Opinions on using an old microwave w/ cord removed for a Faraday Cage ?

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    Harvey Moon

    I am wondering what you think about using old discarded microwaves for FARADAY Cages?
    They are readily available for free and some are quite large. Has anyone done any testing on their capability to protect sensitive electronic equipment in case of an EMP attack?

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    Never tried it . If you live in a bigger city , look up nuclear pharmacies . My brother in law manages one . The containers they use to transport radioactive drugs to the hospitals , get swapped out from time to time . Some are actually just lead lined ammo boxes ! Some are bigger tho . You might be able to buy one off them with a few phone calls .

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    John Park

    No idea on the microwave, but this is what I did: https://thesurvivalmom.com/skill-of-the-month-make-a-faraday-cage/

    You can also see more here:

    Good luck with whatever model you choose!

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    James Mitchner

    I read where microwaves made good Faraday cages. Then I did a test. I placed my cell phone inside a microwave and used a second cell phone to call the first. I dialed the number and the thing inside the microwave rang! Well, that shot that idea!

    I have a .50BMG ammo can lined with cardboard. I placed the same cell phone inside the ammo can and latched down the lid. Called the phone. No ring.

    I also have a few EMP-proof bags that work great.

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    There is a product called ” off pocket ” that blocks all incoming , or outgoing cell phone signals .

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    rob stef

    It’s expensive but you can buy RF paint and use any non metal container. remember to ground it though. otherwise just remember you need a closed metal shell that is insulated with non conductive material inside and a ground strap to prevent a charge from building up. The more conductive the metal the better the protection. Use metal conduit and ballasts for any cables running out of the enclosure. you can find them at radio supply and computer places. Make sure the lid or door has solid metal to metal contact or it leaves a gap in the protection.

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