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    With the usual  platitude for children safety for police to do their job and temporary and will be repealed (yeah right)


    The right to bear arms shall jot be infringed upon.


    These tyrants don’t get it it’s not common sense is shall not be infringed upon THAT MEANS YOU GOVERNMENT @$$oles.

    When  you get to zero gun UK and China in public hands you get stabbing and vehicles of peace.  How fast is you best police response time?  Then you mayor go without security into a bad neighborhood and have  someone threaten you and call the police to come help you and see what results. Police are garbagemen they clean up after there are never enough. Only one who can protect you and yours is you and yours. By all means when police come drop the weapons and let them sort it but without it you are a Deadman walking.


    He speaks like criminals will stop carrying… what kind of bs is that with a stroke of a pen this new law will change world… like all.the other times it did…if so we would have zero prisoners and criminals…. maybe you missed the.memo criminals don’t give a shit about your laws you are only fucking up those you pay lip service to protect. Dan idiot

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    Mouse Wizard

    This thing is over an hour long. Please provide a time mark for when this particular subject starts. I’m not wading through an hour of flotsam and jetsam to find the nugget you want to talk about.

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