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    Old Goat

    This one I will have to do a bit of research on, not sure how potato flour is made. I’ll get back to you guys on this unless one of you known how?

    Potato Flour Sponge Cake

    5 fresh eggs

    1 cup granulated sugar

    Grated rind and juice of half lemon

    ½ cup of potato flour

    ¼ teaspoon salt

    Beat yolks of eggs until stiff and light, add sugar gradually, beating constantly; add lemon juice and grated rind (grated orange rind and juice may be substituted)

    Then cut in stiffly beaten egg whites, and finally salt mixed in with flour. The batter should be light. Bake in ungreased angel cake pan 50 minutes in a moderate oven.

    (Sift the potato flour before measuring, then 4 or 5 times after measuring)


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    OldMt Woman

    Potato starch is what’s left in the water from boiling [ or purposefully over-boiling ]  cut up potatoes.  It’s nice, added to a bread recipe….or pancakes.

    But …potato flour…must be different??



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    Old Goat

    Yeah I used potato water in bread and pancakes too.

    Found this on line

    The <b>difference between potato flour</b> and <b>potato starch</b> is critical in gluten-free baking. … After all, both products are made from <b>potatoes</b>. The key <b>difference</b> is this: <b>Potato flour</b> is from whole <b>potatoes</b> and <b>potato starch</b> is only from the <b>starch</b>of the <b>potato</b>.

    <b>Potato flour</b> is <b>made</b> from <b>potatoes</b>, including their skins. The <b>potatoes</b> are cooked, skins on, then dried and ground finely. It <b>can</b> be used as a thickener to some degree (though it <b>does</b> not thicken as well as <b>Potato</b> Starch, however) and in some baked goods, as it retains moisture.

    So this sounds like we could cook, dehydrate the potatoes and grind them into flour

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    Kaleb May

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    Old School

    So, dried potato flakes pulverized in the blender?

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