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    Just thought I’d post and see if any folks around the continental divide and some distance West of that, might be interested in starting a forum or even getting together at some point.

    I’m in a good ‘hood and consider myself fortunate. We’ve plopped ourselves into a pretty nice situation overall where I reside. I’m also open to interacting with some like minded folks as well to learn from each other taking into account the region we live in.

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    how far south are you i am in same mountain range but northern part

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    Hey! I’m in the front range area and have been trying to find folks around here.

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    Nobody Special

    Hi Vegmom,

    What’s your latitude? I’m in Front Range, in the foothills west of NWO Central (DIA).  Would like to meet like-minded folks nearby.

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    Hey, It’s been a crazy summer, what can I say. I’m on the Western slope. I’m open to meeting up for sure.

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