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    Forever Preparing

    Antibacterial wipes or baby wipes! These wipes are one way to decrease the water allowance for hygiene, daily. They can be found in packs of three and will help decrease the onion aroma when working outside in the heat of a NC summer, or so my wife says! Haha. While I realize that these wipes do not replace an actual bath, they are an inexpensive way to help you be allowed in the company of others, between baths! The can also be used to sanitize counters, hands, etc when there is no running water.

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    If you have Lidl available in the area, these ones are often on special and work really well:

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    Forever Preparing

    The German grocery store? We have one recently moved here and I love that place! Thank you for the post. I had never thought about that!

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    That is so true. We have both Lideil’s and Aldi. We to love these stores. Baby wipes are not just for babies. We have used them to wash up with as we don’t take a shower daily any longer.. We do this as a practice run to see how we will fair in a situation that we no longer have running water for showers or baths.. Just more ways to learn to do without. We are retired and don’t really go out much so doing this for practice is fairly easy for us. We do have a couple of solar camp showers. I have not tried them yet. Thinking of filling them up and putting outside to see how long it will take for water to warm up for a shower in winter time. Then can bring them in and hang them in the shower to use. They hold 5 gals. of water each. Baby wipes work great for a quick wash up or as they call it a sink bath. Another thing we are trying is the dry shampoos. To help keep hair clean when you have a shortage of water to wash your hair.

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    Crow Bar

    I go a few days between bathing.

    And unless I am doing something physically strenuous, I dont smell.

    While in Afghanistan, we had to sponge bath daily.  Two bottle of water and a camp sink and multi-purpose soap.

    No worries.

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    Olivia Green

    If you store a box of wipes for a long time, the moisture will end up at the bottom of each individual package.
    Turn the box on the back or either side and moisture will distribute eavenly on each wipe.

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    OldMt Woman

    DH and I have camped a lot our younger years.  Also have lived for lengthy period of time w/o running water/elect.  Summer is definitely easier.  I’ve had a number of shower bags and currently have a small 2 qt size with a nozzle.  A 3? gallon size – and have NO idea where that thing is!  I’ve had an APB out on that thing for years!  That would be the one we’d use inside in the shower stall post-stuff-hits-fan.  Would put a large screwed-in hook into the ceiling.  Have used one outside under a tree…long ago.  I have another bag in the camping [aka BO stuff] in truck.

    For the immediate first few days of a major blackout or worse, we have some prefab body wash packets.  Large baby wipes, so to speak.  I’m HOPING this arid land has not sucked them dry….even if they are unopened.  Can’t keep alcohol packets around here.  Dry up too fast.

    Simple wash cloth and soap and a bit of water will wash important parts.  Rinse well or pay the consequences, btw.  More water used for rinse than for wash.

    Corn starch dusted into hair will keep down the oil.  Heard of preTech folks caking their hair with “clean” mud…let dry…brush it out.  Washing just the strip of hair a few inches either side of the center will make you look/feel better.  Wearing braids/hair kerchief sometimes helps if there is dust [gardening, etc] but hats, etc can make your head sweat.  I have a sort of Panama type hat to be in sun or rain.

    Shower in the rain….make sure to rinse before it stops…lol.  Can’t happen high in the Rockies….too much lightning!

    A little rubbing alcohol can be used selectively for ‘spit bath’.  Lots of alternatives.  Cleanliness is going to be a big part of health.  Modern plumbing ….so easy to keep clean…has been a benefit in keeping down a lot of disease.  Make sure frequent hand-washing can happen!


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