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    ‘Extremely Scary’: Jamaica Plain Residents Fearful Of Aggressive Turkeys

    “The one incident I had was with my mailman. I heard a lot of commotion. I looked outside and they had him cornered across the street, and he moved in a direction, and they were pecking,”

    And we are at the top of the food chain?

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    Yummy turkey dinner… my gobblers know who’s boss…. it really does take one outing and they respect that you are boss. This is also mating season and further south first clutches of eggs are hatching never get between mom and little ones if the flock does not know you… mine let me pick them up and make a distress sound if little ones in trouble… then sets off dog. .. then I come hopefully in time most die from water drowning in watering tubs for pigs and cows.

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