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    Someone asked me about roaches and one of the answers I gave was a chalk product I called voodoo chalk. I found out what it is its boric acid.  It’s toxic to you in larger amounts if inhaled or injested it won’t go through skin. It’s also toxic to pets if they eat it.  Lightly sprinkle on trail or insect path out of animal reach the insects will take it back and start dieing in 24 hours… with roaches it apparently looks like the great exodus as they flee your house it’s not infestation getting worse.


    Good news is it has other uses and with sodium hydroxide you can make borax for washing detergent.


    Sorry about forgetting who asked and what thread.

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    Crow Bar

    Fortunately I have not seen a roach since I left the deep South.

    Thanx for the info!

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    Rich Sullivan

    Go find a product called Advion it was created by DuPont 15 years ago, it killed 90 percent of the roaches the first tine and in the second time 100% termination. It comes in traps and from what I read on the data sheet seems to have low toxicity for mammals like humans, dogs and cats.


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