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    Crow Bar

    I have a serious problem with slugs and snails in the raised beds.

    I have heard of using a mix of vinegar, water and salt, but can anyone speak to using it? And the mix ratio?

    I need to get a heavy duty spray bottle too.

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    Olivia Green

    just read about this for weeds.
    probably work on pests also.

    i refigured from a gallon to a quart.
    1 qt. of 5% white vinegar
    1/4 Cup of salt
    1/2 Tbl of dish soap

    article said higher acid percentage vinegar will kill it all weeds, grass, flowers etc. .
    so will be using the this fall to reclaim some ‘garden area’

    don’t water near dusk or night.
    snails use the moisture to glide on.
    another good deterent is broken dried egg shells which slice the ickies up.
    good luck.

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    Crow Bar

    Thank you for your responses!

    I have herd of the beer trap before, but I am sure my dogs would love that idea! LOL!

    Thank you again!

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