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    John Park

    I have read that cellphones have GPS, as well as a way they can be tracked by what cell tower is utilized by the phone when a call or text is made.  Is that correct?  I’ve also heard there is some Stingray item that can wiretap your cell calls.
    Does anyone have any advice on these issues?
    A “burner phone” is what? A disposable pre-paid phone?
    To keep it off the matrix/radar (so to speak), do you remove some chip, or the battery when not in use?

    I think of these things when I ponder what the Nanny State might become in another decade or two, and figure I ought to learn a bit.

    Any thoughts, advice, instruction, or links?


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    James Mitchner

    I believe that a “burner phone” is one you use once then toss.  The “pre-paid” can be a burner phone if I understand it correctly.  Maybe someone else will chime in on that.

    Yes, you cell phone has a GPS location ability.  Most phones give you the option of cutting that feature off, but emergency services 911 can still know your location should you call them and I’m sure any agency that wants to know your location or track history can still access that data as well.

    The new “smart” phones do not have a means of removing the battery, at least mine does not, unlike my old flip phone.  It can be accessed by those having the technology to do so even when you turn it off.  Not only are you carrying the means to be tracked, you also are carrying a bugging device that can be used to monitor conversations.  Possibly the camera, too.

    I have a phone case that is EMP proof.  I can slip my phone inside and all signal is blocked both in and out.  They can be had on Amazon for little cost.  I think mine was @ $9.  But don’t overlook the computer module in your vehicle, especially if you drive a newer vehicle with GPS.  Information from your computer module/GPS can also be accessed.

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    Mouse Wizard

    If you have any kind of modern cell phone, you’re being tracked. The data is collected and stored for later use by a variety of commercial and government entities. The data may not be actively used right now, but it’s available if someone decides to look at it.

    What’s worse is, patterns can be tracked. Your cell phone not only has a gps, it has an accelerometer. The accelerometer detects movement. That data may only be stored on the phone, or it may be reported, not sure which phones (if any) report movement data yet.So if your phone normally is riding around in your pocket all day, that pattern of movement is established. If it suddenly goes “still,” and that stillness corresponds with a suspected “undesired” activity on your part, then that pattern can be used against you.

    So how do you prevent them from tracking you? Establish a pattern where your phone goes silent or still. When you come home, find a place to park it where you can hear it ring throughout the house, and leave it there. Make it the place where you charge it so it becomes a “normal” activity. This, of course, requires you to become untethered from a device that is designed to encourage addictive behavior. It may take some effort to break that addiction.

    You can then pursue activities where you don’t want to be tracked while the phone is at its charging location. Just don’t talk about anything sensitive anywhere near the thing; have those conversations outside unless you have a really big house. Also lay it flat so it can only see the ceiling. With the right malware installed, the camera can be turned on remotely.

    Basically, you’re establishing a pattern of phone non-use based on a good reason, like charging it a lot because its battery doesn’t last as long as it should anymore.

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