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      Xant Dewit

      i have a battery operated radio. We will have the dab system soon (now it is fm). I’m wondering what kind of radio you have and recommend.

      Thank you for thoughts and ideas in advance!

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      OldMt Woman

      Hi Xant!  I’m just now finding some of these threads….  For some reason, I haven’t even been able to locate ones I’ve responded to…. {scratch head in confusion}

      I bought a primary radio from C.Crane company.  It’s light but not real small.  Has a quality wind-up dynamo for recharging battery. Cheap ones break under the stress of winding.  This mechanism makes a fairly loud grinding sound as it slowly unwinds.  Not good if you need to be quiet.

      It also has a very small solar panel on the top.  Not sure how long in bright sun that would take to recharge with that bitty thing.  If you have power, it can be plugged in.  It also has a small light which is handy but would use up it’s power.  I think I got it before the real turnover to LED bulbs.  Unfortunately.

      I’ve been in community and regional disasters.  #1 thing I want is correct DATA!  {good luck with that in the first hours/days of any disaster}  Anyway, this one has AM/FM/SW1/SW2.  I have a long antenna …..I think you just lay it out along the ground.  I bought this so long ago I’ve forgotten.  I keep it in a Faraday cage that I hope it will protect it in EMP affect.  Hope I never have to find out….  These are some of the features I was looking for in a radio.

      I also have a small old fashioned AM/FM “transistor” radio.  It’s kept in one of the BOBs  [and undoubtedly needs to have batteries checked.  Surely I left them OUT of the radio?] That’s not going to pull in signal like the expensive one, but hopefully better than nothing.

      I THINK I have an ear plug for listening to it silently – without broadcasting over the neighborhood.  Something else to double check. Need that for both radios…and the 2way radios too.

      OldMtWoman….I’ve noticed that this forum sure has me hopping to double-check things..

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      I have cb radios in all equipment so they can talk to main house incase of accidents a mix of kenwood and Motorola.  The hand held with ear piece and throat m8c are motorolla.


      For main receiver   icom 7300, it works well, we have advantage in antenna height at base station over 60 ft t tall.

      We also have a bunch of baofeng hand helds they are good for what you pay for it but by no means do you want this if it is your only one and you will be getting jow more, quantity is a quality of its own.



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