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    I messed up. I water bath canned peaches in light syrup, pickles, salsa, and jams and jellies all summer long. I followed all the procedures correctly and now have a year’s worth of each item stored neatly on the shelf. I was so proud of myself! Last week, I realized my elevation is over 1,000 feet, and I should have added 5 extra minutes to my water bath processing time. 😕

    I am questioning if I should throw it all out, or if it would be safe to continue eating throughout the year. We have been eating it so far with no problems, but I dont want to take a chance with my family’s safety and will throw it all out, if necessary. So my question is…is it necessary?

    If it was pressure canned low acid food, I would toss it all in a heartbeat. Botulism is deadly and can’t always be discerned. But these water bathed foods are high acid, or have lemon juice added to them (as in salsa) to make them acidic and I know botulism cannot live in an acidic environment.

    My concern is anything else that could grow in the acidic water bathed foods. Would it be safe to keep these or should I toss? I am relatively new to canning and am learning each day.

    All advice welcome, please.


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    honeyhillmama, I just saw this and hope you did’t throw that food away. I have had to cut things short by about 5 to 8 minutes and had no ill effects from it. I just let it sit in water a bit longer than normal but your food should be just fine. I have done what you did so it should be ok to eat.

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