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    John Park

    Elsewhere I posted about 2 related concerns I have, ASSUMING we even survive the first part of SHTF.

    One concern is that we will see some sort of tyrannical police state develop either during the decline, or as we start getting back on our feet.
    With that in mind, I always wonder how we could survive against the air superiority of such a situation. My only thought is to harass the bases with small arms fire and keep them from taking off.
    Any ideas you folks have?

    The other is the use of drones and thermal imaging.
    Toward that end I gathered some links on trying to outfox the technology:

    Evading thermal

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    Crow Bar

    If there is a fuel shortage/disruption, the use of fuel for aircraft may be limited to the strategic level or high priority missions.
    Aircraft also require a significant support footprint. Not just the pilots but the maintenance crews, avionics crews, etc. Even the air strip.

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    Crow Bar

    <h2 class=” “>Rogue cow wandering the Anchorage Hillside has managed to evade a police drone search</h2>

    Unless it is a military drone, and even then those require some degree of knowing where to look, otherwise it is a difficult search.

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    JP – big modern military class drones have so much more capability that any civilian drone, they can’t even be compared.  And I’m not even talking about armed platforms.

    I suspect drones will be a high value tool in any authoritarian/oppressive .gov situation, if not the most valuable tool, especially if they can be billed as surveillance only for your protection. They can be deployed very easily, need relatively minuscule training to operate and can get by with minimal support in the field.  Even modestly equipped drones are a huge asset for real time info for a targeted locale or entity. Combine that with real time access to ANY electronic communications, as long as the infrastructure is up and running, and you have an unparalleled monitoring package that can give instant access to the real time picture to multiple end users.

    Taking pot shots at an operations base of any sort is probably not realistic. .Mil has almost 2 decades of recent experience specifically in that regard and have that pretty much locked up. I’m not sure what the answer would be to suppress drone activity effectively, that’s gonna be very situational. The support operations link in that equation will be the most vulnerable, followed closely by the human element. I imagine it will require a fairly concerted effort to have a negative affect on drone operations, as in much more clandestine than sitting outside the wire with an AR.

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    Israeli companies defeat drones with new technology


    How deep are your pockets for this threat?

    There are next Gen micro drones insect size using swarm technology.


    If you put any credence into nano tech conspiracy the drone tech is inside you already. Get a microscope and look for yourself and see if you agree or not.

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    I guess my best comments would be, don’t be where they are looking, and don’t do stupid things that would get them looking for you.


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