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    Since it’s a weekend, today’s challenge will be a little more time-consuming. I got up early to post today’s challenge so you’d have time to get it done. If you don’t have time. you can catch up on the other meals tomorrow.

    If your pantry is well-stocked and truly ready for an emergency, this should be a breeze.

    Today, make all 3 meals completely from shelf-stable foods.

    Here are a few ideas for each meal.


    Crackers with peanut butter and some canned fruit
    Cereal with powdered milk
    Or go hardcore with scrambled eggs with sausage crumbles and hash browns, all made from dehydrated foods


    Tuna and crackers
    Pasta salad with canned chicken and Italian spices
    Boxed macaroni and cheese made with powdered milk (I use Amy’s Organic)
    Veggies from the garden or farmer’s market as a delicious platter of freshness (not shelf stable, but in season so it’s possible you’d have this in an emergency


    A freeze-dried emergency meal from one of your buckets
    Soup made with various canned goods
    Homemade pizza with dough from scratch, canned sauce, and freeze-dried cheese.

    For more shelf-stable recipe ideas, check out my cookbook, The Stockpile Cafe. All the recipes are made with non-perishable foods.

    Let us know what you’re eating today!

    Share your day’s menu in the comments and tell us how it was. Did you have the supplies you needed to get you through one tasty day? Were the kids on board with eating the food? Was everything tasty? And what changes will you make to your stockpile.

    If you cannot do this today because you have other commitments, try it a different day, but please give this one a shot. It’s important.

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    Loving Life

    I was just getting ready to make breakfast. Glad I stopped to read today’s post.

    For breakfast, I am having one of my Mountain Home meals, scrambled eggs with ham and peppers. I added some picante sauce (from individual packet) and spices from my pantry to add more flavor. The breakfast was very tasty. I have these meals in both pouches and #10 cans. The shelf life is 30 years.

    Midmorning activities, so I will post later on my lunch and dinner menu.

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    Crow Bar


    Eating leftovers from last nights dinner.

    Lunch is usually a plate of fresh fruit.

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    Prepper Urbano

    Breakfast: oatmeal

    Lunch: garden veggies and can soup

    Dinner: rice and can soup


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    Pony Maroni

    Breakfast: Kippers and crackers, canned apples

    Lunch: Salmon patties, green beans

    Dinner: Spaghetti with home made marinara, garden salad

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    Jessee Jones

    Breakfast: oatmeal with the shelf stable milk

    Lunch: leftover pizza and fresh veggies with dip

    Dinner: Salad from the garden, ground beef that I have previously canned, Hamburger helper

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    Breakfast:  breakfast tacos with scrambled eggs with onions, bacon crumbles and     canned potatoes in tortillas with habanero sauce(hurrah for laying hens!)

    Lunch:  peanut butter sandwiches

    Dinner:  pasta with can of chicken, jar of artichoke salad, diced onion, garlic, fresh   tomatoes, peas, bell peppers, and spices to taste

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    OldMt Woman

    Breakfast:   I just washed up a couple dozen eggs from our own ducks so… egg and last night’s rice, fried.  We have cans of dehydrated egg also….if the poultry aren’t laying mid-winter and we run out of “water-glassed” eggs.

    Lunch:  PB on crackers.  Canned fruit.

    Last nite we had canned ravioli.  Yeah, blech.  But it was strictly survival from exhaustion.  I could barely walk.  Not tasty, mind you.  But got ‘er done.  I’ll see if I can concoct something better tonite.

    Been trying to make pancakes from scratch using our duck eggs and wild currants I recently harvested.  IF my energy is there to stand at the stove, I might do that.


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    Did someone say exhaustion? I hear ya.

    Ok, I dont eat 3 meals a day, so its breakfast and a late lunch.

    Breakfast. Oatmeal with dried cranberries, honey, cinnamon and nutmeg

    Lunch: A can of soup with crackers.

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    It is my weekend to work, so my husband and son went to my mother in laws for the day.  I will do this challenge Monday.  I already have my menu prepared!

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    My menu

    Breakfast will be instant oatmeal, instant grits, and PB and crackers.

    Lunch a can of green beans and spaghetti

    Supper we are trying a meal from a new 72 hour kit I just bought

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    Breakfast: GD#6 who spent the night with me made pancakes from box mix only requiring water; syrup and bottled apple juice from shelf

    Lunch: from my Mountain Home dried soup stash – cream of chicken soup; added some left over chunks of chicken breast in frig…drinking pre-mix tea…crackers from Dollar Tree I keep on hand for youngest GD – a 4 year old who visited yesterday and wanted his special crackers and peanut butter…making a memory with this little one…

    Supper: need to finish off baked tilapia with veggie mix from last night’s supper….or may finish off canned tuna fish casserole from Thurs…could easily do an entire meal from my shelf pantry (thanks to being on this forum for nine months) but really need to eat up leftovers which is what I typically do on the weekends…

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    Two meals a day here. So for brunch I had Canned Chicken with To0matoes from my garden and tea. Dinner will be Scrambled eggs from my chickens and pork from our pig were had killed last year. I could get the same from my storage but had fresh already planned.

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    Breakfast: Oatmeal and canned peaches

    Lunch: Clam Chowder soup and crackers

    Dinner: Mac and Cheese, Spam and baked beans

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    Cinnamon Grammy

    Pretty much a normal breakfast here.  Peanut butter on toast, with raisins; tea and fruit juice.

    Lunch was more creative.  Hubby wanted a tuna sandwich, so he used his homemade bread, with 1/2 can of tuna, and some Miracle Whip.  I had a tuna salad.  To my half can I added 1/2 an apple, chopped, lemon juice, and pecans. We both added fresh chives, cherry tomatoes, lettuce, and lamb’s quarter  leaves from the garden.

    We usually just eat one large meal in the late afternoon, “Lupper” my son called it, and water (or tea) is our beverage of choice.  The “third” meal is more like a snack; not enough exercise/activity for these oldsters to need three full meals. So, for “supper”,  I will probably get out a homemade dip that is in the refrigerator and have it with crackers.  I made it with navy beans, sun-dried tomatoes in oil, thyme, parsley, fried onion and garlic.

    I wanted pizza for supper, but that will need to wait, I guess, until tomorrow.  Unless Daisy has other ideas for dinner…

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    Farm Girl

    Okay, we ate breakfast before I saw this, but breakfast consisted of eggs, which we gathered from our own chickens, and blueberry muffins, which were gathered from our blueberry bush, and I have in my storage stash powdered milk (which I always keep on hand, as milk goes bad before we can use it all); flour, baking powder (lots of it, special kind WITHOUT SALT); and canned butter.  I did NOT dip into my stores for this, but I know I have them for when I need them.  Lunch was leftovers from dinner last night.  Mostly what we had left was rice, so I made myself a grilled cheese sandwich with the last of a loaf of bread.  We had already got out lamb chops last night for tonights dinner.  Tomorrow night, we will have salmon patties, using canned salmon, and a jar of lima beans.

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    Mama T

    Oatmealfor breakfast, canned chili for lunch, home canned beefsteak for dinner with homemade bread. Typical meals and stuff everyone eats normally so not a big difference.

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    Dala Barnes

    I will check back in tomorrow with what I prepared.

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    JD Darling

    Cheated a little

    Hashbrowns, eggs from my poultry, gravy mix


    Whatchagot stew



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    Breakfast: coffee ( just added a French press to my preps yesterday), instant oatmeal, green shake & protein shake (from organic powdered mixes I stock).

    Lunch: canned tuna, crackers, vegetables from my garden

    Snack: trail mix & red shake ( also from powder mix)

    Dinner: entree from one of my MRE buckets, glass of red wine, almond butter on crackers for dessert

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    Mama cando

    I didn’t use shelf stable foods this week end unless you count the Spam I used for lunch, we had to clean up the left overs.

    Breakfast was Raisin toast with cream cheese

    Lunch for me was a Spam sandwich with cheddar and mayo DH had left over beer stew. I make beef stew and put a can of dark beer in crock pot with the spices, potatoes and baby carrots.

    Dinner was left over pork loin roast from Thursday with frozen green beans and boiled potatoes.

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    3cats1dog Johnson

    Actually CHALLENGE 7: breakfast:  almond butter on crackers with tea/coffee

    Lunch: canned tuna with greens from garden, canned applesauce, protein bar, water

    Supper: (always light) reconstituted Tang, canned soup, nuts and craisins

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    Kind of late at posting this but I’d probably do oatmeal for breakfast, tuna casserole for lunch and fresh or canned fruit,  supper- home canned soup with homemade bread

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    Livingthe Dream

    Breakfast – oatmeal with home canned peaches.

    Lunch – Clam Chowder (Bear Creek Potato Soup with added canned clams) and crackers.

    Dinner – Home canned pork cubes with grilled garden vegetables.


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    Crusher 1

    We tried this yesterday for breakfast and lunch.  We could have done dinner too, but we went out for our anniversary instead.

    Breakfast- oatmeal with walnuts, raisins, and shelf stable almond milk.

    Lunch- It was on the run and small since we ate breakfast late- a pack of Belvita’s each.



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