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    So what is the recommendation for a 21’ish quart pressure canner for under $100?

    Yes, I would like an All American, but by the time I save for it, I won’t get any canning done.

    Better to get started than sit around and wait.

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    Hieronyma Textor

    You are probably going to need one that has a replaceable rubber seal. Mirro pressure canners have been around for a long time now, and that is the only brand I have used. You can get a 22-quart one for around $65 at Walmart right now. Make sure that whatever you get has readily available replacement parts and maybe get a few extra of those replacement parts when you buy the pressure canner.

    Alternatively, start looking for them thrift shops and garage sales or Craigslist and be prepared to get the replacement parts like the rubber seal or a lost pressure gauge (weight type rather than a dial = fewer moving parts).

    I hope some other people have some suggestions, too, because I don’t know about any other brands. Presto is another common brand.

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    You can get a stainless steel hawkin big boy for under that if you are not in a rush and get it shipped from India where they are made.


    I found a 20 quart all american at thrift shop had to buy aa new rubber valve. Cost a whole $20

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    DeannaEppers Eppers

    Here are the 5 Best Budget Pressure Cookers for Home Under $100:

    I hope you like one.

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    Got to digging around and found an old Mirro 0404 4-quart pressure cooker (canner) that I forgot was here. Can probably do 4 pints at a time. Time to do some looking for information.

    Need to find a weight and new seal for it. Ebay/Amazon here I come.

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    Well so much for that, too small for canning, just a pressure cooker. Still gonna be handy for jackrabbits and some tougher cuts of meat.

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