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    Looking at the list on the webpage, what do you see?

    Most of these companies are either selling junk or have mismanaged themselves to death.

    The fact that a company selling non-essentials (flowers) should have difficulty in hard times is a no-brainier. FTD for example is freakingly overpriced. $100 for a small arrangement? I ain’t spending that. They priced themselves out of business.

    An overpriced steakhouse chain goes under? While I like the occasional steak, $35 for an 8oz cut is robbery. Bye.

    We have had a number of businesses go under around here, but tattoo parlors and vaping shops do little for me or the local economy.

    Look beyond the dramatic headline and see what the root causes are.

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    Crow Bar

    Cheap stuff made from overseas.

    I agree with Whirli about gross mismanagement.

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    True but how many of those employees will be able to find jobs in other sectors? How many of mostly low paying workers will now go on public assistance? How many better paying jobs are gone? Accountants,lawyers truck drivers doctors ect that those people/buisiness consume and now can’t?

    You know why once flourishing brands selling crap are failing it’s because unlike the economy is fine government mantraand growing real people are not gaining at all but so far behind they are actually forced not to buy crap. What does that mean we are beyond tapped out and just wait till core places start failing.  It always starts with these types of business it’s the canary in the coal mine.

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