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    I’m just throwing my 2 cents in. Got a harvest right a couple years ago and think it a very worth while investment. I guess some of these machines have had their problems but I must say, compared to what’s commercially available and/or the price of any other viable freeze drier, we have experienced great success.

    We are very “all natural” food oriented and are fortunate that we have a real bounty around where we are. The difference in store bought food and foods are available locally is pronounced. Organic (kinda lost it’s allure), conventional…we like to eat healthy where we can. So with the seasonality of all the good stuff we like to eat, the freeze drier not only makes a lot of sense, we’ve saved some money in the long run.

    Highly recommended if you have the means and inclination.

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    If I had the money and the space I would love to get one. Maybe one day.

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      LadyLife Grows

      You are ahead of most of us by being aware of the high quality of freeeze-dried foods. Please help me research vacuum chambers that can freeze dry stuff you froze in your refrigerator, Such can be found for less than $300.

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    Yah, I do understand. I just had a couple medium sized machines come up for sale on craigslist in my area, which is extremely unusual. They were discounted a few hundred bucks. That could be a possible option.

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    Satin Blue

    Did you know you can get the Harvest Right on layaway, it is how I got mine.

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    Yes they do have layaway. Actually if your interested ask for their scratch and dent, save a few hundred. That’s how I bought my last few.


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    LadyLife Grows

    Harvest Right is an exciting development. Several years ago, the cheapest I could find was $80,000 for a used one of commercial size.

    Harvest Right is practical and money-saving for a LOT of people, but I am below the means. It is possible to freeze food in your fridge freezer and then dry it in a vacuum chamber and vacuum pump that can be found on the web for $150-$300. Done right, you have a very high quality product.

    I am hoping for others to help me research this. I want one before the 2020 election in 3 weeks.


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    I bought a Harvest Right on the layaway plan. I put my down payment mid June, shipping is minimum 11 weeks out even if you pay in full. I got it payed off end of August and I got it 2nd week of September. I had wanted one a long time too.

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    Matt In Oklahoma

    One of my team got his Harvest Right setup going and us churning out stuff 24/7. He’s got a camera hooked through his cell phone to monitor it even.
    I just picked up some samples. That yogurt is awesome!!

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    Matt In Oklahoma

    Some folks will tell you their new gun is cooler. They are wrong.
    Those ice cream sandwiches are the bomb!
    I’m picking up my smoked salmon we did last weekend today and I’m smoking a turkey today to bone out and freeze dry this week. I’ll probably get to the rest of my deer after he finishes a large amount of ground beef.
    We’ve started doing leftovers as well for individual meals like spaghetti n chicken n rice. These totes weigh nothing when filled.

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