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    Andy W

    Hi all – new here.

    Just looking at buying a simple dosimeter in anticipation of a ‘limited nuclear war’ at some point over the coming crazy time.

    Probably don’t need to spend £350+ for a full Geiger Counter though.

    Just thinking I need something to alert me if/when fallout occurs.

    Anyone know a good one that’s not too expensive?


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    John Park

    I’m interested in what you find is best, all I did was a quick google search:

    Radiation Badges

    I do keep Iosat for every family member:


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    Andy W

    Thanks John

    I decided on an £80 cheap and cheerful geiger from ebay last night – it won’t be very accurate but it can click away as it detects gamma and I should get some warning if there’s a sudden fallout event.

    I can get out of the hot rain or air then.

    No good for testing water or food though, but I will be able to know when clean rain washes things down again afterwards. (in theory).

    If USA/China have just a limited exchange we probably won’t even hear about it in the UK til the fallout is here.

    I doubt They’ll go full scale nuclear winter – just a few problematic cities cleansed and a couple of years of extra dose for us lab rats, while They hunker in Their bunkers.


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    Josefina Arenas

    I like this one: _ Nuk Alert because it is warranted for 10 years and claims to be able to detect very low and very high levels of gamma radiation.

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    Andy W

    Cool – cheers Josefina.
    Nice looking little gizmo that – if I have spare budget after the other bits I’m stacking I might add one of these.
    Good luck & take care.

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    Mouse Wizard

    Those Nuk Alerts are great. They last for years and you can send them in to have their battery replaced. One down side: When they move from a cold environment to a warm environment they chirp every 30 seconds or so until they’re stabilized. It’s a feature, not a bug. You can test to see if it’s working by sticking it in a freezer for a few minutes and then pulling it out. But it can be annoying and gives itself away to others if, like me, it’s part of your edc pack.

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