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    Dan the Old Guy

    Is there a way you can let people know when they log on to the forums that one of their posts has a response?

    I do not want an email, that just gets sent to spam.  What would be awesome is when I log on to the forum, it shows my posts have two or however many responses, and then gives me a link that I could use to go to the response and see what people said.

    Right now, the communication is unidirectional, at least for me.  I only log in once or maybe twice a week at most, so I do not always remember what was happening, which is normal when you are old like me, you just don’t remember as well as you did when you were young.



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    If you click on the number beside your name in the upper right-hand corner, it will bring you to your notifications. 🙂

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    Dan the Old Guy

    Awesome !!!

    Never even noticed that.



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    I can’t figure out how to start a topic.  How do I do that?

    Didn’t see any number by my name either.   ????????

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    Crow Bar

    Go to the section you want to post.
    Scroll down and towards the bottom, past all the previous posts, and you will see,

    Topic Title (Maximum Length: 80):

    With an open field below it.

    Below that will be a open text box and under that a



    Fill in accordingly!
    Hope that helps!

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