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    For a pop-culture reference, recall the 1st Beverly Hill Cop movie?
    Axle takes a hit in the upper arm, does a reload using his knees.
    Yeah, it is a movie, but I thought it was a decent example.

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    Matt In Oklahoma

    We practice regularly on man down shooting positions as well as limited range positions. I’ve only had one live fire on it this year the rest airsoft cause of the virus.
    Reloads using the belt, boot, pants pocket etc are all a part of it.
    Safety can be a little more challenging than regular shooting but a decent instructor knows what to do.

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    I have long taught many unconventional shooting positions and one handed methods.
    But what I have made a regular thing is 90% of my practice is one handed, both primary and off handed.
    Why? Because most of the time, you will have only one hand available either because the other hand will be occupied with the fight or carrying/moving things. So the secondary hand will not be available.

    As to reloading, this is something that I have had to come to terms with, thanks to my own physical issues over the last couple of years.
    Capacity is wonderful, except when you are trying to conceal the piece, try and find a healthy balance.

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    The problem is simply there is not one place that simulates true combat. A 2 way shooting range  God forbid that ever happens to you is terrifying.  Even being in a  police mass shooter scenario is still nothing compared to house to house fighting with people trying to kill you with civilians mixed in that look the same except without weapons. That is shft a long drawn out engagement.

    Don’t forget to train to clear a jam one handed.




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      Matt In Oklahoma

      There are plenty of 2 way airsoft and simunition ranges.  There is one right in Oklahoma City. It’s setup for house fighting.

      Combats like basketball. You can learn components like dribbling rules and shooting hoops but you ain’t gonna be a good basketball player till you do so.
      Only way to get good at combat is with combat.
      Plenty of that around. Issue is folks wanna stay in their safe jobs and safe life but pretend it.

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    Matt In Oklahoma

    Last spring I taught the “downed man” positions to a school teacher who’s going to be carrying. We start with airsoft then progress to firearms. Several of the positions it’s better that you hand the weapon to them rather than have them draw when they start learning and if you don’t have a 360 degree range.
    I put a mat down to protect him from broken glass. It’s a public open unsupervised range so you gotta watch for other safety issues left by idiots.
    y’all stay safe

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