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    LadyLife Grows

    This challenge is to try a new method of home food preservation this month (whatever month you find this forum and the next month). Salting, canning, fermenting, pickling, root cellaring, dehydrating, freeze dryer or any other method I haven’t even heard of. Whatever you’ve never done before.

    The prize: a new skill and your own tasty food and a bit better security if SHTF. Possibly a product to sell. Hopefully, there will be a lot of winners.

    I want to get help figuring out how to do freeze-drying with a fridge freezer and a vacuum chamber with a strong suction pump. Look up freeze dry on the web until you understand the idea, and then buy your equipment ($500 limit). First we do it with an electric pump, but I hope somebody finds a hand pump that will pull 120 Torr (look it up) or better. A 12-volt DC pump is good, too, because that can be recharged off the grid.

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