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      John Park

      I’m wondering how people plan to cook when the warm weather is upon them. We have a wood stove with cooking top, but the idea of a roaring fire during the summer is pretty depressing.
      In the mountains of Vermont, sunshine is a gamble and so I haven’t invested in a solar oven. I’d love to hear your ideas and suggestions.

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      Love the solar oven. I have one already.  I also have a camp stove that can be used indoors with no issues of carbon monoxide. We have a wood fireplace that I can do some cooking in over the open fire inside house. The solar oven is great but is a learning curve. Not to hard to use once you get the hang of it. I am also in process of making a Rocket stove soon. That would be for outdoor cooking in summer. It would use small sticks, so a lot of free fire wood around here that I could just walk around and pick up here and there for it.  Also have the material to make an outside campfire with a tripod for my hanging cast iron pot.

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        Crow Bar

        I was stationed at a joint (country) base in Afghanistan.

        The Germans brought one of those tripod cooking set ups. It was huge! The grilling area was like 4ft in diameter!

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