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    I’m currently reading The Borrowed World series (I highly recommend it btw) and in the first book, one of the main characters has a binder at home for his family to follow. The idea is that you KNOW that there will be a long term, grid down situation within the next few days. What steps do you take to prepare for it?

    My first thoughts are (some ideas are from the book, some from friends)

    1. Anything that can be charged should be placed on a charger (tools, phones, batteries etc)
    2. Water – Every container that will hold water should be filled
    3. Fill all of the gas cans and add stabilizer
    4. Contact my circle – bring the people in that should be – kids (mine are homeschooled but not everyone does that), call in sick to work for a few days if need be, make travel plans (that aren’t contingent on others – like flying) to get anyone to us that we have planned for etc.
    5. Pull all the cash from my banks in small denominations
    6. Finish any laundry & cleaning while I have power and supplies
    7. Set up security measures (what kind of security measures can folks do?)
    8. Refill any prescriptions we can
    9. Make a grocery run (what would you buy?)
    10. Fill up on fuel (propane if at all possible)
    11. Stock any wood for later use (if possible)
    12. Secure any supplies in case of WROL

    Can you add anything?

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    Max out any credit cards purchasing supplies
    Get OTC meds like Tylenol, Benadryl, heartburn pills, laxatives, etc.
    Arm up – even if you don’t ordinarily carry, it’s time to put a gun on.
    Clean – get the house spotless with vacuums, steam cleaners

    Great list!

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    if solar or emp Faraday cage as much electronics as possible.


    Buy things like salt and sugar most will skip this in early stages buy super usefull and you never have enough.


    Go to local chemical supplier pick up bulk hydrogen peroxide 35 percent, sodium hypoclorate(powdered bleach), glacial acetic (15 percent vingar)


    Feed/ farm store calcium chlorate(pure it’s a de icer but is used to make activated charcoal) all the animal feed I could buy, along with the antibiotics on hand, all the needles and syringes, rope spools, barbed wire spools, good leather gloves, all the lubricants you can find if non emp, nails, screws, metal pipe and pipe caps, welding supplies. Basically whole hardware store.


    More batteries, from button to truck size.


    All the booze and ciggarettes.


    For security make sure they can’t drive into or up to your house. Sandbag Inside walls, plywood big glass doors and windows. When looting starts make your house look looted and burned. Make places for assaulters to hide that are anything but safe.


    Set up security cams further out. Talk to neighbours about closing off area when things get rough.
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    Definitely good ideas for me to write down! Thank you!

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    What are these for?

    Go to local chemical supplier pick up bulk hydrogen peroxide 35 percent, sodium hypoclorate(powdered bleach), glacial acetic (15 percent vingar)

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    Crow Bar

    Depending on what the event is, bad enough, I am not going anywhere near town.

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    @jackson<span style=”text-decoration: underline;”>mom78 </span> what do you use bleach vinegar and hydrogen peroxide for, these are consentrate allowing for more storage less space

    If you don’t know what they are used for you have come to right place, you can read on canning, cleaning, water filtration, medical/first aid.

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    Great info and I will have to get the books to read. I am already doing some of these things. Question is how will we know about the time we need to do a lot of the things that right now are not needed?  Two of our doors are already secure but not the patio door. But we do have the measurements for the plywood to cover it because of hurricane season. We have yet to have to cover it though. We also have the measurements for all the windows on house as well. Sandbags are something I never thought about but is a good idea to have. There are things on that list I never thought about so will have to rethink a few things. But will find the book and start reading it.

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    Rich Sullivan

    Lighters, Selco said that there were never enough of those through his SHTF situation, fortunally they are very cheap at the Dollar Store at the moment, more no need to cook food, antiseptics wipes and other things to prevent problems with germs.


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    Cinnamon Grammy

    Great ideas. They are beyond the scope of actually acquiring beans, etc.

    I talked to Hubby about taking our money from the bank and he is not ready, yet.  Meanwhile, I squirrel away a few dollars here and there.  Smaller denominations are better. Won’t get far, though.

    Regarding Meds:  Start getting the meds now.  When you get a prescription refill – 90 days.  Take out at least 3, more if you can, and save them in a another place.  Our pharmacy does not keep good track of how many and when.  I managed to accumulate 90 days worth of one medication – above what is being used.  I always recycle the older ones into the current bottle and save the new ones. Mine are anti-depressants and thyroid meds, so a prescription change will not really affect me.  It might be different for more serious conditions, though.


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    Cinnamon Grammy

    Little Sister, I would think sand bags would be an effective water deterrent for you since you live on the coast.  I have seen huge sheets of plastic tarps against the outside walls and the sandbags in front of them. Do they work?

    Propane:  I was at an auction and no one wanted the old rusty propane tanks.  I did – two for a dollar.  I usually get them at garage sales, too.  We have nearly a dozen 20-pound tanks for the grill.  When the propane deliver guy came I asked him to check out one tank and he refitted the valve for us.  Now we have a fifty gallon, full and ready to go.  The paint is peeling, but it works. Most people ignored it at the auction, they probably will here, too.



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    If you are looking for flood control look at aqua dam products. Easy to full just use water easy to drain let water out and roll up, sandbags once wet are a nightmare to clean up.


    The use of 3/4 crushed gravel in sand bags are amazing ballistic protection expecially near choke points.


    There is another style of continous sand bag called and earth bag, these can be used to build housing that is cheap, well insulated, sound proof, ballistic protected, minimal skills required.

    If you have heavy equipment you can use them to fill bags fast.   Using mini totes 3x3x5 feet cubes of woven 0lplatic that feed, concrete, ect come in as portable re enforcements. BeSt part about these is when done you lift up and move to sand/gravel storage and there is a spout you undo and bag empties and you can roll up for next emergancy.  They are easy to patch either sew or glue (glue you need to do from inside)




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    Cinnamon Grammy & Namelus.  I am not in a flood zone. I saw something on here about the sandbags and wondered about them being used inside the house instead of outside the doors of the house. I am a good 30 to 40 miles inland of the coast. We have never had a flood where I live but you never know. I am closer to the James and Nansemond Rivers. But high enough that it has never caused flooding.

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    1. Inside for ballistic protection, unlike movies drywall does not even slow down a rifle or pistol round, standing at door frame and shooting through it like in movies is a dead man move as projectiles will go right through sand bags not so much.


    Plus if you ever have the unfortunate event of having shrapnel it stops it  saving death, dismemberment  and serious injury.


    You can also fortify bedroom floors and second floor positions without any one noticing.


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