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    I know I wrote down how to get my photos & posts off of facebook, but I can’t find it. I am switching to GAB and want my photos. Can anyone help?


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    Angie, I am trying to figure that out also. Hoping someone on here will know how to do that. I don’t have many, but what I do have, I would like to keep.

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    I don’t know how. However, if you have a phone or tablet, you can enlarge a photo and take a picture of it. Not ideal, but it would work.

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    Its forever.

    You can go to a web page called it has ALL THINGS POSTED

    And with agreement with using FB your private data is thier property… ditched it 10+ years ago

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    Crow Bar

    Sorry, no help here.
    I had Fakebook for about a month over 10 years, the deleted it.

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    Mine doesn’t have anything on it much, but some pictures the grandkids had sent. When they grew up and moving away, they wanted me to get on it to keep up with them. The most we did was happy birthday and stuff like that. But because they are no longer using it and now with what is going on with watching what everyone does. I am closing it down. If I can’t save some of the pictures, then I will just lose them. I can still get copies from the kids as they said they have hard copies they can send us. Works for me. Though FB would still have my info after I shut it down.

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    Osito Arelano

    Login and find the picture

    After that, click on the picture to open it in full-screen mode. Now, move the cursor over the picture to get different options.

    Now, click on the “Options” located at the bottom-right corner of the selected picture. Next, choose the “Download” option to download the picture to your computer

    You can also request all your data as a giant zip file

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