Pesticide residues found in 70% of produce sold in US even after washing

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    This is insane. No wonder IQs seem to be getting lower. There are numerous studies that link pesticide consumption with learning difficulties and low intelligence.

    Disclaimer: I know that isn’t politically correct. But it’s true.

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    How is that not PC?

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    James Mitchner

    Last year the active ingredient in the herbicide Round-Up, glyphosate, was found in every California wine tested.  This year it has also been detected in beer produced by well-known commercial brewers.  It surprised me that Sierra Nevada made the list since it is more of a craft beer.

    The only way to ensure your food is clean and safe is to grow it yourself or buy it from someone local whom you know and trust.  Thats how I get our raw milk weekly, and we patronize local farmer’s markets, buy organic produce and grass-fed meats whenever we can.  If we have to buy the normal grocery produce, we go by the “dirty/clean” list, not buying from the dirty list, and still washing it well before using.  (The dirtiest item are strawberries.  My wife won’t eat one on a bet!)  Here is the listing for 2018.

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    You can use ozone to treat store veggis,  it makes them last longer as well , put veggies in ceramic borl with water covering them, stick in ozone wand let sit for several hous. Shake off excess water and put into storage containers. I still do this in winter when I want something from store.

    You can even do meat with it though ground products not really well. Some cheap meats uou will have to change water two or three times till the bubbling stuff stops comming, if you put residue to flame (outside) stinks like a garbage fire. Meat we grow does not do this at all same with veggies.


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    This is the big reason we grow and can our own veggies. We hope to make room somewhere in yard for other things. Will see how that goes this spring if we can get a break from rain. Going to start raining again Sunday, Tuesday and Wed. But subject to change. Today has been really nice in 70’s and lots of sunshine. So got hubby out walking again today. Still can’t get him to go around block but once before he gets tired. Lab work shows he may be anemic, so have to find out what’s going on. Maybe once that is straightened out he will do better.

    I am thinking this year since we don’t have the room to grow enough corn for canning and freezing, we will hit the local roadside stands. Haven’t done that in a while but am going to start doing it again.

    With all the chemicals they are putting in our foods, it no wonder we have all these illness. Diabetics, heart disease, cancer etc. I don’t really think they care. To me it is just another way for gov. to kill us off little by little. Then there is  our medical insurance. Don’t even get me started there.

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