Riots Loom As Food Stamp Cash Will Run Out By End Of January If Government Shutd

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    James Mitchner

    Funding will magically appear from somewhere.  Maybe its time to remove such support from all illegals, or should I say, undocumented Democrats.

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    Wow!  Never thought about food stamps. I work in the food ministry at our church and we give out food to those that either don’t get enough food stamps to feed their family or they fall through the cracks and make just shy above what is allowed for them to collect food stamps. Hope we don’t get stampeted for food as we are a small group and have enough to feed maybe 40 families. Hoping the rioting doesn’t start around here. But I know a lot of robbing will take place. People will do crazy things when they have starving children.

    Trump can be demanding and if he doesn’t get that wall, it will not surprise me if the gov. stays shut down for a couple of months if not longer.

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    Guess those food stamp recipients should have been buying ingredients and such rather than soda, candy bars and jerky sticks at convenience stores.

    See that 4 days a week at my 2nd job. Never ceases to amaze me, plenty of money for cigarettes and tattoos, but those of us with jobs get to subsidize their food?

    Leave it shutdown until spring.

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    Casper Ship

    MSM can say whatever they want. However, if SNAP runs out of funding, the blame is certain to go both directions. Food stamp recipients really don’t much care about The Wall. They will be equally mad at Chuckky & Nancy for letting them go hungry, instead of gagging up a measly $5 Billion for Trump’s wall.

    I agree with James Mitchner’s prediction that food stamp funding will “magically” appear from somewhere. If not, this will become an unpredictable, incredibly high stakes gamble….for both sides.

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    It seems to me that before food stamps, how did people get food to feed themselves. People need to go back to the basics. Learning how to grow a garden and can their food. Also what ever happened to the times they could glean. I have a prepper friend from another state and she said that they glean at the end of the season from farmers. They have a certain day and time for people to come pick anything they want. She does it all the time and then goes home to can it. She said it helps keep her food supply up that way. Wish we had that around here. I am going to check into some of the farms near here. Also a lot of churches have food pantries for the needy as well. We do it at our church. We have 2 that are in great need of food as they are handicapped and one we have to take the food to her because neither her nor her handicapped son drive. But also a lot of people in our area don’t want to work and has as much as said they want the gov. to take care of them. They would rather sit on their butts and collect welfare than to get a job. Makes you wonder if the food stamp program is worth it. My stance is that it has made a lot of people lazy and that will come back to bite them when a real SHTF situation does happen.

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    This is the thing about Donald Trump , he is NOT a career politician , he can play hardball if he wants to . He doesn’t care about the things that would make anybody else cave in , he doesn’t have to worry . Reelection ? We are so used to those people wanting to get elected , that we almost cant comprehend the possibility , that he may decide he doesn’t want to . Its possible , because he isn’t one of them . In recent memory , the only guy that did this was Johnson . My take on that , was that I don’t think he wanted the job in the first place , but did his duty in finishing out Kennedy’s term . Trump will hold out for a long time ……….because he CAN . Shutting down some military bases we have on foreign soil , could also free up a lot of money for the wall . How much is it costing us to be in the Middle East ?

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    Red Carnation

    @tolik, you are right about Trump. He does not care.

    It’s good to be aware of what the food stamp collectors may be up to if they do not get their “share” just one month . . .

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    If trump had no cares, then why even run in politics for jo gain?

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    OldMt Woman

    Yanno folks….I’ve been thru quite a number of so-called shut downs.  Only “non-essential” personnel are off work.  Out of the “gazillion” govt employees, I doubt it’s a large percentage.   I don’t get snap or other aid but I’m old enough for the mandatory ‘old age checks’.  Never missed one yet.

    Can a certain type of folks be ready to stir up the rage before it’s even a potential problem?  Yep.  Keeping the populace enraged on issues they CAN solve at the last minute [I agree with James Mitchner]…..can keep everyone from watching what the OTHER HAND is doing.

    OldMtWoman …not gettin’ my knickers in a knot over this one….

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    Crow Bar

    Anyone recall a year, few years ago when the EBT accounts froze due to a computer glitch?

    People just walked out of stores with the food in the carts.  Some did dang near riot.

    @Whirlibrid, unfortunately I have to agree with you.  Saw a couple buy over $300 in groceries and a sizable amount was nothing but junk food.

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      James Mitchner

      I believe the ‘glitch’ occurred mostly in Louisiana.  The uncivilized beneficiaries of that program did what uncivilized people do, they just stole what they wanted because they think they are entitled and ‘owed’ .  I think the only thing they are owed is a good dose the reality that if you don’t work you don’t eat, but it will never happen because the Democrat Socialists use the program to harvest votes.  Besides, the ones most responsible for that welfare ‘clusteryouknowwhat’ are insulated and protected from any of the violent results of cutting it off.  Its us out here who would have to contend with it!

      I was in the checkout line behind a young, able-bodied, black man as he used his SNAP card to purchase $70 worth of king crab legs.  SMH.  When was the last time any of you could afford king crab legs?  If you are like me its been a very long time.

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    Wanitta Leslie

    So coming soon, the advance on SNAP will run out and users of it need to wait til their March benefits kicks in. Riots to come?

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