Obamas now worth $135 million

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    Seems to me like 10 years ago when he was running for office they really didn’t have much. It really must pay well to be a loved demo.

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    Being a former Pres has its perks.
    Personally I like to see former Pres go quietly away, or do charity work (Carter has been really good at that).

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    If the truth be known, I’m betting that Obama’s money is tied in with why they are trying to oust Trump. Stealing our tax dollars is a crime. So Obama, Biden and his son and I am willing to bet there are more in the criminal mess that they are trying hard to cover up. This is why they want Trump out. And I hope that if they suceed in ousting him that Trump will persue this and get to the bottom of this investigation. It is not about impeachment, It’s about covering their butts in hopes of not getting caught.

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