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    Crow Bar

    See the title!

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    Muffy the percolator. Check the water levels. I have an electric one and it will do exactly what you described when there isnt enough water.

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    Cinnamon Grammy

    Happy October.

    The brick sidewalk is finished.  Some tweaking remains to pull up some bricks and level off some others.  DH decided to fill in the triangles, where the brick walk angled to accommodate the “Z” to get from the house to the drive, with concrete stained a charcoal color to match some bricks.  It looks good.  He did a great job.

    While he could not figure things out last week, he was right on target and quick to figure out how much mix and water was needed to finish the concrete.  I guess we will all have our days.  (There is a medical appointment set for early Dec.  I have a hunch it will be to deal with his borderline sugar levels, but also, when we had our check-ups in August, I asked the doctor how to treat days when his thinking was fuzzy.  We’ll see. Maybe he needs to start eating jellyfish.)

    Temperatures are supposed to drop to freezing this weekend.  The earliest snow I remember was Oct. 12 here in gardening zone 4, and there are snow threats for this weekend.  Time to dig the carrots and parsnips, and pull the dried black beans.  Plus, take a walk through our woods and gather kindling before it is buried under the snow.

    Someone mentioned garlic.  I have never planted that.  Can I just take apart some garlic cloves from the grocery and put them in the ground?  I have a spot for that. Does garlic like to be a companion plant to other crops?

    Green Bean Report:  I planted one bed with only green beans – Provider Green Beans on one end and Blue Lake Green Beans on the other.  I planted the entire packages of bush beans on the same day, (although I did not count the beans therefore I really don’t really know how many plants there were of each) and they got the same treatments. I planted parsnips in the middle of the bed and zinnias for color and pollinators.  Only half of the parsnips ever come up, no matter where I plant them, but they seemed to like being with the beans. Since nothing needs to be done to the parsnips, or carrots, all summer long they do fine hidden in the middle of the bed.  I weighed each harvest of beans and this is the report:

    Provider Beans =19.2 pounds.  Blue Lake Beans  14.75 pounds.

    The Provider beans produced earlier on bushes that were smaller in stature than the Blue Lake.  The Blue Lake Beans grew seedy more quickly and I prefer the green hull rather than the bean seed. Later in the summer the B. Lake also seemed to have a mottled green surface that I had not seen before.  Too much rain?  After I weighed the beans I mixed them together for processing.  And I stopped weighing them a couple weeks ago since there was little more than a handful from each.

    So, my little experiment showed me that, in my garden, the Provider beans are the better of the two.  I have a caveat, though, I have never planted pole beans so I do not know how they perform.

    Since it is going to freeze this weekend, I am going to cut off some of the leaves from the Brussel’s Sprouts and cut/blanch/freeze them to use as stir fry greens.  Perhaps the cutting will encourage more of the little sprouts to grow.  I need to rethink the broccoli for next year, too.  Not very many heads.  I wonder if it was too shady where it was.  My three-bed broccoli experiment failed.

    Assessment for year’s garden:  stagger the lettuce planting, more herbs, more onions, and find a way to avoid the gophers! Perhaps try some celery for the first time.  I had enough paste tomatoes, but not enough cherries (only two plants). I had planted the cherries for eating out of hand and in salads. I had forgotten that I needed some for dehydrating. This year’s plants were tiny compared to last year’s, too.

    I also decided that next year I am not going to put in the little plants of Pak Choy.  I planted one entire bed of it and it was too much, too fast, all at one time.  If it was not harvested, it bolted to yellow flowers quickly.  Next year, I think I will intersperse the cabbages with some Pak Choy for early harvest before the cabbage needs the space.  More of the larger Bok Choy plants for me; more leaves there and less stem.


    Gardens are a continuous science experiment.  They keep us guessing. People who say, “I can survive. I’ll just plant a garden,” are delusional. The gardens my mother and MIL had were just for the summer, with some pickles and tomatoes for the winter. Up here in zone 4, I know most people could NOT survive the year on a summer garden. I cannot yet and I have a large area dedicated to vegetables and it increases in size each year.  I enjoy gardening, but really appreciate the freezers and pantry filled with produce.

    Now, what to do with my acorn squash.

    Time to harvest. Talk to you all later.


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    I did that….checked water level and added more, up to spout inside…still no luck….am wondering if perhaps the basket holder stem might need to be settled just perfectly on the bottom to create some sort of suction, maybe? Well, at least I know I can boil water in the can and I do have a French press I could use…gotta have my coffee in the a.m. 🙂 Tried just dumping the grounds in the boiling water to do the Cowboy coffee thing, but where those youtube guys make it look so easy, my coffee grounds just wouldn’t settle to the bottom. Still, it was an interesting way to spend a couple of hours of my yesterday. Learning. My favorite activity. Never to old to learn, right?!

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    I got a pour over basket for my emergency coffee maker. The french press involved too much cleaning for me. I could use paper filters and position the basket over a thermos.

    For todays thrift store haul I got rolled gauze. 4 1/2 inches by 4 feet. Dont know how many total cause they were packaged in 3 bags.

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    OldMt Woman

    We’ve had a lovely extended fall.  Ducks still enjoying pond with no ice.  HOWEVER, that might change.  We’ve got some real cold descending upon us and no guarantee that it will warm up again.  Tho I’m hoping…..

    So today DH and I were busy!  Take out A/C window unit.  Wrap swamp cooler in plastic for the winter.  […hope we don’t have any really warm days now ]  Put horses to pasture with shelter…in case of snow???  And I really pushed to finally take down a temporary shelter that certainly wasn’t supposed to be up this long anyway.

    I think I got some wind burn.  I got choked with dust cuz the rare road grader chose this day to keep going back and forth, stirring up dust.  It was worse in evening when wind died…I didn’t go with DH to feed critters.  I don’t get along with dust/smoke/etc.  I carry masks all the time.  Besides, even after hot shower…I can barely move!  Ack!

    We are really a couple of ACHING old folks tonite.  Told DH I’ll set my alarm to get up and walk around every hour thru the nite……else I might not be ABLE to get up in the morning.  This too shall pass.  But we’re pleased to have gotten so many projects done quickly before this sudden change of season.  Very much hoping for more autumn….dislike winter more every year.

    OldMtWoman   G’nite all.

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    Olivia Green

    RE: gophers.. from man in hardware store who said his dad & grandfather were farmers..
    put a tablespoon of dry lye down open holes.
    set flat-ish rock or piece of wood on top and cover w/dirt.
    dirt will hold fumes inside.
    haven’t tried it yet but sounds logical.

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    Still got to finish cleaning out the garden. Don’t know where my tard man is. Haven’t seen him in 2 weeks. He was suppose to trim some bushes and bring mulch. If he doen’t show tomorrow I will call him. Could be he has some broken equipment he is dealing with.

    They came today and tore out the front and side of house walkway.. The front porch is going to be a problem. Seems the nut that replaced the tiles many years ago had nothing under rebarb to hold what was on top. So big mess to deal with. Might have to go ahead now and call them to jack up at the front door before they can go any further on the porch. Yikes. That will slow things down a bit. But when that is all done, then they are going to do the driveway. That thing is huge.

    We had to dismantal our well pump and remove it while the driveway is being redone. Just glad that we are not planting anything that needs watering. otherwise would have to use city water.

    Don’t know if I can do this or not, but want to put up greenhouse for the winter at the back porch to grown lettuce and a few herbs this winter. Just wondering if it would get to cold this winter even for a greenhouse. it is just a small one and can’t put awhole lot into it but would like a few things for winter like lettuce. Maybe some of you would know.. The coldest it has ever gotten here is around 30 degrees but that does not include windchill. Trying to work on inside of house today, mopping floors and dusting. I don’t know where all the dust comes from but when I am done it will be back tomorrow. What can I say.  Never ending job.

    Seems everyone here is getting geared up and ready for winter. Hoping the snow won’t be to bad this year but sounds like blizzards are starting in some states. Stay safe and no slipping and sliding.  Don’t need anyone falling and getting hurt.  Later.



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    Crow Bar

    Found this big guy while picking the last of the squash.  Those are the last of the beans too.  Will save them for next year.

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    Crow Bar

    And the squash. There are more to the right of these, but not in the pic.  Made spaghetti squash ravaloi last night.  Will save some of the seeds from each of the squash too.

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    grannyj smith

    The vegetables look so good, how do you do it, we can’t get anything to grow, even tried container gardening without success.  I printed out a monthly planting guide for our zone that tells what vegetables to plant for that month and going to try and have a small fall garden in the back of the farmhouse when we get moved.

    I am worried because I see things getting worse in our country and know I need to get prepared with food, hope next month will be better for me preparing for winter.  I shopped some online clearence sales and got the babies enough warm shirts, long pants, lined indoor booths and pajamas to get through the cold months and enough to last them a week for power outages.


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    Yes, those veggies really do look good.

    Crowbar you really have the green thumb.  You have done very well with your garden.

    grannyj smith, you are right about this world getting worse. I can’t seem to shake the feeling that war is coming to the USA. We are right in the middle of where a neuclear blast won’t give us much of a chance of survivial.  Naval bases and Washington DC about 3 to 4 hours away. No where to go as traffic would be bottleneck. Have been working on several ways to get out if we have enough warning. But to get somewhere safe is still very iffy..  We have been trying to stock as much as we can and need to work on our water situation a lot more. We now have enough food to get by for over a year depending on how many mouths we will be feeding. We will have family members heading our way.  I have just started to add somemore long term food. But am trying this time to just stock the freeze dried veggies and fruits as a lot of that has salt and with DH in congestive heart failure, we have to steer away from salt.  Lots of label reading on the long term foods. I have been canning as much meat as I can and need to order somemore tattler lids. I don’t trust the ones that have a 18 month limit on them. Don’t want to trust them.  Right now I have veggies and meat that I canned 5 years ago we are still eating on and I know I can go up to 8 years on some of the things I have canned. that is pushing it, but am doing it for a trial and error to see just how long things will last. So far it has worked well for us.

    I am looking for a cabnet now to store my boxes of spices in so I can find things when I need it without having to dig into boxes.

    I am getting ready to go through my shoes to see what I can still wear or not. I know there are some that after I broke my big toe, I can no longer wear.  It broke in the joint and will never heal like it should. Though it doesn’t bother me, it does at times with some shoes start to hurt after a few hours. So some will be heading to good will. Need to get DH some slip on shoes as he has a hard time now bending over without loosing his breath.

    I am looking to get some blanets on sell. I do have quite a few but when family ends up coming in a SHTF situation I want to make sure I have enough of them. Looking to get some wool or wool blend also.

    After Christmas has passed, I am going to take total inventory of everything I have so I will know what I still need.  Looking at all catergories. food, water, bathing, paper goods, cooking,  grain mills, just anything and everything and then getting buckets to keep things like the candles all together, flashlights and radios all together in one, etc. Need to get better organized.

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    Crow Bar

    In a word: Compost! Well aged!
    Mine is a mix of spent hay, rabbit, goat and cow manure.
    Then I let it age for 2 years. Then apply to the soil, mix well.
    Wife and I are going to expand the gardens next year. While the squash are great (saved seeds from last year), they tend to shade out everything else that was growing in the raised bed boxes.

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    grannyj smith

    Crow Bar

    I have a large composter that I started putting things in months ago, so would I add dried cow manure to the composter or till the dried manure in when we break up the ground for the garden area.


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    Cinnamon Grammy

    Happy Indigenous Peoples Day.

    Yesterday we had unexpected company for brunch. Our neighbor (27) is going elk hunting and wanted some large jars in which to freeze the stew he wants to take. I offered to can the stew for him, but he declined. He brought his delightful 3-year-old along, just in time for our traditional Sunday morning pancakes and sausage. She gladly ate my sausage, and even a pancake. She does not come up enough and it is a bit shy here in our place. She will have a baby brother about Christmas time so that will be fun.

    I blanched then froze my rutabagas yesterday. I tried to cut them into one-inch squares, and ended up with 8 meals, 2 servings in each, 3.5 ounces is one serving. I used to just fill a pint bag for freezing, but I am trying to be a bit more accurate. I am looking forward to trying a root soup during the winter.

    24-OZ Jars: I like to made canned dinners – beef stew, chicken corn chowder, Tuscan Bean Stew, etc., full meals in one jar. But a regular quart jar is just too much for our slowing metabolism. Menards frequently has 11% Rebate Sales. Since we went frequently to purchase the bricks for the walk, each time I also purchased some 24-ounce canning jars. I want to move to more of that size for our future use.

    I think I said that I found some “fake cheese” in our grocery. It does taste very vegetable-y, it is made with pea protein, but it works. I was able to have some French Onion Soup with the “Daiya Monterey Jack Cheese”. While it does not melt very well, it still allows me to enjoy some dishes.   There is no substitute for Pizza, though.

    This year I am going to get a large bag of onions from CostCo and make up some more onion soup, and just regular canned onions. Canning them in ½ pints will make it easier to use for dinners.

    SQUASH: I washed the dirt and junk from our squash then wiped each with a bleach/water soaked rag. Hopefully, this will allow the squash to last longer in our basement. I grew an orange cushaw and was not impressed with the flavor. It seemed a bit flat. It was very large and I must do something with the leftovers. Yesterday we had one spaghetti squash, and I covered it with spaghetti sauce and canned meatballs. The squash tasted good with the oil, s & p, but when I covered it with the sauce the squash made the dish too sweet. Hmmm. I have 6. I will need to find some other way of using the spaghetti squash. The butternuts were quite small, but we had 8 large acorns.   I was able to give some to our neighbor.

    LIDS: Little Sister, is there a trick to using the Tattler Lids? I’d hate to think how many lids I would need in order to have a year’s worth of food put up. I usually buy two boxes of lids every time we go to the grocery. That way I don’t run out. I store all of my empty jars with a fresh lid and ring, and have cardboard boxes with new lids on a shelf.

    SPICES:  I figure of all of the items I can afford to do without in a survival mode that Spices are NOT one of them.  We need the spices, seasonings, etc., to keep our palate fresh.

    I have two deep plastic “sweater-type” boxes with lids that I store my spices in.  They are organized by first and last half of the alphabetical, with the letter of the spice on the lid so I can find them quickly.  So many are in plastic jars that I don’t want to risk the plastic breaking down or letting the spice essence out.  I try to purchase the glass jars whenever I can figuring they will last longer. I always buy a new one or two when I start a new bottle.

    CUCUMBERS: Today I am going to try dehydrating my super-sized cucumbers and the one extreme zucchini we found. Peel, deseed, and then grate. I made some potato soup and put fresh cucumber, and lemon juice, in it and really enjoyed it. (Plus a few cannellini beans to make it thicker without dairy.) I figured that I could add the dried cucumbers to a variety of dishes for a brighter flavor in the winter. At least, I hope so.

    I understand the shoes, bit. I used to be in retail sales, and wore suits and high-heeled shoes. I got rid of most of the heels and just kept a couple pair for special occasions. At my age, comfort and safety are far more important.

    We fought with the wind a few days ago to cover our tomatoes. I was very frustrated! Since I put them in late I will lose hundreds of tomatoes to the cold weather. Time to see what happened to our tomatoes that we covered with plastic. Next year I will get them in much earlier and plan on protecting the small plants instead of the 5-foot tall ones. There were a lot of garden mistakes this year.

    Take care and enjoy your Autumn.

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    Cinnamon Grammy, seems you have been very busy.  I have been buying and using tattler lids now for about 6 years. I try to buy up about 2 or 3 dozen every chance I get. i still use the other ones, but I figure in a SHTF situation where we can’t buy anymore of the one use lids, I will have the tattlers to fall back on.  I also have bought several boxes of the rubber rings for replacement for the tattles as needed. I deydrated some hot peppers last week, but my garden is done. I still need to get out there and clean up the garden and get it ready for mulch.

    They pured the concrete for the sidewalks and porch today and hopefully they will be getting the driveway ripped out and ready to go by this weekend.

    DH was not feeling well this morning as the fluid had built up around his stomach and heart overnight.  Gave him double on his fluid pill and he is feeling much better this evening. Going to give him a double tomorrow as his feet still hasn’t gone down. Seems congestive heart failure is a bit hard to control. But we do the best we can.

    I have a great deal of spices that I was able to buy when Farm Fresh grocery went out of business. Got them for $1.00 and less. That is what the box of spices are from. I have a lot of spices that I grow myself. But the price on the store bought ones were to good to pass up and yes, that is one thing we don’t want to comprimise on.  Using the sweater boxes are a good idea. I am going to pick up 2 or 3 of them next time I get out to store so when I get to that project, I can get the spices organized and in order by date. Going to go through the shoes tomorrow as I wasn’t able to get to that today like I thought I would.  I have several and I feel I only need a couple pair of the good boots, my tennis shoes and a couple pair of sandles. Only need a couple of dress shoes for church as well. The rest will get donated. Will have that narrowed down to summer and winter shoes plus the dress shoes given me only 6 pair of shoes. The sandels are the earh shoes and last forever it seems.

    Crow bar, we get the cow manure from the feed and seed. That is really good for the garden.  I want to get the soil in better shape before the mulch goes down. Been busy with the sidewalks and driveway being redone that I just haven’t been able to get it done yet. Hoping to do it tomorrow before the rain hits here Wed. night.


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    grannyj smith

    Many say they stock tatter rings for preparing in a shtf because they would not be able to stock enough regular canning lids, is tattler lids a preparing item I should add.  I read where they can be used over again, but don’t know if the rubber rings can be used over or just the tattler lids.  Do any of you seasoned canners know if the rubber bands can be used more than one time in canning.


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    grannyj Smith  The tattler rings are reusable and the rubber rings can be used over and over several times. You only have to replace them when they get stretched out and look worn.  I have used them for years. They are expensive so I try to buy a couple of dozen about every other month. I have been using them for years now as they are different from using the one time medle lids. They are well worth having in your stock of SHTF items but you need to know how to use them the right way. If you decide to get some to try, then next time you are canning, only use them on a couple of jars and follow the directions to see how you like them and get used to using them. You would still use the same rings that you use on the other one time lids.

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    As my decluttering continued I noticed a baggy with leaked batteries. This is the second instance of Rayovac leaking. The first was in one of my lanterns. An unopened pack was put in my donation pile. I’ll be ok if a storm hits before the black friday sales. No problems with energizers BTW

    Also purchased a cheap and but rather large multi tool from Kilimanjaro. Its the Rappel II. Not perfect, but better than nothing.

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    grannyj smith


    Thank you for the info on my tattler question. I would like to stock a few of them for a just in case situation. I still have many of the metal lids and ring as I have not done any canning lately.


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    grannyj smith glad to have been of help on the tattler lids. I really like them but it is trial and error to get used to them but that is a learning curve that is easy to learn.

    Corsaire I also had a large pack of AA batteries with a 10 year date on them. They still had  a good to 2024 and most of them had to be thrown out because of leakage. I am beginning to think that they are no longer making the batteries like they used to. Those were Duracell batteries.

    Well, the porch and sidewalk are done and we can now walk on it as of today.  They have most of the driveway torn out and they are hoping to have everything ready to pour concrete on Monday. But now it looks like we might get rain. So if that happens it will put that back about a week as they are calling for rain over 3 maybe 4 days. My garage will need a deep cleaning after this is over. Concrete dust is everywhere and on everything. Had to have the door open to break the concrete up at edge of garage floor. I really hated to spend that money on replaceing this stuff but it was really bad and a huge trip hazzard. There were so many cracks in that driveway that rain and the tree roots from trees that were taken down years ago really messed things up. But all will be fixed and done within the next couple of weeks, pending the rain not holding things up.

    I am getting rid of a lot of shoes. Didn’t realize I had that many. So most are packed up to go. That will clear me somemore room for things I really need room for.


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    Littlesister probably

    Duracell, wont purchase them either. I purchased duracell flashlights once that turned out to be total junk. So far my energizers are holding up. Bought some AC delco a few months ago. Time will tell with those.

    My dog walking EDC bag is getting filled to the point where I need a larger bag.Purchased some Eddie Bauer ones as they are having a sale, with the hopes that one will fit my needs. The local stores dont seem to carry much and online its hard to tell as vendors get creative with the dimensions.

    40% off sale at Eddie Bauer if anyone is interested.

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    OldMt Woman

    Hi y’all.  Lately I’ve been super busy ….followed by super flattened.  We’ve been to ZERO degrees already with a deep cold front but popped back up to very nice warm fall weather.  We’re needing moisture….getting edgy about wildfire.  🙁

    Getting a lot of outside stuff cleared/sorted/dumped/etc.  I have some appliances to either take apart so they fit in trash bin or… I heard that Best Buy will take small appliances.  Broken or not.  Smaller TVs.  Vacuums [have 2 old ones].  etc.  But that’s a long way from where I live.  Screw driver and sledge might be easier ….to fit into trash bags.  As usual, trying to out-run the season.  Winter gets here early and stays late.  Hmph!


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    Goodness! This month has raced by and is nearly gone. This morning, however, I am sitting here with my county under a tornado warning/watch for a couple of hours which reminded me of the always question: “am I prepared?” As during certain times of the year we seem to have these rather frequent watch/warning alerts, I’m thinking perhaps I should put together a small bag with just the absolute minimum things I might need as I generally move to my small, windowless bathroom as the safest place to be when the siren goes off. That is our signal that a tornado has actually been sighted and is on the ground. Proper shoes, water, something to eat, a little first aid kit, flashlight, my phone and a fully charged power bank. During the time I have lived here tornadoes have hit as close as 2 miles away resulting in lots of downed power lines and the inconvenience of no electricity. Hmph, as Old Mtn Woman says. But I”m grateful no direct hits to my house.

    I had planned to go to town today to see if I could get involved with a Silver Sneakers group at our civic center. My balance is getting worse and worse as time goes on and perhaps some regular exercise might help? I could exercise at home but I won’t. Hmph!!!! I just love Old Mtn Woman. She makes me laugh. Thank you, Old Mtn Woman wherever you are for taking the time to make your posts!

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    Cinnamon Grammy

    Greetings Forum Friends.

    Happy my 70<sup>th</sup> Birthday.

    In previous years we would go to an apple orchard with the small grandchildren and enjoy a lovely Autumn day picking apples and the activities geared for them. People grow. This year, we went to a concert, a local Chamber Orchestra because the grandkids had free tickets, and then out to dinner. No more corn dogs and caramel apples. Now it is French onion soup, scallops, lemon chicken piccata, and steak for costs over $200. I still had candles in my purse from the youngest’s birthday on the fourth, so that went on a piece of cake. It was a warm and sunny day in multiple respects.

    My birthday present was a new pair of binoculars. Hubby played 20 Questions with me, but he was the one at a loss because I had guessed a few days earlier. It was more like 75 questions and I was enjoying his answers until he gave one that I could not rearrange and gave it away. We went to Cabela’s and found a good pair for $500. I had been hoping to find something lightweight, small, and 10-power, but that was not to be. I could not keep the lightweight 10-power ones stable. I have a shake. A mild form of what Katharine Hepburn had. It is not noticeable to me in my hands yet, just my head nods; but it was evident when I used the binoculars. The pair I ended up with was heavier than my original pair just for that reason – stability. Hubby was a professional research biologist and birder and he carries a very expensive, lightweight Leica pair since he would spend literally days in the field. We both enjoy bird watching, and I should be better at it now with the new binoculars and even better – I can focus.

    FOCUS: I also learned how to set the binoculars. This was the big thing – the ability to set it for my eyes! After all these years neither one of us knew this.  My left eye is 20/50; it is pretty bad while my right eye is pretty normal. I am really off kilter. I must take off my glasses to use the binoculars. The diopter that you can use to adjust for vision is always on the right lens, so, that does not work for me. The salesman had me cover my right eye and focus with the large focus ring so I could see as best as possible with the left eye. With that in focus, only THEN do you turn the diopter on the right lens for a clear picture. After than, you can use the regular main focus for zooming in and out. My new pair lets in more light, too. The old ones are 8×24 and the new ones are 8×42. Now the older pair can stay in the car bag.

    I commend the salesman. This is obviously a commissioned area, and while he showed us options at both edges of our range, he graciously accepted the fact that the more expensive ones just did not work for me.


    Locovore: For my birthday, my daughter gave me two cookbooks that she purchased at a local Indian Reservation’s Museum. These are books by Natives using indigenous ingredients – spices and greens, fruits and vegetables, plus locally harvested animals. She knows that I like to learn about and use local plants and love cooking. We often have “sumac-ade” or salads with weeds from our woods or yard – purslane, wood sorrel, lamb’s quarters, etc, and the family trusts me. The middle grandson is usually complimenting my dinners as interesting and still eating them. They are not afraid to try new things – good for them! With these two books, I can be more local, specific, and safe in my recipes. More targeted. One has stories and history, “Original Local Indigenous foods, stories and recipes from the upper Midwest, by Heid Edrich. The other book, “The Sioux Chef’s Indigenous Kitchen” by Sean Sherman with Beth Dooley, does a bit more explaining of ingredients. I don’t normally sit to read cookbooks, but I will these. And, I promised to make an indigenous dish for Thanksgiving.

    This should be interesting. Hopefully I can create a summer pantry right at the edge of our lawn. One that most people would not see. I have told Hubby that when it is time to sell this place, we will need to be creative with our advertising. We will be selling a life-style and appreciation of local foods, with a large organic garden, and not just a house. Definitely to preppers/homesteaders.

    Hubby finished my strawberry bed frame. Since it was raining today, it will be perfect soil tomorrow to dig out the strawberry runners that have settled in the grass surrounding their current bed. Then cover the new transplants, with leaves I suppose, and we should have a good crop of strawberries next Spring. Little by little we expand.

    Cauliflower! I found one. I had asked the difference between the Brussel Srpout plants and the Cauliflower plants. I still don’t really know the visual difference, except that now I can see the little spouts on some. And I found ONE cauliflower growing on the others; it is well hidden underneath those huge leaves. Hopefully, more will grow before we get to November’s hard frosts.

    Hubby was excited to know that we were eating the leaves from the B.Sprouts; otherwise, to just eat the small “fruit” is such a waste of plant, garden space, and effort. Like raising a goose just for the liver for Pate.   I have used the leaves in stir fries, and soup. Some leaves are now blanched and frozen and I will harvest more from the Broccoli, and the Cauliflower. Perhaps that will encourage more “fruiting” of the heads.

    Besides reading the indigenous cookbooks, I want to learn more about herbal medicine this winter. There are some free online classes. As biologists, I know that we cannot treat many things. But for the ones we can – colds, etc., I am ready to learn.

    Isaac Asimov said, “Education isn’t something you can finish.”

    There are so many things to learn about, I have a long way yet to go.


  • #23764

    Crow Bar

    Happy birthday Cinnamon Grammy!
    Sounds like you had a good one!

  • #23769


    Happy Birthday Cinnomon Grammy and many more. Sounds like you had a great day.       We have been trying to get driveway finished as it is now torn out but it has been raining and may now be 2 or 3 days before concrete can be poured. Today has been a gloomy, damp, cold day. Trying to get used to the fact that winter is around the corner.  So trying to get things done inside today.  Went through  shoes and got rid of a lot of them. I do have a bad habbit of not throwing out old worn out shoes after buying a new pair. But some of the shoes were good ones. Just couldn’t wear them anylonger with my toe. Can’t do shoes that are pointed. It leaves no room for my broken toe.

  • #23767


    Happy Birthday, Cinnamon Grammy! I’m in absolute agreement with you that learning is a forever activity. I don’t know if learning something new everyday will stave off mental deterioration but it seems to me it should. And, we now have so many resources available to us. Yeah! Hoping you have a wonderful 70th year of life, making every day count.

  • #23789

    grannyj smith

    Got one wall in the hallway painted and two more to go then repaint some of the trim and that will be done and I can move on to some other chore.  Dh comes to the farmhouse with me but he is busy picking up and bagging pecans for Christmas money.  I was hoping we would be moved in the farmhouse by Halloween, but don’t know when we are going to get moved in for it’s difficult getting anything done with two little ones that get into everything that is not nailed down or too high for them to reach.

    Finished making the menu for Thanksgiving, just need to get the shopping list made and wait for the sales on turkeys, hams and other things needed for the meal, that is the only way I afford to do a Thanksgiving dinner and food baskets at Christmas for extended family members.

    I am so looking forward to reading what everybody does for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

  • #23810

    Crow Bar

    Look at what I did!


  • #23819

    grannyj smith

    That looks amazing, what delicious soup are you making to go with it?

  • #23824


    Happy ( belated) birthday CinnamonGrammy

    Not much going on here. Going to pack up my hurricane supplies, sans some lights, for the season

    EddieBauer packs came. 1 fanny pack and the mini lights are being returned. The pack is too small and the lights are very finicky. One turn it goes on, another slight turn SOS….Aint got time for that. Going to find a switch or a push button one instead. Sling bag and the larger pack is ok




  • #23831

    Crow Bar

    Funny you mention that, I am looking in various cookbooks I have now!

  • #23848

    Mama cando

    Happy (belated) birthday Cinnamon. Hope you are doing well. DH ‘s birthday was the 12th and our 45th was the 4th. Haven’t done much as I ‘m not moving too well right now.Getting old sucks!!. Got to have GRson2 and Grdaughter 2 over last Friday, we made “magical pancakes, bacon AND sausages. Then took them to Wendy’s for lunch(they requested it and was ok with parents). Grdaughter 2(6) and I made pork chops, mashed pots and gravy with corn for dinner.  then we had triple chocolate cake (small store bought) for dessert. Grandpa had a great time as they played monopoly ,their way LOL, Lots of wheeling and dealing.Son2 had to take their dog into the vet, he must have gotten ahold of a mole or rabbit,  poor puppy , was really sick and now has worms. They also had their home broken into that Monday, so now we as back up get texts when ever they alarm or disarm the system he had put in that Tuesday. The cops caught the guy about 50 yards from the house but the dog went nuts and just about destroyed his kennel trying to get at the guy.  I hope nothing else goes wrong. Son did say the jerk missed the drawer with the cash they had stashed, just took Grandson’s $5 and the video camera Son got at the goodwill the weekend before. Just makes me more anxious to get the security stuff done on our house now.  Oh please pray for us, we just found out that the psycho ex took advantage of the fact Son1 is overseas working to have his parental rights suspended, till he comes back. Now we are worried we aren’t going to be able to have the kids for Thanksgiving. She is really off her rocker worse than ever. My grand daughter is so pissed off because 1:the ex didn’t get the kids passports as she was told to do and 2: is not letting them spend Christmas break (in PARIS) with their father because of no pass ports. Son 1 can’t do anything til he’s done  and back in the States in January.  It’s a good thing DH and I haven’t gotten our tickets to escort them yet, her insistence on one or both of us escorting the kids over before she’d let them go. Even if she does send the paperwork for the passports there’s no way they will be back in time for Christmas, per the official I spoke to. Took 10 weeks for ours to show up AND we did ours in March this year. DIL1 told us that her parents cancelled the trip  they were planning with all the grandkids to Atlantis because of the psycho ex when we talked to her yesterday before she and the baby left.  SO we don’t know what is going to happen  so your prayers are much appreciated. Sorry to have unloaded on you all.

  • #23849


    WoW, so sorry to hear about all that Mama Cando and prayers they are coming.

    Sorry to unload? No apologies needed. We are a community ( and a wonderful one at that), all here to help.

    Please keep us posted



  • #23850

    Mama cando

    Thanks corsair, I’m really worried right now. DH hasn’t said too much right no as I think he’s trying to hold it together but I know he’s worried too.I will keep you all posted.


  • #23863

    grannyj smith

    Mama Cando prayers for you and your grandchildren for everything to work out for you.

    It’s really chilly and rainy here so no going to the farmhouse today to do any work.  I love fall but not when it gets to cold, first frost will be Halloween night.

    I am going to try buying an extra propane tank each month and having them filled and store back for emergencies to run the propane generator and propane dryer.  Dh’s cousin has a well on her place and she said in an emergency we could use our generator to run her well pump if there comes a time we don’t have water.

    Wanted to order baby chicks and turkeys for the homestead when we get moved in, but I need a new chicken house that fox and other animals can’t get in, so guess I will have to wait on that till Spring.


  • #23865

    Mama cando

    Thank you grannyj smith.  If you don’t mind me asking are you looking at 20lb tanks or bigger to put back? DH and I have been talking about getting a few more(we have two plus 1lb ones) but I’m not sure where I can store them. I’m in a subdivision so we have to be careful about what we do. We have a shed for his rider, mower and the outdoor Christmas decorations, not sure if that would be acceptable for storing the filled tanks.

  • #23869

    grannyj smith

    I think you could store them in your shed as long as there is not an open flame heat source around.  The reason we don’t store ours in my dh shed is no room.  I like the thirty gallon tanks, I feel they are the better buy and I have a couple thirty gallons tanks and a couple twenty gallon ones and they are stored behind the shed at the farmhouse. I know I need so many more of them when we get moved in the farmhouse for that just in case situation.

    The homestead has a one hundred fifty gallon propane tank that will need filling before we move in and that will be about two hundred fifty dollars, just have to find that extra money because diapers, wipes, formula, and baby food for an entire month for this baby has to come first, so will see how things go next month and if we get to move or not.








    • #23876

      Mama cando

      granny, Thank you. No open flame around the shed so we should be good to store a few more tanks then. Will have to look at getting 30-45 pound tanks. I have been told not to let the tops of the tanks get wet (rust) or they will be useless.Putting them in the shed should be good. I thought about storing them on the enclosed deck under the “picnic” table we have out there, so they won’t get stolen but not sure how safe that would be. So far no one has tried to break into the shed(knock wood) but I fear when things get worse the shed will be hit, especially if someone thinks we may have extra propane tanks or gas around.

  • #23873


    I see some bread up above that looks really good. Nice.

    They are almost done with the driveway. They pured the concrete for the apron this morning. tomorrow they will do the cuts and remove the boards. I hope. Then the clean up. I am so over concrete. My garage is caked in dust from the mess.  Never knew there would be so much concrete dust both tearing out the old and putting in the new. It seaps into everything. We have a key pad on outside of garage door and when I went to open the cover, the cement dust was so bad you couldn’t see the numbers. So had to blow all that off and clean it up. And worse everything in garage is covered with it. Yuk.

    Otherwise. I did get the rest of the roma tomatoes that took forever to riping from garden. Had to put them in a paper bag to ripen so they wouldn’t rot before getting ripe. That trick really does work good.. So canned twelve 1/2 pints of pizza sauce. Grandkids love to have pizza when they are  here. One jar makes one 12 inch pizza.

    It has been getting down in low 50’s here at night and in 70’s during the day. So got a lot of yard work to get started on tomorrow.

  • #23904

    OldMt Woman

    Hello everyone. Nice bread, Crowbar.  Happy Bday, CinnamonGrammy.  Prayers for difficult ex and grandkids, MamaCando.  Hope you all are safe in whatever weather challenges you’re having.

    Brrrr….it’s COLD in the high Rockies now.  I think we have to be resigned to the fact of ‘winter’.  🙁   Remember when winter used to be fun??  It meant ‘snow days’ off from school.  Wood sleds with metal runners, aluminum saucers, toboggans [the sled kind – not ‘winter hats’ for you southerners], and home made skis.  Never had ice skates; no pond.  Sliding and skidding was the game!

    Hmph!  [LOL at Muffy!]  NOW sliding and skidding means ya might break some bone or look ridiculous squawking and flapping like a chicken.   Snow means shoveling it outta the way of your vehicle.  Or across the porch and steps.  Anyone build a snow man/lady/critter lately if the Grandkids weren’t with you?  Maybe we should…just for old times sake.  Take the sting outta that dreaded WINTER.

    Cool Winter Craft project:  Don’t think I shared this one.  ??  Get a container about the size of a 3-wick candle; wide and fairly tall.  Plastic or Tupperware.  A soup pot.  A #10 can will do but smooth sides make it easier.  Fill it with colored water (food coloring) an inch or 2…depending on the size.  Put outside to freeze.  [sorry @corsaire….this one won’t work for you unless you have freezer space.]  The dimensions are variable.

    Get another slim container to set in the middle of frozen bottom layer of ice.  Weight that one down with rocks or whatnot.  Then fill the outer container the rest of the way up.  The inner second container will  ‘hold space’.  When the ice is totally frozen, run under warm water until you can get both containers free of the ice.

    You’ll be left with a ice shape for a different type of luminary.  Put a tea light inside …or a votive if your ice holder is big enough inside.   Hint…you want to make the empty ‘chimney’ part tall enough that your flame isn’t blown out by wind.  Wide enough that it has air.  Note:  if your design has a flaw…try again with different shaped containers.  Ice is cheap…thaw and refreeze.

    And you need a way to light the candle way down that ice chimney …..or pull it up to light and set down again.  Uncooked spaghetti strand will light, btw, but not real well.

    Set these …yes multiples are good especially for a grandkids project…all lit up along the deck railing outside or somewhere you can enjoy them from inside.  …..cuz it’s too stinkin’ COLD for us old folks to be out there!  LOL

    OldMtWoman  🙂

  • #23906


    ha it was 88 here today, going to be 87 tomorrow. I picked up a tarp at Harbor Freight. Some to keep inside of the house. Got the freebee light also.

    I think it was Daisy that mentioned the battery lights that look like a light switch. Picked up one of those also.

  • #23948

    grannyj smith

    We were in Walmart a couple days ago and turkeys were $1.48 per pound and dh wanted me to go ahead and get the turkeys, but I wanted to wait a week and I am glad I did for this week HEB put turkeys on sale for .64 cents a pound with a twenty dollar purchase, so I plan to divide my groceries into three separate checkout orders of twenty dollars each in order to afford the turkeys I need for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

    I made the menu for Thanksgiving a week ago and made the list for things needed yesterday,  so hopefully I will find the things I need on sale for the dinner and save enough to afford the propane needed down at the farmhouse.


  • #23950

    Mama cando

    grannyj, sounds like you get a houseful for the holidays. That’s wonderful, DH’s sister hosts Thanksgiving and we do Christmas. Kinda spreads the chaos out if you know what I mean, LOL.  DH got the porch swing put away(covered up) 🙁 and is in the process of emptying out the planter boxes. Even with the frost we’ve had, we still have a bunch of flowers growing but the peppers are done for the season. The grands got the last of them last week. They are looking forward to next year so they can “help” Grandpa plant MORE stuff. Our local Animal Shelter has put a call out for old towels, old sheets, and blankets for the animals. So I’ll be going thru the stuff in the linen closet. IT sure beats tossing the old ones into a landfill. Other than that and filling in the “holes” in the supplies, we’re getting ready for our (belated) anniversary trip in a couple of weeks.  Stay safe all. mamacando

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  • #23952

    Cinnamon Grammy

    Greetings, All.

    The weatherman warns but the weather does not deliver. No snow – yet. I am very grateful that the forecast has been wrong. Overnight temperatures are at freezing. The only things standing in the vegetable gardens are the cole crops. (I now see 2 cauliflower heads.) In the flower beds there is still a pale blue forget-me-not that is hugging the ground, a few pink dianthus, and the mums are still bright red.

    I have been picking the leaves from the bottom of the broccoli and cauliflower plants. Then they have been washed, de-veined, sliced, blanched, and frozen. I even peeled the outer layer from the largest of the stems, blanched and dehydrated them for additions to soups. I dried some of the broccoli leaves, too. One of my goals this winter is to work more with drying and using my dehydrated foods. Next year, I hope to dry more veggies over the summer.

    I decided NOT to transfer the strawberries to the new bed. The leaves are still green, but if I did them up there will not be much in the root mass for them to survive the cold weather. I’ll have to get them early in the spring.

    Meanwhile, we are digging the beds with compost to get them ready for the early crops next year – peas, and broccoli. It has always been a goal to get the beds dug in the fall, with compost, and ready to go, but we have never succeeded in having more than a few done. So, for now, that is my daily activity, getting ready for spring

    Our apple tree did not produce this year. I have no idea how old it is. It could be old age, or overspray from the neighbors application of glyphosate. We purchased one bag of apples at an orchard. I had visions of how much I could do with ONE bag. Shattered. I was able to get three quarts of apple pie filling. Just three. I saved the peels and cores to make jelly. It never tasted “apple-y” enough to make into jelly. I was hoping for some dried apple rings, too. So, I learned that one bag, or is it a peck, of apples does not provide much. Next time, or perhaps still this year, I will need to get some more apples to preserve. I did get a few pounds of crab apples to make the spiced apples. They are good. More for next year. On the other hand, do I really need more? I have more than a dozen jars of applesauce on the shelf that I have not used.

    Our wood splitter does not work. The review for the one we bought at a garage sale was not good, but it worked great for two years. Hubby has tried multiple ways to get it to start this year, new spark plug, etc. He has decided to purchase a new Honda engine and fix it that way. Cheaper than buying a new one.   He has been splitting with a maul and wedge. Good workout but not a good idea for an entire winter’s worth of wood by an 80-year-old.

    While on the internet I saw a recipe for a vegetarian dish from the New York Times. You had to sign in to get it. So, I registered for a 30-day free pass. The dishes sound really good and hearty for winter. Lots of soups and stews. I have been copying the recipes to a word file. I have about 100 so far and hope to get more before my free subscription runs out. I hope to try them and put the best into regular rotation.

    I have a problem. I am a collector. Some things enter the house and do not leave. It can be a real challenge. Things like sewing and needlework supplies, books, recipes, pictures, etc. I also have a palate that requires variety, texture, and seasoning. Someone, somewhere, on one of the prepper sites, said she had a different pastas saved for variety. Different shapes for variety. My taste buds said that is was all the same taste and not much variety. So, I keep looking for recipes for variety. Do not ask a small town grocery to have variety. I sent Hubby to find Orzo to use for a type of risotto with leftover squash. They did not carry it.

    The recipe I tried yesterday worked out well, despite not having one of the major ingredients. I do not purchase parmesan cheese by the “round” or in the rind. The recipe was White Beans and Greens in a broth from the simmered Parmesan rind. I added shredded parmesan toward the end and it still tasted very good. I don’t think I would can it as the recipe is written though since you need the parmesan rind. It used a lot of greens from the garden. It was a simple recipe, but satisfying. It was a vegetarian soup until I decided it needed a bit more flavor and added a few strips of bacon.

    I have told you that I keep looking for foods that are more plant based in case we cannot get meat in the future, with the goal of being able to grow our own pantry. With all of the meat recalls, perhaps I am more right than I want to be. We are not Vegan/Vegetarian, but eat a lot of that type of meal. I have told you that I cannot handle dairy. (Except for the hard parmesan cheese for some reason. Yay!) Have you ever noticed how many recipes have dairy in them? Therefore Vegan is better. But Vegan asks for odd items that most preppers don’t have, and normal groceries do not carry, and I probably cannot store. I am finding things in the middle.

    It would be cool to have a recipe repository on the Forum for dinners made just from shelf stable items. That is one of my goals: A Recipe file for fresh dinners, and another that uses just canned or preserved ingredients. I usually forget the original source of the recipe to give proper credit if the recipe is passed along. That would be important.

    All that said, it is time to spend the warm part of the day in the vegetable gardens. During the morning cold temperatures I keep processing the greens, recipes, etc.

    Stay warm, healthy, and safe, My Friends.

  • #23956

    Cinnamon Grammy

    Greetings, Forum Friends.

    Little Sister:  I hope your driveway is now useable and the dust in the garage has blown away. I am sure you will appreciate the new surface.

    I hope you did put up a green house and it works well for you. There is a 50-degree temperature spread between our homes. A green house should work well for you even without supplemental heat.

    Do you have any fancy shoes left? When I put on a dress and the required “heels” for my birthday, I nearly fell over. The heels are not tall, definitely not by today’s standards, but they are pointy. After wearing sturdy shoes and boots, my body laughed as I tried to adjust to the tiny point of balance. It felt awkward. Glad I don’t need to do that very often. I took regular walking shoes in the car, just in case.

    Your inventory is a great idea. I have not done one in a while, and even if I know what I don’t have, Hubby does not. So, I should have him figure out some of those items that are needed. He seems more open to purchasing items, when he sees the glaring holes.

    I should put Tattler lids on my Christmas List. “What do you want for Christmas, Grammy?” “Tattlers.”

    Nice pictures, Crow Bar. Are the very white ones spaghetti squash?  Bread looks delicious. What soup did you make?

    We ended up with a zucchini-looking squash that wasn’t. The outside was the green color, but it was a hard winter-type skin and the inside was a pale orange. Not a lot of flavor, but definitely not a zucchini. I always purchase the squash seeds because I do not want the bland cross-breeds that occur in my garden. I hope your seeds are true. This zucchini was unique. I think I will slice or shred it, and dehydrate it, and use it for fill in stews, or add it to squash soup, etc.

    Granny Smith: I hope you are enjoying your little ones. They are a lot of work, but what a privilege and pleasure to have that responsibility. Are they the same age? Our house is not baby/toddler proofed and I must be careful when the little 3-year old neighbor visits.

    I wish we had pecans, enjoy yours. i would REALLY like it if nuts were shelf stable. Do you have a way to keep them more than a year without freezing?

    I have no room in my freezer for extra turkeys! Perhaps I should just dehydrate all of the freezer stuff so I can stock up. For Thanksgiving, each of our children brings several dishes.   I just make the turkey, stuffing, potatoes and gravy. Plus teach the youngest how to make pies. Perhaps I should have them make some Cranberry sauce from scratch this year.

    I needed a new flashlight for my purse and found a keychain sized small Brinkman with 40 lumens. It really lights up the sidewalk here in the country on a dark night.

    Old Mt Woman: I hope that is as cold as the winter gets for you – Zero. Stay healthy. No sliding on the ice. No broken bones.

    I had forgotten about the ice luminaries. I think I will try to have some made for Christmas here in the country. It gets so dark and the grandkids would enjoy the lights by the long walk and while they play outside.

    Corsaire: Razzberries to you. Enjoy your warm winters – 80 degrees indeed. Lol  I don’t envy you the warm winters because I don’t have to deal with your sweltering, humid summers, bugs, and hurricanes. One summer in Georgia was enough for me. Glad you can cope.

    Muffy: I hope two miles is the closest your tornadoes get. I remember having just moved to Abilene, Texas, and heard tornado warnings on the TV. The problem was, I had no idea where we lived! I did not know the name of “my” county or what was around us. It was very unnerving to have two small ones, a house full of boxes, and no idea of where to go. I chose an interior closet and put in our pillows and blankets. At least you would have a bathtub to sleep in and water in your chosen space. We cannot hear sirens where we now live.

    Mama Cando: Best wishes on dealing with your family. Sounds like an intervention and/or counseling would be in order for everyone. Not fun. I hope it does not get worse. Every family has an issue somewhere.

    Propane tanks: Good idea about getting a new propane tank each month; great items to have. In the book “One Second After” the main character was able to cook as long as he had propane for the grill. We went to an estate auction and were able to come home with several 20-pound tanks (five-gallon) because no one else wanted them. They are a bit rusty, but not a problem, they still work. It is good to have extras. We would need it for our generator to run the well pump and furnace and freezers.

    Our neighbor had a 100-pound tank (25-gallons) that he did not want and gave it to us. Free instead of $130 is a Great Deal! The propane delivery guy fixed the nozzle-y bit for us and filled it.  Since the 20-pound tanks cost about $30, new and unfilled, you might give a thought toward purchasing the 100-pound tank if you can get a good deal on it. They are very heavy, though.

    We use propane for our heat and stove and need two 500-pound tank (400 gallon) fills per year. At -20F, the furnace works too hard and we are grateful for the wood stove.   We added some fancy insulation this summer so hopefully we will see a difference over the winter. The Prepper in me wants another 500 tank buried and hidden somewhere.

    Have a safe Halloween. (Nobody visits us so we get to eat all of the candy ourselves!)







  • #23959

    Crow Bar

    Cinnamon Grammy,
    Yep, that is spaghetti squash.
    ALL of them were supposed to be spaghetti squash, but as you can see, they got cross pollinated by the bees from my neighbors garden across the road.
    Still looking at various soups.

    As for the recipe repository, let me see what I can do without breaking the forum!

  • #23977


    The Driveway is done but will be 2 weeks before I can drive on it. It still needs to cure and finish drying from the bottom. though we can walk on it. So car stays parked on street for 2 weeks.

    Cinnamon Grammy, I did keep a couple of pair of dress shoes that I can wear without hurting that toe. So those I kept. My boots I have no problem with so kept those and my tennis shoes.  The rest I gave away.  I am now in process of getting the cement dust off everything on back porch so I can get the green house up. I am going to try planting lettuce in a pot in house this winter. need to get that going soon.

    Got the bushes cut way back in front flower bed. and started getting the garden area cleaned out to get the mulch down soon. I have gotten so used to DH doing all this stuff over the years and him not letting me help as he does not think women should be doing yard work, that I am very out of shape trying to get this stuff done and him not being able to help me.  Right now my feet hurt, my shoulder hurts and I am thinking left overs tonight for supper. Which is getting close to that time now. Just to tired to get up and go heat it up.

    I have not even been able to think about getting anything done for Thanksgiving nor Christmas.  I need to get going on that. Though my daughter does Thanksgiving, I still make some things to take to her house. Christmas is always at my house and I have a ton of Christmas cards to wright. I think I better get them out and do a few each night. Then they will be ready to just mail off. As for the house, I think I better finish up yard this week and then turn to getting the house cleaned up. So much to to and not enough hours in the day to get it done.

    And yes, propane tanks are safe to keep in shed. We have kept ours in shed for years with no problem.  I do need to get some more though and I have one in garage now that I need to get refilled.

    When they did the driveway, they removed 21 4×4 cement pavers and made a walkway between back porch to driveway. It is so much better. So I am going to use those pavers for something else. I have some bricks from where we removed them from the light pole in front yard. So am going to be looking at maybe making some type of outside grill from them. I have seen it on penterest. So going to check that out next spring.  Am looking at other ways to cook besides natural gas and electic.



  • #23980


    Thanks Cinnamon Granny. I am planning to head out. Spring at the latest. I am getting the place fixed up to sell. I’ve been wanting to do this for a couple of years now, but something always comes up.

    Looking at Oklahoma now. Maybe the northern part of the state.


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  • #23998

    grannyj smith

    I am going to try my hand at repairing some old handmade quilts by resewing them on my electric sewing machine,  so any advice from those who have done this before.  Truth is I don’t sew much, but these quilts can’t be used until they are mended so they can get washed.


  • #24033

    Crow Bar

    The cows, are IN!

    It started raining this morning, forecast to rain all day, and tonight. While it was warm during the day, 60s, tonight, low of 40, which for us could mean another 5 degrees lower (the forecast site is at a lower elevation), rain in the 1-2inch range. AND, we will be under a high wind advisory (15-20, 30mph gusts). Low tems, wet cows, wind, bad combo.
    Of course when I hump it out there, it went from a light rain, to a medium to heavy downpour and didnt stop once.
    Looking at NOAA radar, all I see is light and dark yellows.
    Upside, it was reasonably easy. Let the girls out, and lead them down out of the fields with alfalfa/oat cubes. They love them! Like candy! Once we got half way there, the girls just took off and headed for the barn, leaving me well behind. Took a few minutes to get them in their stall, with fresh water and a whole bale of good hay.
    But the girls are in!
    This weekend it will be time to bring the goats in. They have A-frames, and are in a semi-wooded area, so they are not as much of a concern. And they have their winter coats come in.

  • #24040

    Mama cando

    Sounds like you all are getting busy. It’s raining and cold here right now, just hoping the Good Lord shuts the rain off between 6-8 pm so the kids can go out tonight without getting too soaked.DH and I will be walking with them. Son2 is just putting a big bowl at the end of the walk out so the kids don’t troop up to the porch and disturb the puppy. This is his First Halloween and he is not completely trained yet. Not sure if Son2 got the new kennel yet, he said the old one is being held together with zip ties. Puppy (I use the term lightly as he is 8mths old and almost 100 lbs now) is still recuperating  and they don’t really want him out in this weather for a long period of time. Otherwise he’d be going out with the kids and Gramma would stay at the house(staying warm LOL)passing the goodies out.

    For anyone looking to get rid of dress shoes, check and see if your area has a Cinderella’s Closet. I took a LOT of my gently used and new dress heels there for the girls for the proms and dances. Donated the few “fancy” dresses I had and costume jewelry as well. Took most of my office suits to the Goodwill and a women’s group that helps women reentering the work force acquire “office” wear.

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    OldMt Woman

    You’re leaving FL, Corsaire?  Good luck with selling/buying.  OK would be quite a different climate!  The rest of you are all settling down from gardens/orchards….  Still busy with B-4 winter projects.  We lost that already.

    High country has gone for winter early this year.  Continue to have intermittent snow and a lot of cold!  I was not ready for this…mentally.  But physically we’ve done most of the Get Ready things.  First time the snow plow came for our driveway, he buried the box I placed for kerosene and Coleman fuel storage.  Well, rethink that location….after I dig it out of the minor drift.  In winter I can relocate it closer to the house.  We don’t have a lot of level ground anywhere here.  Need some of the contents available if we had a winter power outage!!  Not under 6′ of snow drift.

    Saw a lot of sunshine today and it nearly felt like Chinook winds tonite.  I bundled up for frigid weather and ended up too hot while walking dog.  A pleasant surprise.  And….an ODD time for Chinook wind.  ???

    You all sound so busy and productive.  These have not been my most productive days lately.  But I get a few things done.  A letter here.  A copy of something.  Made up bath powder tonite…merely half baking soda and half corn starch.  Cheap.  Just dozens of little projects.  MUST get the laundry soap made.  It’s been sitting in the way for over a week.  Hate using the STINKY liquid store detergent.

    OldMtWoman  G’nite all.

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