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    Our area used to be a two lane road that has extended to 4 lanes. what was once more of a country setting is now becoming more suburban. I heard the main road may become a 6 lane highway somewhere in the future. Our neighborhood has changed a lot. We don’t know a lot of the folks like we used to and they seem to want themselves. My nextdoor neighbor whom we have known for years is a joke. Her husband is very lazy. Used to be a gov. firefighter.  I have seen him watching us from his kitchen window many times. We have NO privacy around here and we live on a corner lot as well. When our garden starts coming in, here he comes. I don’t mind sharing but this guy is a trip. Told him one time he could help pick if he wanted some beans and tomatoes. He left and went home just to come back the next day. Only good thing is that our car is in garage so when we go to store, we just drive in and close garage door to take our groceries out. We need to move out of here but that is not going to be easy for us as we to are getting way up in age now. So not sure how we are going to manage where security is concerned. We are to close to military bases as well as  shipyards. So that might go against us as well.

Viewing 16 post (of 16 total)

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