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    Here’s the question, what are the standards for something to be declared “organic”?

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    For animals the feed needs to be certified. With some small animal.welfare items. No use of certain drugs and some meat testing randomly.



    For  crops it’s soil testing a few random times a year. The land to get certified is 3 inspection to on after proof of no non approved chemical used for 7 years. Cant knowingly plant any gmo stuff there is seed contamination even though gmo is supposed to be terminator seeds. Certain farming practices like fencing you need to change to non treated posts as fencing fails.



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    Organic is another big scam , along with bottled water . Take a look in the store some time , pick up a few random organic veggies , just to find out they are not from the US . How do you know ? You don’t ! Read some of the bottled water labels , more than one will say in small print , that its from the tap lol .

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    I have canned a few cases of water in quart jars. It will last a very long time. I did this for drinking water only. I have it stacked behind a dresser about 5 high. I have some store bought bottled water but are in plastic bottles that have gone out of date. Going to use it up on watering plants.  I buy organic but after reading this, it makes me wonder if I was really getting organic meats.  I will have to check my sources to make sure I am getting what I pay for.

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    it’s is a scam tolik alot of farmers just get cert to get more cash. I am guilty of this, however I grow all things to the standard I would eat anything I produce. There is a certification called demeter which is super good but near impossible to get done as everything must come from within 50km of farm…


    We get organic label so we can sell more product and follow thier certification guidelines however we don’t use any of the pesticides for crops and antibiotics allowed  on food stock animals in 4 years one sow has been treated for a pneumonia after she got very ill and was not recoverify after 7 days and was getting so weak she could barely stand. She still produces piglets for us but not on the eating menu.

    On a side note up here there is a new type of bee sickness it causes colony collapse in 10 days yeah from huge hive to completely dead 10 days. Only 6 of us have sent samples in and it kills the brood as well it looks like queen has irratic laying but it’s not. Some of the big hive producers only open hives 2 times a year here… I am sure there will be a nasty surprize for some of them. We lost one of 10 colonies.  Bees have gone kinda crazy with weather seen one kill it’s queen 3 times this year.




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    The bees sound like Democrats .

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    Crow Bar

    On Friday we had a swarm move in to the attic.

    Trying to figure out how to remove them.

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    Get a box big enough to cover hive then smoke the bees, they go dormant out box over hive and scrape the hive into box…. move box away and open it…. smoking  will stun them for 15 or so minutes at max.


    By smoking just anything that burns and makes white smoke no toxic and under burned black smoke..

    You could also get two supers a base and a top and put the bees into that so you now have a hive you can harvest. Bee keeping is fairly easy but heavy a super can weight 80 lb plus when full of honey… we use half frames so easier to lift from above your head or you can take out each frame singlely.


    Each year you can split a hive once if su per strong twice. Bees are a good thin when not in attic.

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