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    Emo Bear Forever

    If you’ve been interested in getting the Diamant Cast Iron Grain Mill it is currently on sale the cheapest I’ve ever seen it and you may be able to get free shipping.


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    Halle Corrine

    I don’t know what the sale price was when you orginally posted this, but it is $899 now.  I have been saving for this, but looks like I will have to save a little longer.  I’m a few hundred short!  Yikes!

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    I got one off of E-bay. It looked brand new. It was used in a bakery for a short time. I only paid $200 for it. Great score as I to had been looking to get one for a long time. One of the grinders was just a bit worn which was stated when I bought it. So I purchased a new grinder for it. I love it. Works great.

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    Emo Bear Forever

    I was down to $799 if I remember correctly. They are NOT cheap by any means. Also keep in Ming that Lehman’s charges an extra shipping charge because it is so heavy.

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