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    had a hungry stray pit bull teach me why its a good idea to carry.


    while I did not shoot the dog, the owner of the cat it wanted to eat wished I had. I was worried the dog would turn on  the cats owner who was kicking it to get his cat free…poor cat was in bad shape but survived, but the dog never even growled at us, After a warning shot to scare it away , it just looked at us like ” I was saving you from that evil cat”

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    James Mitchner

    I’ve carried for a long time.  Decades, actually.  There has only been one time to date where I felt I might need to draw my weapon.  At the time I was president of a neighborhood association and had to visit each household in order to conduct some neighborhood business.  One household owned a dog than was less than friendly.  As I walked back out of the driveway the dog attacked me from behind, tearing a chunk out of my jeans as well as out of the back of my thigh.  I spun around to confront the dog.  It appeared to want to attack me again.  I told the owner to take control of his dog and that should the dog attempt to attack me again I would shoot him, as I rested my hand on the grip of my pistol, still holstered, concealed beneath my shirt.  He did and I didn’t.  But I limped home bleeding and bruised.

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    Crow Bar

    I carry a folder knife with me every where I go.

    As of late, I carry a fixed blade too. But it is a Becker Tac Tool that is more of a EMS blade than a self-defense blade.

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    I also carry a gun but not all the time. I hope and pray I never have to use it. But like you say dogs attacking, yes that might be something you would have to do. But I hope I am never in that situation.  Mostly where I am, I carry bear mace and a stun gun. And yes I do have a pocket knife I carry as well.

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    OldMt Woman

    First Encounter….at my friend’s property with adequate fence between my XL dog and the evil man’s pit in the ditch.  [I’m not against all pits….but very against pit owners with something to prove THROUGH their dog]  My dog is guarding my goats.  His is running loose as he’s jogging way ahead and around the corner, out of sight.  Dogs are literally exchanging spit thru the fence.  My goats are trying to FLY on their leashes…terrified.  Eventually Evil comes back to call off his dog.  Says not one word to me.

    Second Encounter….months later.  Dog and I in our garden right by road.  Along comes Evil and pit.  As usual, pit waltzes right onto our land….usually we aren’t down there for encounter.  I’m holding my dog [always] on leash and screaming at Evil “call your dog back – mine will fight!

    Naive me….I’m thinking Evil wants our dogs to play…friendly-like.  {roll eyes}  It is beyond my comprehension that Evil WANTED them to fight.  …..old, disabled woman hanging on to my dog and you’re setting yours to go fight ON MY LAND?  ARE YOU CRAZY?   Thus….beyond my understanding… I keep screaming the same thing.  Cuz…..his is SO GONNA DIE!!!!

    Dogs are NOT barking at each other this time.  Both are silent as pit approaches.  Uh oh!  I’m finally screaming “Get your dog off MY LAND!”  and hanging onto the leash expecting mayhem.  Weakly, Evil calls his dog back.  Event over.


    Problem One:  I did not approach on the same page as Evil.  It took me WAY too long to adjust thinking from “he wants our dogs to play” to “that Evil person wants our dogs to fight …EVEN with me in the middle!”

    Problem Two:  Even more embarrassing…..I forgot I was wearing my handgun.  It was on the side not facing the road.  IF I had assessed the situation faster, I definitely would have drawn it and pointed CAREFULLY AND ONLY at the pit on my land, and demanded Evil get him out NOW!

    Third Encounter:  Next day, DH was down in barnyard doing chores.  He’d heard part of my encounter and I told him the rest.  Evil and dog come along on road.  Pit trots right down onto our land and Evil does nothing to stop him.  DH turns so his holstered handgun is visible and STARES at Evil.  Evil immediately calls his dog back off our land.  And every day after that, Evil put leash on his pit as he went past our land.

    Yeah, that’s when you draw….and aim CAREFULLY AND ONLY at the threatening dog on your land.  Being me, I’d fire a warning shot cuz owner is to blame for dog’s behavior.  But I’d take the next shot and put down the dog.

    OldMtWoman  …haven’t seen that pair for years so guess he’s not a neighbor any more, thankfully!

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    I haven’t pulled my gun and pointed it at another person, but had a close call once.

    The long story is on my website, but the short story is that when we lived 45 minutes from town, these 3 men came down my driveway (a quarter mile long driveway – not just an accident).

    My daughter was outside and they were chatting her up and I immediately had bad vibes so I grabbed my gun and stuck it in my jeans, appendix carry.

    After being civil and getting myself between them and my girl, I asked them to leave. They laughed and said they were coming inside. I said, “No, you’re leaving NOW.” And while saying it, I raised up my shirt and put my hand on my gun. I had a plan in my head of the order I would shoot if I had to do it. I was mentally ready and I think they saw on my face I wasn’t messing around.

    I never drew because they immediately put their hands up and walked backward to their car and left.

    Scared the snot out of me but showed me the power of a woman being armed and confident enough to use it.

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    “Scared the snot out of me but showed me the power of a woman being armed and confident enough to use it.”

    How close were the people to you, to your daughter?

    Watch this video. It concerns the 21 foot rule. The concept is that anyone within 21 feet can be on you before you can defend yourself. I think it is not absolute by any means. It very much depends on the people involved as to how it will turn out in the real world. It is something to take into account though.

    Dan Inosanto, the guy doing the knife thing is a highly accomplished marshal artist, and they aren’t that common, nor do people of that level of accomplishment commonly go around jumping on people with evil intent ….. just some perspective.

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    Jack Simonton

    I don’t always carry my gun because it seems too risky to me. I think you give a real perfect reason to draw your weapons.

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    John Park

    I work in “gun free zones” every single day.  When calculating the odds, I need to weigh being unarmed in a state that has very few shootings, versus losing a job, being in the media and blacklisted, and being unable to provide for my family.  Hence I am usually unarmed.

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    Armed don’t necessarily mean ‘gun’.  Given how bad my knees are, a cane is a frequent companion.  Given the fencing skills I developed in years past, it’s a viable defense against a lone attacker with a blade.

    If I’m in fear for my life, or the lives of those I have care of, any available weapon is going to be deployed, and used to its utmost ability.


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    On more than one occasion before I put on the badge, I found myself in a position where I needed to pull, point and was ready to shoot.

    At the time a lot of these incidents were location dependent, none of us could afford to live in the “nice areas”, and our travels took us through the bad areas.

    The legality of when and where I was carrying we won’t discuss, but had I not been carrying I would have certainly suffered some injustices.


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    But an example, coming down out of the mountains, suffering from some altitude sickness, I was coming into Denver headed for the residence of one of our group members.

    As I pulled up to a major intersection, I could hear someone in a vehicle shouting profanely. The light turned green, I continued on. Next light, same thing, but with some fist shaking and gestures. Light turns green, I pull away. Next light I watch the drivers door come open after more profanity. Light turns green, I pull away fast and get to the next light before my new friend.

    The trucks drivers door comes open as soon as he catches up to me, and the driver comes racing up to the drivers window of my pickup. Sweating and gesticulating the entire way up to my door, where it stopped and he turned away fast.

    It might have been that he finally realized that I wasn’t the person he was angry with, or maybe it was the muzzle of the pistol sitting on the door frame pointing at his chest. Hard to say.


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    Chesty Puller

    If my life or someone elses is in danger or risk of serious bodily harm it’ll come out of the holster. I had a close encounter with a mean pittbull. I SHOULD have and legally could have but chose not too. I put sights on its forehead and instead put 3 rds in front of it and it retreated. It had pinned me against my house and was all teeth. I thought it was the neighbors dog. It was some drug persons dog living in a nearby camp that got loose. I told neighbor and he said” you should have shot it” cuz it did same thing to him! I had a guard dog released and given a command to attack me as an 8 yr old kid. The dog knocked me off my bike and bit my ass for almost a minute . I distinctly heard the owner give it a verbal command and it immediately stopped. So I’m a little sensitive to the dog subject. Its a deadly weapon and owners need to be held accountable.

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    Blynn Fittest

    Angerhater, Haha! That’s funny! Cute story.

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