Researchers are working on a pill for loneliness

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    Researchers are working on a pill for loneliness, as studies suggest the condition is worse than obesity

    That is right.
    We need a pill to take care of all of our ills.
    Dont bother with trying to cure the real issue: Social Media is isolating people.

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    I used to think movie¬† demolition man was too far fetched 40 year old Virgin singing product jingles but now it seems not so far off…. where did we go wrong?




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    Crow Bar

    Great movie.

    I even got the Sting limited edition Demolition Man song. Has a few others of Sting’s songs on it too.

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    Crow Bar

    My wife and I discussed this issue last night.

    Social media has taken away the basics of communication (face to face that is) from many. The ability to go into a popular restaurant bar, and strike up a conversation with a total stranger is lost on many nowadays.
    It is those skills to connect to people that makes them feel lonely. They only know how to type a tweet/text/post.

    Note: It is not lost on me that I am here, on this forum.

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