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    With all that is happening lately, it got me to thinking about the doxxing and “outing” of various people.

    Got to looking at my own footprint and was amazed at what was out there. is one of the offenders.

    Did a search for myself and stuff was there that should have been scrubbed years ago.

    There are a couple of good lists on what sirltes to scrub, Kim Kommando has a good article on her site.

    Best to hide your footprint before someone else locks onto the information for various reasons like revenge and identity theft.

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    Crow Bar

    Thank you for the info!

    I used to use a VPN, and then I have a dumb box that has no personal information that I sometimes use to surf the web.

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      Casper Ship

      I think that somewhat depends upon which VPN you’re running, as well as the computer, operating system, etc. Hasn’t been much of an obstacle to me. Easy to turn VPN off and on, for those brief times you choose to.

      Interestingly, seems to be one of those sites that really doesn’t want you to log in with VPN on. And this forum allows you to log in, but doesn’t seem to accept posts through VPNs .

      Gonna turn my VPN back on now. 🙂

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    Craig Widner

    Here is a list of sites that you can use to look up people online, including yourself. It also has notes of how to get yourself removed. Some of these sites want money to remove you! Total scam that I am sure a mean letter from a law firm would make them remove it, but still that costs money.


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