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    Mouse Wizard

    …that arguing about climate is no longer productive. Check out the comment at the bottom of this article:

    Like I’ve said before, Climate Chaos is a predicament. No way out. It will run its course now. If we’d taken Jimmy Carter seriously we might have been able to do a soft landing, but Exxon happened. And of course Climate Chaos is only one of four interacting predicaments. The other three are:


    • Economic Disruption
    • Resource Depletion
    • Social Disintegration

    These will run their course as well. The future is dark and murky.

    The Grand Solar Minimum thing is just another distraction. Focus on skills and preps; you’re gonna need them.



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    <p style=”text-align: left;”>Without prepping for solar minium you are doomed to fail</p>

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