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    Mouse Wizard

    I don’t have a trained tracking dog, I’ve just been the target of some training sessions, so I don’t have any references of materials for training your dog. From what I’ve experienced, no dog needs a “special” scent to identify you. The handlers just wave one of my spare hats under their nose and they go zoom and find me toot sweet. Even when I’ve walked in circles and hidden in a high spot or low spot.



    A question why is your dog not with you on hike? I don’t leave home without one, rest are at farm but have one with me 90 percent of the time, even the bank and village office let them sit outside in summer more places have a dog area with water, shade and sometimes treats.


    Even police station let’s you have dog in back of pick up… they are all over my town. Maybe it’s just a small rural town thing.


    Mouse Wizard

    i don’t divulge personal details like that.


    OldMt Woman

    Mouse Wizard….for the purpose you stated, I like this list very much.  I’m quite the packrat and would usually add this and that.  But you’ve got simple/cheap basics and advice to “stay put and quit making it harder to find you.”

    I live in fairly rugged mountain country out west.  All sorts of dangers from lightning strikes [folks die every year!] to the more exotic like cougar attack [very rare..unless you aren’t watching your small child].   I used to get folks stopping in their vehicles on the roads – and I’m on horseback –  asking me  HOW DO I GET OUT OF HERE?  The roads are a bit odd around here due to rough terrain.  There’s only one four-way intersection in the whole area that I know of.  All others are Y or T intersections.  Folks can’t find their way out of here cuz it’s not laid out like a grid!  It’s actually too hard to explain it – I began carrying a map of this immediate area to give to them.  Not sure all of them could follow the roads on the map.

    Off road….well even I could get turned around in the wilderness up here.  I never went off-road with my horse but you can bet I still had many of those things in my saddle packs and on my person – in case the horse and I should part ways….

    OldMtWoman  …yep, I like it especially for newbies.


    Mouse Wizard

    One thing I’ve learned over the years is there’s no “perfect pack” you can just have on the shelf to grab and go. Once you get beyond EDC and some core items, everything else is a decision based on season, terrain, number in your party, and so forth. I don’t start those kind of discussions because they become The Never Ending Story.

    The real epiphany to me was the shocking lack of even basic EDC items on most hikers.


    Mouse Wizard, very practical things to carry on a hike and you’ve got experience with rescues. Over the past few years I’ve been steering my ship towards preparation and survival. Picking up a few simple items here and there like flint and strike and learning some basic concepts. It’s an overlooked skill these days. I need to get out there and try some of this stuff, I work to dang much. Thanks, I’m gonna make it a point to practice some simple things and get a little experience as you suggested.

Viewing 6 posts - 16 through 21 (of 21 total)

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