propane use.

    We have to cut back on Christmas this year for the dentist visit this month turned into my teenage daughter needing braces and she is not happy with the braces and is having trouble eating, then had to order and pay for her senior ring. She is another year from graduating but all students graduating in 2021 had to order their senior rings through the school this month.

    I think Santa will be visiting the dollar store for toys this year for the little ones. The two babies are were sick all night with fever, coughing and stuffy noses, hope it’s not the flu.




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    OldMt Woman

    Hello everyone.  Well, in our Western high country, we’ve been having sort of winter already for a while now.  The days have been mostly pleasant but nights are cold.  Have not lost all the snow we got weeks ago.  Pond remains firmly frozen.

    Had a pioneer moment tonite.  I got in to wash my hair in shower…and it’s gotten kinda long again.  Well…. the washing machine had used up most of the hot water.  ‘Course I didn’t find that out until I had the shampoo in my hair.  BRRRRRRR!  Just kept thinking…I can do this.  I HAVE done this in earlier times of our lives.  Thot about having DH warm up some water on the stove to pour over my hair but….nah.  I can do this.  Hmph!  I’m too old for this!!!   😉   Survived just fine and endured to get all the shampoo out.

    It’s kinda funny cuz really, I often am thankful when I have a nice hot shower…..thinking of times when we haven’t…..and future times when we might not.  I’ll not be forgetting this ….but really, just having clean water delivered by a twist of a wrist……  It’s truly something to appreciate!!!  [ I prefer WARM tho…]  😉

    OldMtWoman  G’nite all….

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    Burr, nothing like a cold shower. Been there done that. Old Mt. Woman, that does make you apreacate warm water.

    I got kitchen finished yesterday. Though still got a  lot of cleaning to do in the rest of house. Just not as bad as the kitchen was needing.

    That gut feeling I had for past few days about not getting myself prepped for coming disasters is now gone.  I kept thinking I need to be doing more such as stocking more food and figuring out other things that I need to do.. So I sat down and prayed about it. Awhile later it came to me that it wasn’t food and other things I needed to stock but to get the food I already have packed up in mylar bags with 02 aborbers.  So spent part of the day yesterday and today getting that done.  I did not realize that when Farm Fresh went out of business just how much food I had bought.  Still got to get the spices sorted and into some sort of shelving or cabnet where I can get to them.

    DH has had a rough time past couple of days with conj. heart failure. Swelling has been bad and fluid pills are a hit and miss. It affects his breathing so much when his stomach starts swelling bad. We will get through this also one day at a time.

    I was playing around on line a bit this morning and found a great deal. I have been trying to figure out what I can do to cook indoors if things go south. So on Amazon, I found a camp chef mountain series butane 1 burner stove at 17.95, a gas one GS-1000, 7,650 BTU portable butane gas stove with auto ignition for 39.00 and got 12 butane canisters for 24.00. So all came to 80.95.  the clincher was that I have a lot of points on my prime visa and used those and got it all for 24.00.  So I was happy with that. They will be here tomorrow and the canisters will be another week coming. So when everything arrives, I will be trying them out. I figure with 2 of them, I can cook a couple of things at a time. Though I also have my fireplace I can do some cooking in after I get the repairs done on it. Might be looking into some changes and maybe a pot hanger if that can be done.  That is next year’s project.

    It has been getting cold here now. 20’s at night and in 50’s during the day. Guess old man winter has arrived.

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    grannyj smith

    We spent the better part of Saturday in the emergency room with the babies and after the test for Flu, RSV, and Strep. The doctor comes in and ask if we want the bad news first or the good new, of course I chose the bad news.  The doctor stated the bad news was there was no medicine he could prescribe for the babies for it was a virus and I would just have to do the best I could with OTC meds, the good news was no Flu, RSV, or Strep, just an acute upper respiratory infection that is contagious, well too late for saying that for we are all sick and my daughter told the doctor she was the one that got it first because many of the students at school and on the bus are ill with it, but she decided she would not tell us she was sick for she didn’t want to be confined to her room.

    At this point I don’t know if we are going to have a Thanksgiving, for I feel so bad I don’t want to even think about cooking or doing anything.


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    Crow Bar

    Went hunting this weekend.
    Saturday it was 8 degrees when we headed out to the field. -7 with the windchill.
    Sunday was 2 degrees, but no wind. Warmed up once the sun broke the horizon.
    Saw a lot of tracks, and I heard movement out there, but didnt see a thing.

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    Cinnamon Grammy

    Greetings, All.

    Muffy 1938: I hope your infection is now gone.

    Little Sister: Best wishes for your husband and his swelling issues.

    Old Mt. Woman: Little worse than having a cold shower except having one outside while camping during cold weather.

    OMW: I too am still working through a few of the September Challenges. No reason not too to them, they were all excellent activities.

    I checked in with Survival Moms for their weekend activity after “our” Prep month was done. While I needed to do one of the suggestions, I realized there is a big difference between them and us. They are just getting started, and we are already far down the road. Not to say that I cannot learn from their questions, it is just that I can answer most of their questions. Thank you Daisy! I love this page and all of you.

    Entropy finally took control of our main floor laundry room and I started fighting back. This is where I stash stuff for a “short time” whenever we have company or need to clean off the kitchen surfaces. It is also where I keep the canning jars that I think I am going to need in the next week or so, or put them in boxes to take them to the basement. I have eliminated several bags of items. The bag that is left, on the floor, is one that was taken out of a drawer because mice had found the drawer – two years ago. I guess I don’t need anything in that bag. I’ll check that tomorrow. Just those few changes makes a big difference.

    I had a serious cough for three months and it is finally gone. I got the steroid inhaler for $267! Yuck! After a few days, my voice pitch raised. I teased that I needed to teach Hubby Sign Language because he could not hear me. After a week the cough was mostly gone. Just a few days left and perhaps my voice will return to normal. Daughter says it was probably from all of the gardening since it started in August and did not go away. I am not willing to spend, or stock up on, inhalers that cost $267. Hopefully the cough does not come back. But if it is an allergy, or an asthma reaction, it will be something I need to understand and learn to deal with. I don’t have asthma as far as I know. This is/was the kind of constricting cough you might get when you go from heat to air conditioning, tough to breathe and impossible to talk.   It is gone now.

    My daughter had an issue at school and there is nothing I can do for her. She is getting her master’s degree in family clinical psychology and disagreed with a teacher in class. She is always willing to battle for what is right and question people when she thinks they have not proved their point.   It became serious enough to be reported to the school for a review. There could be some serious repercussions from that encounter. She has a job, a residency so to speak, that she likes and could be permanent and I hope that the final decision does not interfere with it. At 47, it is her battle, career, and consequences. All I can do is giver her hugs and hope the resolution is one that she will benefit from. She needs her diploma and license. (Plus it will allow her to go from $15 an hour to $100 an hour of clinical time.)

    Here at our 19 acres, we are inside. The gardens are done. I never did get the strawberries in because temps got to freezing. This week temos have been in high 30s to 40. We had one short-lived snowfall, and just a few flurries since. Hubby goes out to chop some wood with his trusty ax. I don’t know if he is still planning on fixing the log splitter. With the current mild temperatures we can keep up with the needed wood, but not so in January. He is always behind on the wood.

    I purchased pork loins last month, and canned one this week: pork with sweet potato, parsnips, onion, celery, and apple in a cider broth with thyme, allspice, and sage. Six jars left; I had to eat one to make sure it was a good recipe. Needs more seasoning per jar, but otherwise, it is one that I will do again. I had too many onions sautéed, and more sweet potatoes and pork than would fit into the jars, so they all went into ½ pints. Just enough food in a ½ pint for one serving for the two of us. I need to do more.

    I made French Onion Soup and it needs help. Tastes fine, but it just does not have that pizzazz. Perhaps some red wine and a clove of garlic when it is time to heat it and melt the cheese. Next time I will make sure I use different kinds of onions for more depth of flvor.

    I have a lot more stuff in the freezer to can up and make shelf stable. Grated zucchini that I need to dehydrate and add to soups/stews. I bought a corned beef brisket and have never used one before. I will need some ideas of how to can that. I think I have two; and another pork loin. They will look great on the pantry shelf. Plus the homemade cranberry sauce to be made this week.

    Winter goals: Morse Code, finish the mending and new clothes that have been in plain uncut fabric form for a year or two, finish controlling the laundry room entropy. Plus, inventory of our pantry/food storage/supplies, empty a freezer, send more things to the Salvation Army or off to children and grandchildren, and work on a proper canning recipe book for our favorites. We may be retired but there is much to do.

    Hope you all have a good Thanksgiving with loved ones. Talk to you soon.



  • #24436

    grannyj smith

    The one baby is still sick coughing and stuffy nose but hopefully in a few days he will start to get over this mess, dh and I are feeling better now just have the cough so maybe soon that will be gone.  One week of cold weather and everyone gets sick, not looking forward to winter if this is what winter will be like for us.

    I ordered some Elderberry Syrup, nose saline and more disinfecting wipes.  I have a couple of humidifiers and air cleaners at the farmhouse that I need to get cleaned for use in the babies room when we get moved in, but need a couple more so I have one in each bedroom.  We have always made the kids wash their hands when they come in from school and they have to wash their hands before opening the refrigerator and we use hand wipes and sanitizer after shopping trips trying to avoid getting sick.

    I don’t know what else to do to keep us and these babies from getting sick.  I ask the doctor and nurses how they keep from getting sick with flu and a virus like we have and they said we just have built up resistance to illness  over the years, if that the case why do I still get sick after years of being around kids with colds or flu.



  • #24439


    Granny smith  try host defense myco shield  EXTRACT you can find at for beating sick before it starts. For after you get sick try host defense my community EXTRACT.  If you want to find out why it works look up Paul stamets and his patents on these products. The one he has on termite killer with no poison is awesome.

    <p style=”text-align: left;”>Cinnamon granny for the onion soup cook down  onions with real butter but use shallots aswell as atleast 2 types of  onions. It’s the fat that transfers the flavours. We use garlic stocks as well saving garlic for other things. Adding some balsamic vinegar adds zip.  Using bone stock adds richness to the soup.</p>

    For corned beef  it makes great sandwiches corner beef sourkraut  mustard.   toast bread in pan with bacon grease  when toasting second side put a slice of cheese so it melts then once other side is toasted put sandwich together. Serve with sweet tea a pickle and some potato salad.   You can also make it with split pea soup expecially the fattier pieces cube and cook in pressure cooker. The other thing we do is make it like a roast slice and serve.







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    Granny Smith, I hope all will be well before Thanksgiving.  We are going through it also. DH has a sinus infection, Fluid in both ears and in Rt. lung.  Thinking lung could be from Cong. heart failure. Not sure. He is now on antibiiotic as his was baterial.  Fun part is he has given it to me but mine seems more of a cold than a sinus infection. Though I have been getting headaches off and on.  This to shall pass.

    I am way behind getting things done around here as having to take DH to doctors and now more doctors.  He has a basal cell carcinoma on face that they are going to remove on the 5th of Dec. and due to the bleeding he had though doctor is almost sure he had a small blood vessel to break in stomach.  He wants him to have a colonoscopy to make sure that is what it was.  That will be only if heart doctor says ok.. Otherwise it will be cat scan only.  We are having Thanksgiving dinner at my daughter’s house and Christmas at my house. So got to get with it and work around the doctor appts.  Easier said than done. But will get there.

    Granny Smith, I also have been stocking those things for colds and illnesses.  Bought somemore babywipes as well. They are not just for babies anymore.

    I can tell you what the doctor I used to work for did to keep from getting sick from our patients..  He kept a bottle of listerine in bathroom as he had his own bathroom at work. He would gargle with it before seeing a sick patient and again after he was done with seeing patient.  He of course always was washing his hands.  I used to keep a can of lysol handy and if a patient came in with flu like symptoms. We would spray down everything.  It seemed to work because none of use ever got sick.

    I still have a great deal in freezer to get out an can but might now wait till after the first for the rest of it.  To much going on right now.

    Stay well everyone as Thanksgiving and Christmas are now on top of us.

  • #24539

    Cinnamon Grammy

    Greetings All and Happy Holidays

    Namelus: I think you are right about the onions – need more variety, and garlic. I’ll try some balsamic vinegar when I open a jar and see if that helps. Plus, I did try to wash/drain off most of the fat, so the soup definitely needs some extra; olive oil perhaps at serving time. It is hard to can items with too much fat in them.

    Thanks for the ideas about Corned Beef. No one in my family ever made it, but I have enjoyed it when offered. I supposed, just can chunks or sliced in a pint jar, in water or beef broth. Always willing to try something new. Especially when it is on sale and adds variety to Long Term Storage.

    Granny Smith, I hope your little ones are well, and Little Sister, best wishes with your DH.

    My cough has gone away with the steroid inhaler and after two days without it my voice is now back to normal.

    The laundry room keeps improving. More junk has been put away and/or recycled – grocery bags and aluminum foil.

    My Dear Daughter’s issue was resolved the way I figured it would be. She must apologize to the class, plus write a paper on the subject that was the issue of disagreement. She still gets to graduate on time. She looked so sad and withdrawn when I saw her last. I think this was a huge lesson for her since she can be a know-it-all sometimes. I can accept the fact than new information is available to the younger generation, but not the attitudes that come with it.

    With the “huge” snowstorm that the Twin Cities, MN got, a whopping 8 inches which is not much by our standards, driving to Grandma’s House for Thanksgiving may be an issue. I told the family to keep themselves safe first. All roads should be clear by morning anyway. For a variety of reasons other weekend days will not work. So, If they choose to stay home, well, then I get to can a 20-pound turkey and many of the trimmings. I have enough jars!! Now it is time to spend $25 and get another turkey for less that 50 cents a pound, and that is not difficult with the sales.  Time to stock up.

    Please enjoy your holidays and your families.   In my book, the most precious thing about the holidays is spending time with loved ones. They are irreplaceable.

    Plus, Thanks to all of you.


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    Cinnamon Grammy,  I will have to try the onions like that to can. I canned some onions about 3 years ago but just parboiled and put in jars with hot water. They turned out good for what I wanted to use them for but have since used them up and just haven’t canned anymore of them.  I will have to try your way. Sounds good. I also have some corned beef in freezer. It has the season pack with it. Wonder if I could use that If I decide to can it.

    We got sweet potatoes on sale for 19 cent a lb. They have’t been that cheap in a long time. One place last year had them for 69 cents and that was as low as they got. This year the lowest has been 99 cents till Harris Tetter put them on for 19 cent. So I bought about 20 lbs of them plus enough for sweet potato casserole. So on Friday I am going to can the sweet potaoes. I was thinking about doing them in a light syrup, but with both of us being diabetic, I decided I would  just use the hot water for them. DH loves sweet potatoes.

    Granny Smith, glad you are over your cold and feeling better.

    DH is feeling better this afternoon. He was suppose to cook collards this morning but was really feeling bad when we got to market. So manager told him to go back home and he would get them cooked.  So he came home and took the new fluid pill doc gave him yesterday and then 30 minutes later he had to take the demodex. Seems to have worked as he is feeling better but feet and legs are swollen again this evening. So legs are propped up and he is resting. But at least he is starting to feel a bit better.

    May everyone have a wonderful Thanksgiving as I know we all have a lot to be thankful for.  We will be at daughter’s house tomorrow. Sad part is only 2 of our 5 grandchildren will be able to be here with us. But military for 2 and one in CA. makes it hard sometimes to come back home. But we will all be together for Christmas so I am thankful for that.

    Cinnamon Grammy, you are right. Family is the most important and precious.  Spending time with family is the best.

  • #24490


    Hi, all!!! A quick end of month check in. Have finally got that kidney infection gone. Thanks for your prayers. I’ve been working on eliminating all added sugars from my diet and started exercising daily! Recent test indicate I am in great shape for one my age…81 years. Feeling truly blessed.

    I’m looking at trying to stay out of any grocery store in December and eat only from my pantry supplies. Will be an interesting experiment. Will my frozen, canned, dehydrated veggies satisfy? I think one thing missing from my little homestead is the root cellars of long ago.

    I’m also planning to grow greens in my shed under grow lights which will help some with the desire for fresh salad greens.

    Stay safe and warm everyone in the months to come.

  • #24554


    My post made 4 days ago is still under moderation. I keep trying to think what I might have said that in my brief report that requires this lengthy moderation? I hope somehow it is just an oversight by someone who “moderates” our post. Whatever, just to report again that all is well in my world and I wish you all a wonderful Thanksgiving and approaching Christmas holiday. Bye y’all!!! Hugs all around.

  • #24558

    Crow Bar

    @muffy, it is not you!
    We had a poweroutage and the internet was down. hence I have not been on in few days.
    You are good to go now!

  • #24560


    Muffy, Glad to know your kidney infection is gone. That is great news.

    We had a great time at daughter’s house for Thanksgiving. Just wish all the grandkids could have been here to share it with us but being out of town and weather as well as military they could not come. But we all did keep in touch. So that was great. They will all be here for Christmas though.

    Been doing some early cyber Christmas presents on line with free shipping as well. Things you can’t buy in a store.

    DH is still  not doing well. He finishes his antibotics today and still snorting green. Not good. So may need a different antibiotic. Need to find something that will take care of it as I really don’t want him to have to keep taking those. His kidneys are not fully funtioning either as it shows in his labs as well. Though he is 82 years of age, some could be age related. But with the fluid pills not working and not being able to get him to drink more water is a chore. He is getting weaker. So when my daughter and I go do our Christmas shopping, my grandson is going to come and stay with him. At least  he will have some company and grandson has stayed with him before when I didn’t want to leave him by his self. So that works out for me as I can stay out longer out with the girls. Yes one granddaughter is going with us this year to do our Christmas shopping. All I can say is ouch. She thinks she’s special.

    Got about 19 lbs of sweet potatoes I am canning today. So was at a point I could take a break and have a cup of coffee and get on here for a few minutes.

    Muffy, staying out of the grocery store is a great idea for a whole month. I am planning the same thing as well.  But will not be able to stay out of the stores as I need to pick up things for our food ministery at church. But that is not for me but for the needy. So I guess that won’t count against going into a grocery store since I am not shopping for me.

    Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. Stay warm everyone as the weather has really taken a turn for the really cold air.

  • #24583

    grannyj smith

    I made it through Thanksgiving and so glad everyone went home after the meal for dh and I are still feeling bad from this virus that has a second phase to it and makes breathing difficult.  The baby is seems better just fussy and wants to be held most of the time, which makes for not getting much done.

    We had Thanksgiving at the farmhouse and I know it will be harder living there because you step back in a house over a hundred years old, but I think I will be happy to get moved where there is no carpet and a house that is not tightly sealed up,  at least I can open many windows there to let fresh air in, where the windows in this house are safety windows and difficult to open.

    Hope you all had a blessed Thanksgiving and may we all be well going into the Christmas holidays, stay safe in this weather.




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    Mama cando

    Due to the anniversary trip and Thanksgiving, I haven’t done much so far but did want to say I brought back some Carolina Gold rice from trip.They had, on the instructions, could store it in freezer and (in their words) should keep forever. Just wondering if I could do that with regular rice in the chest freezer in the “lower” pantry??? South Carolina was really nice, the weather while rainy wasn’t too bad for November. Although everyone we met said it was unseasonably cold this year. Well for this Nawthener it was not too bad. Came back to snow but it’s been raining this past week so it’s just cold AND wet. DH got the Christmas lights up outside (in the two days it hasn’t rained) and we’ve had to replace a couple of things this year.We have most all of the lights outside changed to LED’s, just have two things with old school lights on them so electric bill will not be too bad this year. DH says it’s for the Grands but I suspect he just enjoys decorating. Now we just have to co ordinate the timers so the lights go on and off together. Picked up the tree today, should of seen the two of us hoisting it up top of the car and tying it down. Usually sons and families come but with one in Europe and the other working, it was just us two old fogies LOL.  We’ve been going to the same tree farm since boys were little and cutting one down but this year we just picked one of their pre cuts. I’ve been taking down the fall/Thanksgiving stuff and will get to putting up the Christmas stuff, hopefully I can get it all done this week end, last year took me almost till mid December, was sick and not really up to it. This year I’ve been quite diligent in taking care of the two of us, praying we don’t get sick THIS year.  Since we flew for our trip this year, took my  Clorox travel pack and wiped the plane trays and seats down, DH still thinks I’m nuts but neither one of us so far(knock wood) has gotten sick (he usually comes down with a cold EVERY time we’ve flown and can’t figure out why). Lady behind us watching me thought it was a great idea, so I gave her a couple of the Clorox wipes for her to use, told her got mine in the section of Targets where the travel sizes of stuff were and keep a couple of the packets in my purse all the time. Use them to wipe down the carts in the grocery store too. With half the family not coming this year it’s going to be just the 12 of us. Son 1 is going to try and video chat/Skype with us Christmas day but with the 8 hour difference, they’ll be heading to bed just as we’re sitting down for dinner HA HA HA.We’ll probably head down to his place after the first of the year with the gifts for them and the kids. There is a situation brewing AGAIN with the psycho ex, so please pray for him (and us) that he will be successful this time in his endeavors. Can’t go into it here but please keep him and the kids in your prayers.

  • #24609

    OldMt Woman

    Stopping to say hello.  Been battling with this season’s weather.  Lotta snow.  Lotta ice.  Being so very careful walking around is tedious but necessary.  Try to sand down areas that are icy.  Broken bones are not on the agenda!!!!

    Trying to help our elderlies when we can.  Weather has prevented us from being there sometimes.  I continue to do walking whenever I am up to it.  I love the cooler weather and I don’t mind if it’s snowing a bit….just wear clothing that can be seen by the vehicles and a light.  Tonite I forgot the bright clothing but had the light.  Only one vehicle passed…at reasonable speeds.  I had dog and me in the deep snow of roadside, nonetheless.  I walked at my very slow sauntering pace and actually got quite far with that.  It looked dubious when I began but turtle pace can beat the rabbit for me some days.

    Stay safe in the wacky weather.


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